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Friends or Enemies?

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Everyone heads to the battle where new surprises will take place. People that were supposed to be friends are in fact enemies... or are they?

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Do or die
You'll never make me
Because the world,
Will never take my heart
Go and try,
You'll never break me
We want it all,
We want to play this part

I won't explain
Or say I'm sorry
I'm unashamed

I'm gonna show my scar
Give a cheer
For all the broken
Listen here
Because it's who we are

I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero
Just a boy, who had to sing this song
I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero

We'll carry on
We'll carry on

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

The shuffling sound of our feet as we walked to our fate echoed around the walls. Nothing could stop us now, or put a block in the direction things were headed. Was it our destiny to fight, us against the Ruins? Had it been so all my life and I had just begun to assume it now? Many wondered if their fate was written long before they were even born or if it was something we could change and that depended on our daily actions. I had no time for such wondering. All I could do was continue forward, never stopping, never giving up. But how did I end up here, underground and about to engage in a battle with people I may never see alive again? How did my life bring me down this path? No time to think about it; there was never any time for any of the things I wanted to do. I forced my body to continue forward, continue into the unknown.

We marched with the newcomers following behind us. Fierce, mean expressions covered their faces. I wondered if that was really how they felt or if it was a simple mask to hide their true feelings: fear, regret and uncertainty. This was undoubtedly how I felt, but, like the others, I continued forward. I would face my destiny, and we would save the world - or die trying.

We walked down the lane in the opposite direction we would go if headed towards the Bat Cave, as I referred to it. Mikey had told me the major battle would take place on the Open Field, so I guessed that was where we were headed. A guy with dark red spiky hair walked next to me. He shot glances at me every few seconds before finally introducing himself.

"What's your name?"

I shot him a glance, thinking it wasn't the best time to make new friends. "Frank."

"I'm Kyle, but they call me Tic Toc," he stated good naturedly while extending his hand to me. I took it.

"Why's that?"

"Because I make things go 'tic toc... boom!' Like a bomb."

I looked over at him; he was grinning. I saw through his small talk. He was nervous as hell and trying to get rid of the jitters. Good luck with that. I also noticed another thing: he wanted something.

"You blow things up?"

He gave a short nod.

The rest of the group continued in silence; I wished we could do the same. I didn't want to be rude to the guy but the last thing I wished to do was become friendly with someone I might see lying dead on the floor in a few hours.

Putting a hand on my shoulder to get my attention, Tic Toc asked urgently and with a hint of uncertainty, "Are you- are you, special?"

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"Are you- The One?"

I looked at him nervously and then looked ahead. The desperation in his eyes and the need to know if there was a stronger person among the group - a chosen one - was clear. I didn't know what I was nor what would happen, and I didn't want him or anyone to depend on me; I'd probably end up failing them.

"I- I don't know," I whispered nervously, not wanting the others to hear.

To my relief, Kyle - or Tic Toc, if you preferred to use nick names - decided it was best to keep quiet the rest of the short trip. We finally arrived at a staircase similar to the one that lead down to the cave-like battlefield, but as we reached the bottom I realized just how different they were. While the other battlefield was dark and damp, like any good cave should be, this one was an open field, true to its name, and had an unexplainable source of light that made the whole grass field glow. It was as if an invisible sun was illuminating the place, which was impossible since we were obviously underground still. The high ceiling helped this outdoor effect. Instead of a of a battle taking place, it seemed more like a park where children would come with their parents on a Sunday picnic. I expected to hear the shrill cries of glee of school girls at any moment. What we heard instead, as we lined up, was the steady thud of marching feet. Once again, the Ruins were coming.

Gerard started forward towards them which a firm look of determination on his face. The rest of us followed behind him. We were about to reach the center of the field when Gerard signaled for us to stop. On the other side of the field I saw Mauritius do the same to the huge amount of Ruins that followed close behind him. He walked to the center of the field where he met with Gerard. This process reminded me of the ancient battles between warriors with armor up to their heads and armed with swords, although this battle would be much different, I knew.

Mauritius seemed very pleased to see Gerard, even though the look on Gerard's face would have made most anyone cringe in fear. Realizing I was standing with the others, Mauritius greeted me as if I were a long lost friend.

"Why, Scorpio!I didn't expect you to battle at all, but I can understand the need the rest of your friends have for your abilities-"

"I chose to fight so I could see your defeat for once and for all," I snarled.

"Yes, well, we'll see who ends up defeated today, won't we?" he replied coolly. "We're all just so happy to see you recuperated your memories... Now tell me, did you use the Stone to do so?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. I really didn't have any idea about how my memories suddenly returned to me in the precise moment before ending Gerard's life. All I could remember was the bright red flash right before I blacked out... "I didn't touch the Stone. And I don't think it really concerns you since you'll never get anywhere near it."

"Oh, I don't need to get near it to obtain it, Scorpio," he assured me with a smile.

Gerard didn't like the direction the conversation was heading in. "And I guess you're going to force someone else to get it for you, then? Forget it, Mauritius, you've already tried that and it didn't work."

Mauritius smiled at him, amused. "Ahh, but I have a new and better plan. With the help of my trusty friend, I'll get the Stone. I'm sure you all know him-ahh here he is," he stated, pleased with himself.

From the crowd of Ruins emerged a tall man with a short beard and soft brown hair. Next to me, Aileen gasped in shock as the man came into view and joined Mauritius and Gerard in the center of the field. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and yet it didn't strike me as that big of a surprise; I hated the guy with all my might, even though he was the one that supposedly brought me to the world. Stratton Delancy took his place next to Mauritius.

Gerard was outraged, more at the way he openly admitted his liking for evil than at the fact that he had changed sides. Had he really ever been on our side? I supposed not... it must have all been part of some huge plan. "So this is where your loyalties truly lie - with this, this /scum/?" Gerard shouted, the veins in his neck bulging. "I always knew you were an asshole, Stratton, but I never thought you were a traitor."

Mauritius laughed at his angry comments.

"So this is the big plan? Bring out my supposed creator and have him order me to bring the Stone to you? Are you really thick enough to think I'd listen?" I snarled at the both of them.

Stratton laughed, making my anger increase even more. "I hardly need to ask you to do anything, my dear boy. I can order you to do whatever I please, and you will very well do so. Without hesitation, without a single comment."

"What makes you think I'll do that? Do you think being the one that made me gives you some kind of power over me?"

"Not only over you, boy, but over anyone and everyone I please. You are overlooking one very important thing; I have a power that very few people here know about."

He left a pause for his comment to obtain its full impact. Everyone on our side looked at each other with surprise and curiosity on their faces, but a hint of fear was in our eyes. The Ruins, on the other hand, regarded Stratton with great interest.

"I have mind control," he stated, pleased. A few more gasps sounded around the field. "I can control the mind of anyone I choose, making that person do as I please - steal a stone from its hidden location, for example."

Shouts of outrage and fear sounded around the high ceiling. "You can't!" Aileen cried right before covering her mouth with her hands. "You'll have to get through us first!" Bob snarled.

Ignoring the angry cries, Stratton continued talking under the pleased expression of Mauritius, who had his arms folded across his chest. "Of course, none of us would even be here if it wasn't because of the hard work of a very special person. It wasn't easy playing two fields, you know."

"Who the fuck are you talking about? Don't tell me there's another happy member of your little group," Gerard snarled sarcastically.

Stratton shared a laugh with Mauritius. The fact that they took the whole situation as a joke made me sick to the stomach. "Why, my dear boy, it's funny you should ask because we are talking about your very own blood."

As we all let that sink in, another man emerged from the crowd to take his place next to the two others. This man was tall, like the others, but much leaner and with plastic-rimmed glasses.

Gerard looked at the man as if he had been stabbed in the chest with a hot iron rod. He gasped with disbelief, "Mikey."

"Hello brother," Mikey said calmly to Gerard.

"Why you little-" Gerard said as he started towards him. Bob speed up to him and stopped him from punching Mikey square in the face. I thought it was interesting how Gerard preferred to hurt him with his own hands than with his powers. I guess it would have been more satisfying for him to feel the impact and hear the broken bones as they snapped. I joined both of them while signaling for the other to stay put.

"How could you, Mikey? Even this is too low for you." Right when I had started to trust the guy, here turns up on the battlefield on the enemy's side. I'll admit it: it hurt to be deceived, whoever does the deceiving.

Mikey shrugged."Gotta keep up with the world, Frank, or you'll get left behind. We all have our promises to keep," staring at me meaningfully.

What was that supposed to mean? "We should have known on whose side you were when Alyssa showed up alive."

Gerard lowered his head. "You bastard... and to think I was regaining confidence in you... this is how you repay me, repay us all? You bastard... " Shooting his head up, he bellowed full of rage, "YOU BASTARD!"

He started towards Mikey again, but this time with more decision. It took both Bob and Ito keep him in place. I stood in front of turning my back on the Ruins and their leaders with both hands holding Gerard's face, trying to keep his focus on me.

"Calm down, Gee, control yourself," I whispered rapidly. "We need you concentrated on the finish line if we want to win this battle."

Gerard's eyes darted everywhere and I saw they were full of tears. Another deception from his brother was just too much for him.

I placed my forehead against his, still trying to calm him down. "Please, baby, we can deal with him later. Right now we need you... I need you."

I would have loved giving him a kiss at that moment, but didn't consider it the right time or place.

I separated my face and saw him looking into my eyes, finally. He nodded hesitantly and I offered him a tiny smile. Grabbing his hand and giving it a quick squeeze, I stood by his side once more facing the others. Mauritius and Stratton were looking at the two of us with great interest and surprise while Mikey looked rather annoyed.

"Impossible..." Mauritius dragged out, as a smile spread across his face once more.

"How could I have not known? I've been watching you all and not once did I see any signs of this-"

"This what?" I snapped, getting uncomfortable.

While Mauritius seemed increasingly amused by the situation, Stratton looked... disgusted.

"You two... are in /love/," Mauritius stated, saying the last word rather softly.

"I didn't make you for this! I didn't create a powerful being so he could go prancing around with another person, let alone another /male/!" Stratton exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

I tried ignoring the disapproving look Mikey was shooting me but found it impossible. A conversation I had had with him what seemed like ages ago popped into my head. He had told me that Gerard and I couldn't be together. It was a matter of life or death, he had exclaimed, and now I knew he had been right. So what did that mean? Why would he try to help me and the others if he wasn't on our side?

"You know what you have to do now, don't you, Stratton?" Mauritius asked him while smiling at the both of us.

Stratton regained control of himself with a shake of his head, but the look on his face remained. "Of course. I shall give them all a little taste of my power. And in light of this new situation, I'll order you to kill your beloved Gerard," he finished with a look of repugnance on his face.

I laughed out loud. "Mauritius couldn't even manage to make me do that when I didn't have a soul, I highly doubt you can make me now."

With a smirk, Stratton closed his eyes. Bob stepped forward to stop time or prevent Stratton from doing whatever he was going to do one way or another, but I stopped him. I wouldn't let Stratton take over my mind.

After a few seconds of having his eyes firmly shut, he opened them and smiled. I laughed, having felt nothing. "See, I told you you couldn't control my-"

"Now you will kill Gerard, here for everyone to see. Afterwards, take care of the others."

Uncontrollably, a click went off in my head. All train of thought disappeared and was replaced by a new one: kill Gerard, and then kill the rest.

I hope you all aren't thinking, "Not again!" Yes, Gerard is the object of the attacks for several reasons: a) he is practically the leader of the group; b) he is one of the strongest; and c) he is Frank's love! It's like with all the super heroes, when they don't want anyone to know who they are because the lives of their loved ones would be in danger! Yes, I'm a super hero freak. Sue me.

I read an awesome Frerard story today, and with the risk of losing my readers to it, the name of it is Was it a Dream? by Asherschick. She writes SO well, it's hard to believe English isn't her native language. Talk about smart! So go on, find it, read it and love it. Oh what the hell, here's a direct link to it:

I guarantee you've never read anything like it. Tell me what you think about it (if you care about what I think about it... read the reviews I left her!) ;)

Sorry I didn't reply to your reviews this time. I just didn't have time to do that and write the chapter. I loved reading them though, so thank you so much!

I'll try to get a new chapter up soon. It's amazing how I find less time to write during summer than during the school year. Take advantage of summer (if you are having it now). If not... hang in there!

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