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Defenistration: [verb] The act of throwing someone out a window.

Category: Bleach - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor - Characters: Ishida Uryuu, Kuchiki Rukia, Kurosaki Ichigo - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-02-26 - Updated: 2006-02-26 - 405 words - Complete

It was instinct, he swore later. No especial grudge against Ishida, beyond the ones that they already had held long enough to mutually forget.

But the fact remained: Ichigo had pushed his partner out of a window and into a trash can and ended up getting a bullet in the arm for the effort.

The day hadn't been any different from most of them, by their standards at least.

Ishida got to the shower first, so Ichigo was forced to make breakfast, or at least turn on the coffee machine. Ishida had more willpower when it came to the little things like getting up early enough to be on time. To get back at him later, when they were in the elevator heading down to the basement car-park, Ichigo ravaged Ishida insofar as it was possible without completely undressing him.

They then spent about five minutes arguing over who was going to drive, and Ichigo won because Ishida realized that he would have to argue for another five minutes if he really wanted to drive and then they'd be late. He let Ichigo think it was because he was such a great kisser/groper.

They did manage to make it to the hotel on time, or at least, on time by their standards. Five minutes late to the average observer, not to mention the man who was hiring them. They liked to establish a relationship in which the buyer knew who was in charge right away - it generally allowed them to bargain higher.

This time they were to hit the head of a drug ring downtown. Ishida wasn't happy with Ichigo taking the job since there was no clear way to snipe the guy down, but Ichigo tended to enjoy these kinds of hands-on jobs. What they hadn't counted on was the drug lord having captured the daughter of the man who had hired them, Ichigo liking her immediately in the way that he annoyingly did, and so decided they had to save her.

It didn't work out that well. Ichigo got shot in the side, Ishida took out the boss, but the henchmen didn't like that too much, so they tried shooting at him, and Ichigo pushed him out of the way, and Ishida ended up in the garbage bin, Ichigo ended up in the hospital, and the girl ended up saving them both, procuring a .22 from who-knows-where.

But at least they got paid.
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