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Chapter Ten

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Xenoth learns that there are at least three people who know far more about him than he himself does. What do the black wings mean?

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Chapter Ten

Ruri and the others crowded around Raiku's living room. It was a simple room, one couch in the center facing a TV against the wall. A table sat next to the couch with a quaint lamp atop it. The walls were a light beige color, perhaps off-color white. Raiku sighed. "I'll explain when he awakens. That way he can decide if you should know. And you can all learn at once" the old man stated simply. All eyes drifted to the slightly stirring, but unconcious form of Xenoth. He looked as though he were in the clutches of a dark dream. They weren't far from the truth for Xenoth was dreaming. Xenoth stood in the center of a battlefield. All around him blood spurted from fresh and old wounds, limbs and heads rolled along the ground as they left their host bodies and death came swiftly to many. At first the figures were blurred but then they started to come into focus. On one side, Xenoth could tell it was the Zelrai, Tetsu's clan. They looked similarly dressed as he did when the boy first summoned him. The other side however, Xenoth couldn't quite recognize. Most of them wore all jet black, light leather armor. Their hair was stark white, having great contrast to the armor. 'Are ancestors?' he thought to himself. The battle raged around him, and through the bodies, he saw two figures standing alone. Both looked similar to the dark-clad army, but something was different. They both had black wings prutruding from their backs. One was a man, his wings folded down over him much like a cloak. Xenoth almost assumed thats what it was until he stretched for a moment. The other was a women, her wings folded delicately behind her back, her hand resting on the man's shoulder at her side. Both had a look of remorse for what they were watching. Xenoth couldn't help but share that feeling. It wasn't hard for him to know that these were the people he came from. The ones dying in a battle that for all he knew was completely pointless.

The battle wore on and as he scanned, he saw a couple standing alone on the other side of the battlefield as well. One person he recognized as Tetsu, who shook his head looking just as morose as the white-haired ones. The person to his side Xenoth couldn't quite make out other than it was a woman. They both turned their backs on the battlefield. The boy turned to see the other pair doing the same. Xenoth ran to follow the white-haired people who, as he grew closer, he saw to be quite stunningly beautiful. They reminded him of vampires for some reason, pale skin and moving so smoothly. "Wait!!" He called out, but they appeared to not hear him. "Who are you?!" he cried out, still running. The beautiful creatures turned to face him for a moment and then faded away. He turned to find the battlefield too was empty of anyone and anything. Before he had time to question, he felt himself being torn from the dream world.
Xenoth's eyes sprang open and he started to sit up. His head spun at the action and he fell back to the couch. In a matter of seconds Ruri, Myra and all his friends were crouched around the sofa, looking to him with hopeful eyes. "Did I win?" he asked, laughing slightly. Relieved smiles surrounded him. "Actually you did" Tetsu said, laughing. Xenoth looked to him curiously, remembering the last thing he saw being a fireball blasting him higher into the air. "I did? How? I know I fell unconcious" he responded. Raiku stood slowly and walked over to them all. "You fought unconciously...your own power defended you. Normally this wouldn't happen, so you're lucky. I'm sure Tetsu would have done something to save you had that not happened, because if he hadn't, you would have once again been impaled on a sword" the old man started, throwing an annoyed glance in Tetsu's direction.

"I'm sure you don't remember anything, because while your body's instincts were awake, you were completely locked away in your subconciousness. What happened was-" Raiku was suddenly cut off by Marcus. "Man! You totally grew fucking black angel wings and annihilated that dragon AND the rider in one attack! It was AWESOME! Just like an anime!!" the overly excited boy shouted. Xenoth looked at him, perplexed. His mind drifted back to his dream. The two silver-haired figures with black wings. What did it mean? "So...I grew black wings? But how?" he questioned. Raiku sighed. "I would tell you if SOMEone hadn't interupted me" he said, annoyance making itself clear. Marcus shrank back, a look of apology crossing his features. "Now...what that we discovered you're from a clan. The second most powerful clan at that, second only to Tetsu's. And even then, one of only two who could actually match the Zelrai. The clan is called Tyrr-lor" the man started. Eyes went wide around him, thinking about the implications of what was being said. "The wings are one of three marks of power you possess. Everyone that belongs to a clan possesses these marks. They're....seals of a kind. When they appear, the seal is released and more power is granted to you. Release all three and you reach your current maximum power. I say current, because how much stronger you grow is relative to how strong you are without them. The stronger you are, the stronger you become. Most marks appear in the form of tattoo like markings on the body. The wings you possess are unique to your clan, more specifically..." Raiku paused for a moment, looking around the room. "To the royalty in your clan" he finished. Xenoth simply stared at him for a long time, trying to make sure there wasn't some hidden meaning behind these words. "So I'm...royalty?" he asked after the long moment of silence. Tetsu hopped up onto the couch, nodding. "Yes. A prince...well actually the heir and last of your kind now. I know what you dreamt of" he started. He explained the dream to everyone.

"Those two were your parents. They were against that war, as was I. Our clans were friends. But your people and mine fought despite our objections. Your parents decided to take you and leave. Much of our clans were destroyed that day. Mine recovered, but another clan attacked yours when it was weakened from the war already. All but you and your parents were destroyed. Don't worry, that clan no longer exists, I made sure of that. But yes...I knew your parents. We were friends" Tetsu explained slowly. Myra suddenly stepped forward. "'s true. I know because my family knew of Xenoth's origin. I was there when they found you and your family Xenoth. I was at your house when we were rushed away by your parents. I watched them die with you. I was told never to tell you who they were for your safety. Your parents didn't want you to know that you came from the Tyrr-lor. They worried that if you knew and for some reason others learned it from you, that your life would be in danger" she explained. It was by far the most anyone except Xenoth had heard her speak at one time. And her revelations were quite shocking. Xenoth watched her for a moment before he turned his head away. Tears welled up in his eyes from the thought of his parents, and the thought of Myra having been there with him. His parents and their deaths were all he could remember, and it was the only thing he truly wanted to forget. He tried to hide his tears, he fought the back as much as possible. A hand pressed on his shoulder, the another on his other shoulder. "I'm's a sad memory and the only I have" he said to Myra and Ruri who tried to comfort him. He sat up, slowly this time, and managed to make it to a comfortable sitting position. Immediately, Myra took up a seat next to him. " knew my parents Tetsu?" he asked. The bunny nodded. "Yes...they were fine leaders, fine warriors and...fine people. Had I not been probably would've known me all your life" he answered.

Silence fell over the room as everyone absorbed the information. Marcus, even though he was bursting with excitement at this new discovery, was kept quite by Nina. "This explains alot too. Why you seem so strong. It runs in your family" Raiku said suddenly, causing everyone to jump from the sudden change in noise level. Xenoth laughed a little and nodded. Having that little information about him and his heritage made him feel happy, despite some of the bad memories that came with it. "Haha, guess I'll just have to work even harder to live up to their name. And perhaps someday, I can start rebuilding my clan somehow. did I pass your little test Tetsu?" he turned, the mood lightening quickly. The rabbit put a furry paw to his chin. "Hmm..I'm not sure. Technically you did it on your own power, but you were already knocked out. It's a complicated decision. In all honesty, I didn't think you would do as well as you did to begin with" he added with a sharp bark of laughter. He recieved glares from around the room and Myra's hands suddenly yanked the rabbit up by the fur on it's chest. "You could have killed him!!" she shouted, shaking the thing. Tetsu tried to speak, but the shaking made it all come out in weird, gargled sounds. When she finally stopped, Tetsu tried to walk but stumbled around, completely dizzy. "Hey..I never had any intention of letting something happen to Xenoth. I knew what I was doing" he argued. Ruri and Myra still glared at him, but the others shrugged. They assumed that if Tetsu said it was alright, then it was. "Don't worry about it Myra, he's just trying to make me as strong as I can be. Besides, that was an enjoyable fight. Minus the getting blasted part" The group laughed. The girl at his side sighed and wrapped her arms around his elbow and nodded. "Ok, if you say so" she answered. "Ok, NOW I can't keep this quiet anymore. Xenoth...I'm sorry but that's the coolest thing I've ever heard! You're one lucky bastard!!" Marcus finally chimed in. Nina punched him hard on the arm, probably for using the word 'bastard' towards their friend who had no father. "Ooooooow. Ok ok, sorry" he whined. Raiku chuckled. "Well, given the amount of energy you expended...and since it's the weekend anyway. Take tomorrow off from your training Xenoth" the old man ordered. The boy nodded. "YEAH! Anime party tomorrow! Woot!" Marcus announced. The whole group laughed and nodded, remembering their plan for the next day. Xenoth shook his head and smiled. Though he'd only known these people for a short while, they burned themselves into his mind as his friends.

To be continued...

[So, Xenoth is from a powerful clan and now has at least three people who know more about his past than he does. The anime party is up next! This is my tenth chapter, and I need reviews! I know some people are reading, but I know not what anyone thinks >.< haha. So for those of you who've read this far, let me know what you think please!! Okies, I shall update soon]
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