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Meeting Peter

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She is young, but he doesn't care. Will her parents? Ps ... This is a contest, I couldnt finish this story and never will be able to, so if you think you can read it and send me your next few pa...

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Meeting Pete.....

I was walking down the street when my sun glasses fell off the top of my head and I groaned going to bend down only to bump heads with someone.

“O Shit I am sorry.”I say rubbing my head.

“Its alright ,here you go.”He says and laugh handing me my sun glasses rubbing his head at the same time.

“Are you alright?”He asked and I nodded then looked up.

“Yeah, I am hurt easily.”I say and he smiles.

“Okay I am going to be blunt, you have a awesome smile.”I say and he smiles again and I laugh.

“So do you, Can I get you come coffee?”He asks and she grimaces.

“Capachino.”She corrects him and he nods.

“Don't like coffee either.”He says and I nod and we walk into star bucks.

“I'll order you take a seat.”He says and i take a seat at the nearest table.

“You know who I am huh?”He says looking at me, and I nod.

“Yep, I am going to your concert tonight, I cant wait I am excited.”I say and he laughs.

“I love your music, its like I can here It as If its poetry, I guess that makes me weird right?”I say and he nods no.

“You hear It how I hear It,poetry..”He says shaking his head.
“How would you like to meet the rest of the band?”He asked and I smiled and nodded.

“Cool, whats your name?”He asked pulling out a pen and getting a napkin.

“Marissa Parker...”I say and he writes It down.

“Alright,I'll reserve a back stage pass for you,I'll look for you tonight.”He says and I smile at him. I looked In my purse as my cell went off and frowned.

“But you said that I could stay till next week, this Is so not fair.”I say and as Pete arches an eyebrow.

“You thought I was older,didnt you?”I say closing my cellphone.

“How old are you?”He asks and I look away.

“I'll be 17 In 2 months.”I say and he laughs weakly.

“I wasn't that far off, I thought you were 18.”He says and I hand him a 5.

“Whats that for?”

“My drink,i feel horrible just take It please.”

“No, I wanted to buy you a drink.”He says and puts his hand over mine and I look at his hand.

“I still cant believe your 27....”I mumble under my breath.


“Oh nothing.”I say and smile.

“How about I get you there earlier and you can meet them now and come back stage later?”He asks and I nod and we leave the Cafe.

“Wow and I was hoping to get up front tonight.”I say and he laughs.

“You like loud music?”

“Yeah,thats the only way I'll listen to It.”I say and he nods.

“Cool, same here.”He says and he walks me backstage.

“Patrick, hey man, this Is Marissa, we bonked heads when I was helping her pick up her sun glasses.”Pete laughs and I shake his hand.


“She Is coming here tonight, I gave her backstage pass.”

“Cool, you coming into the club with us?”Patrick asks and I look down.

“You, your with us tonight,you get In with out checking ID.”He says putting his arm around my shoulder.

“How old Is she exactly?”Patrick asked.

“17 In 2 months.”

“Oh thats not bad.”

“I cant drink, I wont.”I say and he they nod.

“My meds, It will hurt me bad, brain damage possibly.”I say and they nod again but more seriously.

“Alright.”Pete says and he drags me to his dressing room.

“The wonderful world of me, what do you think?”

“Its awesome, but the real question Is, are you happy?”I asked and he looked at me and i turned my head away.

“Are you always this shy?”He asked and I looked at him smiling.

“Only when-not gonna finish that sentence.”I say laugh weakly.

“Come on say It....”He urges and i sigh.

“fine, only when I am seriously flirting and they don't notice It.”I say and look away and he walks up till our bodies are almost touching.

“I noticed, and I was flirting back.”He says about to kiss me but Patrick walked In, and he jumped back and i sat In the chair trying not to laugh.

“Hey you guys want anything to eat?”He asked and we nodded no.

“I'm good.”I say.

“Yeah I noticed.”He says and looks at Pete.

“What?!”He says with a guilty conscience.

“Is this a fling and I will never hear from you type of thing or Is It real, do you want a relationship?”I asked him and he turned to me.

“I don't know.”He answers truthfully, I walk up to him and he smiles.

“Thank you for telling me the truth.”I say and he bends his head down to kiss me and this time It worked. His hands settled on my waist and I pulled away laying my head on his shoulder and sighing.

“Pete, I really like you.”I say and he looks at me and puts his forehead on mine.

“I like you a lot too.”I say to the girl in front of me.

A/n: Should I leave it like it is? I mean it doesn't explain much like what happens later and I think I should go on and make more but I think I should do a contest, who ever writes the best one shot sequel I will post it with all the detications to you take your time, e mail me telling me if your going to write it first so I don't pick one!


- ~~Marissa~~ =D
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