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Someone To Trip On

by kandierain15 1 review

a knid of Inuyasha/Kagome drabble. Mind you, it's only 158 words long. Kind of pointless too. So don't flame me on that.

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Someone To Trip On
By: Kandierain15
July 15, 2008
a Inu/Kag drabble

“Inuyasha! Come down here this instant!” I yelled at him,
ordering him to come down from the tree.

“Um...Kagome, I can’t,” Inuyasha said, blushing.

“Why not?” I yelled at him.

“Because I’m kinda scared I’m going to trip,” he responded
blushing even more.

“Are you serious?” I asked, eyes widening. “ But you said
you wern’t scared of anything earler.”

“ Yeah well I guess I lied then,” he said. “But I am NOT
geting down!”

“Please?” I begged him. “ I’ll make Ramen tonight.”

“You will?!” he said. “ Fine. I’ll come down.”

“Thank you Inuyasha...” Right as he came down I walked
towards him and tripped....landing right on him.

“Aww man. Now you’re tripping,” Inuyasha complained.

“What the hells’ that supposed to mean?” I said getting mad
at him.

“Never mind. Come on, let’s get going. I want my Ramen!”
he said happily.
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