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Kai and Yuri share a peaceful night outside, together.

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It was night. One of those nights that showed up between summer's crickets and winter's howling winds. A night when everything seemed still and hush, exausted from the day's activities. Not warm, but not bitingly cold. Kai loved these nights; they were calming. He liked how no one was around at night. He could do what he wished and no one would notice. He was a wraith at night. Kai was a night person, even though he was normally accustomed to sleeping at night.

Over these past few months, though, he had been forced into learning how to sleep during the day, anywhere, any time. With this new habit he was able to sleep during the day and stay up at night, but he was also forced to deal with the feelings that came with being alone at night.

He tugged the white fleece blanket he had wrapped around his shoulders tighter. As he tilted his neck backwards farther he released a long breath that steamed in the cool air. The stars were amazing tonight, unhindered by the moon. To think that those little spots were in fact huge, powerful balls of fire was a minimizing thought. He was just a miniscule speck on a slightly larger speck in a cloud of specks. And nothing he did would change that.

He reveled in the silence that followed this thought and just stared up at the lights that shone down upon him, sharing a infintismal amount of their power with him. That's what Dranzer was. A tiny version of one of those burning giants. A member of that hevenly entourage that was trying a brief stint as a infintismal speck. Kai smiled softly at the thought.

He leant forward and rested his arms on the railing in front of him, taking care to not allow his blanket to release any of his precious heat. When he looked around, thinking of how thankful he was for not being in a city any longer, he noticed movement in his pereferal vision and his senses snapped back from the abstract to the place at hand. Straightening up, his eyes narrowed slightly. It wasn't a threat, so he leant back down on the balcony's metal railing. Just Yuri.

The redhead gave him a small wave and a smile, patting the railing beside him on the other balcony invitingly. Kai smiled gently and walked over to the closest edge of his balcony, and, holding the corners of his blanket tightly around him, hopped up onto it. His balance and unshod feet served him well, and he coiled up again before flipping the rest of the distance to the other balcony.

Exhileration rushed through his body as he looked down in the midst of the jump and saw how far he was from the ground. He tried to absorb the feeling, and tucked it away for the next time he was on a bus for 8 hours. He could fly...

But he landed; gently and with a soft rustling as his blanket fell behind him perfectly. A small smirk creased his lips as he padded over to Yuri's side and resumed his pose up against the railing. Crystal eyes gave him an accusitory glance that clearly said "showoff", but there was a small smile on those lips.

The two boys stood there for a while, tasting the feeling of the night like they would a precious wine. Yuri was once again the first to move, shivering spontaniously and looking down at the ground with a clear blush highlighting his fair cheeks. Kai just looked at him for a few moments before wrapping an arm around Yuri's back, extending the blanket around them both. Yuri looked up at him silently for a while, no sign of any emotion on his face before shifting slightly closer to Kai, allowing the blanket - and Kai's arm - to wrap around him farther.

They looked out on the shades of black for a long time together, not saying a word. The stars were fading and the horizon glowing purple when Kai, sensing some sound imperceptible to the rest of the waking world, glanced back to his original balcony. Then he looked back at Yuri and sighed, glancing up at the sky once again as if with a prayer.

He pulled the blanket from around his shoulders and stepped behind Yuri, guiding it's corners around him. Kai's hands rested on top of his shoulders for a moment before he leant around the red hair and placed a light, chaste kiss on the soft cheek.

He pulled away slowly, but deliberately, and Yuri didn't turn to look at him. Calmly, he vaulted from the railing of Yuri's balcony and back over to his own.

The sun was just poking up it's first corner over the hills and the sky was full of every color of the rainbow, while the land below it was shadowed black. With that final, regretful look at the encrouching light, he pulled the silent sliding door open and strode inside, sliding the door shut behind him.

And so, when Boris looked out onto the balcony that morning in search of his friend he found him standing silently outside, watching the sun as it made it's first passage of the day, a small blush highlighting his fine cheekbones. He was baffled as to where the blanket had come from, but, unable to disrupt the silent glow of happyness coming from Yuri, he simply turned back around and slipped the door shut again.
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