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A Collection Of Poems By Me

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Well, I wrote all these poems. I wrote some when I was in primary school, I wrote some the other day. You might like them, and you might not. Read them anyway!

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I have a dog called Rej
Who’s favourite food is fruit and veg
He barked one day
I thought he wanted to play
But really he wanted more cabbage.

Wave maker
Sand castle breaker
Fishes home
Whit horse, foam
Rock smasher
Ship crasher
Fishes bowl
Water hole.

Cloud maker
Storm creator
Star holder
Blue boulder
Moon’s lair
Sun’s glare
Is what light’s our sky!

Thud of hooves
Flash of light
Darkness falls
Dark as night
Thunder clash
Lightening flash
Trees on fire
Almighty CRASH!

Pack away
Favourite things
Silver bracelets
Diamond rings
Holiday excitement
Just begun
Everyone’s happy
Holiday fun
Fly away
Sea and land
Get off plane
Foreign land!

Grey eyes dart round
Paws slam upon the ground
Unaware of distant cry of wolf
Call of eagle, to be engulfed
By the one thing that is not life
Just in time
Down a hole and stay, watching, waiting
For red fur, wild eyes, sharp teeth
To return to his den.

Empty hillside
Empty sky
Glance around once more
And of course!
Just one tiny green shoot
Can contain
A whole hillside
Of life.

Oh little boat where are you going? I cry
To the land of happy, joy and fine?
To the land of sorrow, anger and hunger?
Where the ground is dry with the lack of water?
Oh why would you go there, little boat? I ask
Why not go to the lands where wealth is vast?
The food is good, the water is fine, the flowers are lush, the trees divine!
Where ever you go, please let me come too
I could do quite well as one of your crew
We could go to the lands of Never Before!
Discover Australia and loads more!
So where ever you’re going, please let me come too,
As I could do quite well as one of your crew.

Slowly down the rivers path
Quickly round the rivers bend
This way, that way, where to go?
Follow path ‘till river ends.

Birds are flying in the sky
Moving swiftly as if a cloud
Leaves are rustling in the trees
Because that is the wind sound.

Trees are growing everywhere
Flowers blooming all around
Earth’s a brightly coloured pattern
Plants are shooting out Earth’s ground.

I wish I were a mermaid fair
With peach skin
And golden hair

I'd swim and dance in the waves
And sing to young sailors
Never to be seen again

I'd swish my tail and flick me hair
Inviting you silently
To my dangerous lair

Come join me now in the land of mer
And enjoy eternal beauty
As it were

Once you go you can never come up
To the dazling blue
Of the sky above

Do you wish you were a mermaid fair
With peachy skin
And golden hair?

The day star
Shone down
It lit all
The world and the people
It sparkled and heated The way it always did
And then it began
To fade
And it shrank
Back into
The night.

Spiders have eight legs
We only have two
When we break our legs
There’s not much we can do
When a spider breaks his
Another grows back
So very unfair
I wish we could do that!

‘You are what you eat’ my mother once said
A saying I find disagreeable
Why on earth would I want to be
Something that’s found on the table?

‘Eat your crusts and your hair will grow curly’
Is something that my mother said
‘No thanks!’ I cried, and leapt from the table
‘I wouldn’t want crusts on my head!’

‘Where did you get that silly idea from?
Now please get back in your seat!’
I frowned at mum, and then at dad
‘Remember, you are what you eat!’

I'm tired...
Can't sleep
At night
When it's dark...
Can't sleep.

I'm tired...
Can't sleep
In lessons
At school...
Can't sleep.

I'm tired...
Can't sleep
Close my eyes
Eternal sleep.

Dancing stars
Ripples of light
In the sea of the sky
In the dark of the night.

Shining stars
Staring down
At those mere mortals
Sleeping sound.

Shooting stars
High in the sky
On a never ending journey
Stars that can fly.

Beautiful stars
Shining too bright
Keeping me awake
In the middle of the night!
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