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Roses - JULY 21 (follows July 18)

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Kelly finds out Gerard visited Luke.

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Friday morning Gerard awoke in another hotel room. He had once again chosen a hotel close to the airport. Last night after talking to Luke he had actually planned on going to his house. He had even driven there but sitting in the driveway he’s experienced such a feeling of sadness he couldn’t go in. The house would never be his home again without Monica and the girls.
He got out of bed, dressed quickly and silently prayed the day would end with Monica back in his life.

Monica arrived at work a few minutes late. She apologized to her co-workers and quickly settled in to work on the pile of files littering her desk. It was so hard to concentrate on the work. Her mind was on Gerard and she hated herself for it.
“Morning.” Paul said setting a cup of coffee on the desk in front of her. “I didn’t know what you take in it.”
Monica smiled, “Just black, thanks.” She took a sip of the deep rich brew.
Paul pulled up a chair. “So how are you?”
Monica sighed, “Bet you wish you hadn’t hired a woman with so much emotional baggage.”
Paul laughed, “No, not at all. I’m glad I hired you. Now tell me what’s going on?”
“He still hasn’t called.” Monica said flatly.
“But he’s back in town?”
Monica shrugged. “Don’t know. His mom was worried cause she couldn’t get a hold of him when the band first got back. He finally called her yesterday and told her not to worry. He said he had some things to take care of.”
Paul could hear the hurt in her voice. “I see.”
“So, that’s my life.” Monica said taking another sip of coffee.
He reached out and gave her arm a squeeze. “Hey, hang in there.”
“But what am I hanging in there for? He broke up with me. I just need to accept that. The only thing that worries me is what’s going to happen with Elle.”
“I wish I knew what to say.” Paul said softly.
Monica sighed, “There’s nothing to say, Paul but thank you for your concern.”
“I’m not going to lie, Monica. You have to realize I’m attracted to you. However I understand that you are still in love with Gerard.” Monica started to disagree but he held up his hand.
“Monica, I can see it in your eyes and as much as I care about you I still hope that he feels the same way about you.”
Monica didn’t know what to say. Paul stood. “Well back to my office for me. Lunch?”
“Yes, thank you.” They made plans before he left.

“After I talked to you last night Gerard showed up at my house.” Luke said looking over at Kelly. They were sitting on a park bench watching Elle play on the swings. Frank was curled up at their feet soaking in the sunshine.
Kelly turned to him with a shocked look, “He did?”
“Yeah.” Luke nodded.
“Why didn’t you tell me before now?”
“I wanted to wait until Bug wasn’t listening.” Luke told her.
“So what did he say? Is he gonna talk to Mom?”
“He wanted to know where’s she’s working. He also wanted to know where you are living now.”
“Did you tell him?” Kelly asked. Luke knew she wasn’t paying attention to Elle so he trained his eyes on the little girl.
“I didn’t know if I should at first but I told him. I hope I did the right thing.”
Kelly touched his hand, “You did. This needs to stop. He and Mom need to talk.”
“I agree.” Luke said.
“So what else did he say?” Kelly asked. “I mean he still loves Mom, right?” She held her breath until he answered.
“He said he loves her.”
There was something about the way he answered that bothered Kelly, “You don’t believe him?”
“It’s not that. I do believe him but I can tell he’s not sure that they are going to get back together.”
“He’s not sure she’ll forgive him. He’s not sure she should.”
“He’s not sure she should?” Kelly repeated.
“He hates how much he’s hurt her.” Luke said turning to Kelly. “He loves her so much he wants what best for her and he’s not sure that means being with him.”
Kelly sat back and closed her eyes. “They belong together.” She whispered. “I’ve always felt that.”
“I thought you couldn’t feel anything anymore?”
She opened her eyes and smiled, “Now I can. I know now. They belong together.”

“Still worried about your brother?” Alicia asked as she snuggled up to Mikey on the sofa.
“Yeah. I’m glad he called Mom but I wish I knew what the fuck he’s doing.”
Alicia sighed, “I just wish he’d talk to Monica.”
“Maybe he has.” Mikey said looking over at her.
“I talked to your mom this morning and as far as she know he hasn’t. When she talked to Monica last night he hadn’t called. She did say that she could tell Monica was relieved he’d called to let your mom know he’s okay.”
Mikey loved his brother but he was tired of all the drama. It felt good to be home. He pulled Alicia even closer. “What’s my girl wanna do today?”
Alicia brushed his arm with her fingertips. “Going back to bed sounds good.”
“You’re still tired?” Mikey asked with concern in his voice.
She laughed, “No, I’m not tired.”
“Oh.” He leaned down and kissed her neck then said, “Let’s stay in bed all day. Well eat lunch there and dinner. Let’s not answer the phone. Today it’s just you and me.” He lowered his voice, “And our daughter.”
Alicia’s heart took flight, “Yeah, Mikey. That sounds like a perfect plan.”

Ray looked over and smiled at Christa. “Babe, you got a little paint on the end of your nose.”
“I do?”
He set down his paintbrush and walked over to her. Gently he took a tissue and dabbed at her nose. “There.”
Christa smiled, “Thanks. So does the color we chose look nice on me?” She teased.
“Everything looks good on you.” Ray said leaning down and dropping a quick kiss on the spot he’d just wiped.
Christa set her brush down and hugged him. “Ray, I’m so happy. I’m glad we told my mom this morning about the baby.”
“I told you she wouldn’t be upset.” He said rubbing her back as he held her. “I mean come on. She’s thrilled she’s getting such a great son-in-law.”
Christa giggled, “Yeah, Mom loves you. I think she’s pretty excited about going to Vegas too.”
“You do realize don’t you that by this time tomorrow night your gonna be my wife?”
The thought brought a beautiful smile to her face. “Yeah.”
Ray took a step back and looked in her eyes, “You’re really all right with getting married in Vegas aren’t you? I mean if you want we can have the wedding here.”
Christa shook her head, “No, I don’t want to wait.”
“Me either.” He admitted.
“So have you told the guys?” Christa asked picking up her paintbrush again. She wanted to get this room painted before they left for Vegas tomorrow.
Ray started painting again too. “I called Frank and told him. I tried calling Mikey but he didn’t answer. I still have to call Bob.”
“What about Gerard?”
Ray sighed, “He’s still not answering his phone. I talked to Donna and she said she talked to him yesterday afternoon.”
“What the hell is he doing?” Christa asked.
“Don’t know.”
Christa sighed.
“What?” Ray asked looking over at her.
“I want to tell Monica we’re getting married. I wish she could be my matron of honor.”
“You have her number, right?”
“Yeah, the other night when she called me it came up on the caller ID.”
Ray nodded, “So call her.”
“But things are so shitty for her right now. I hate to call with my news.”
Ray understood what she meant. “I just wish Gerard would get his shit together.”

Jamia settled in the rocker and waited for Frank to hand her Maddy.
“Here ya go.” He said placing the baby in her arms. “I’m gonna change Joe.” He crossed the room and lifted the other baby out of the bassinet. Jamia head him giggling.
“What?” She asked.
“I just love this nursery.” He said looking at the Skelanimal décor. “Dead animals in a nursery. Hell yeah.”
Jamia smiled. “It’s so us.”
“That it is.” Frank agreed. He changed Joe then sat down in the rocker next to his wife. “I’m so glad to be home. I’m never gonna wanna leave.”
“But you will.” Jamia said softly. “You love being in the band.”
Frank thought a minute. “I used to.” He said.
Jamia looked over at him. “Things will get better.”
He wished he could believe that. “I don’t know. Gerard is so lost. Those last few days of the tour it was like he’d just given up.”
“He needs Monica.” Jamia said.
Frank nodded, “Yeah, he does. I just wish I knew what was going on with him.”

Gerard pulled to the curb and cut the engine. He sat a minute trying to gather his thoughts. Finally he reached across the seat and lifted the bouquet of roses.
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