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Watching Mutilation

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Gaara watches Naruto in pain, and wishes he could take it all upon himself because Naruto deserves to be free.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Gaara, Naruto - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-02-26 - Updated: 2006-02-26 - 438 words - Complete

Gaara watched Naruto's chest rise and fall slowly and steadily as he lay in the hospital bed.

Gaara had seen bodies, black and dirty, that did not lie so well. Hearts and lungs struggled futlessly in a last bid for survival, even as death shuffled ever closer. Their bandages were not so neatly placed, nor were their any sheets to cover them.

Gaara had killed people like this, wrapping his sand around them in a deadly embrace and crushing their bodies as ribs impaled lungs and air and blood mixed and frothed. He carried the blood of everyone whom he had ever killed in his sand.

That was wrong. Gaara killed, and he deserved to die. Not Naruto, who only ever fought, and won. Naruto shouldn't be allowed to let himself die for other people, when Gaara wanted to die for him. It should be forbidden.

Gaara watched as Naruto's feet shuffled along the ground, smoothing out the path with his sand beneith the sandeled feet.

Gaara had caused such injuries before. He had crushed bones and muscles like this untill they are only an unrecignizable mush. He had seen muscles and bones refuse to pull and move as a ninja despaired. He had seen prouder ninjas be crushed and broken in the loss of their most valuable asset.

That was wrong. Gaara had made people like this so many times before, and concidered it a mercy compared to what he could do to them. Naruto would never do this someone lightly. Naruto should never be broken, like when he cried tears of fustration at night. It should be forbidden.

Gaara watched as Naruto laughed, feeling himself smile a little at the glow that eminated from the light heart.

Gaara had crushed such laughter before. He had glared and snapped at such motions untill the only emotions that could appear before him were anger and fear. He had seen ninjas flee before him as his anger flared and reflected into their faces as fear. Those faces haunted him ever moment of his life.

That was wrong. Gaara had done this always to everyone around him. Naruto did exactly the opposite, always lighting up everyone around him with his love of life. Naruto should never be allowed to stop laughing. It should be forbidden.

If Naruto were to die, so would Gaara. But if Gaara were to die, Naruto would continue living.

Gaara watched Naruto and hated being alive, untill he realized how guilty he should feel for scorning this gift Naruto had given him.

Gaara was alive. Naruto was alive.

So Gaara decided to do more than watch.
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