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It is the only indiciciveness Nanao will allow herself to have.

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They were too beautiful, both of them.

Her heart caught in her throat when she watched them make love to each other, slow and tender and sometimes hard and fast. But always she would gather them both in her arms afterwards, sweaty, panting and languid, and hold them to her chest, inhaling the smell of them together.

It was those times that she felt her heart would burst.

Jyuushiro's laugh was high and sparkling, like a brook, and Shunsui's was as deep and expansive as as the sea. She wasn't sure where she fit into that metaphor, but Ukitake said 'lake' and Kyuraku said 'river'. And then they had both kissed her, one of the forehead and the other on the lips, laughing their melodious laughs at her youthfulness.

It was those times that she felt like the third of this relationship that they all shared.

But then there were times when it was just her and Shunsui, silently doing paperwork in their sunny work-room, and sometimes it was just her and Jyuushiro savoring some sweets and talking about the romances of other people.

So she didn't feel like that all the time.

She knew, in her heart of hearts, that they fit best together all three of them. It was a good number. Their hearts had learnt to fit that way, and so their bodies did as well. Their minds learnt to think in terms of accomidating two other people, and it wasn't as hard to do as people might think.

It has been Ise Nanao's only acceptance of indiciciveness, in herself at least.

She can't live without either of them.
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