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Get me the hell out of here, save me!!

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Chapter 3. No more summaries til people review, but i have to say something exciting happens in this chapter so read!!!!! and review!!!!

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Gerard begins looking around the deserted town, it all seems too familiar to him, like he's been there before. But he doesn't have time to sit and wonder if he's been to this place before or not, he needs to think of what's going on and what he needs to do for his band and hiself

Ray:Gee?, what should we do?
Ray asked while itching his red, curly, messy hair in confusion of thier surroundings

Gee:I don't know Ray, I think i'm gonna go look for some help around here.
Gee told Ray almost sounding sure of himself while taking a look around to see that theres noone in sight to ask for help

Bob:Look for help?, have you looked around, this shithole looks like it needs help itself!
Bob exclaimed jokingly

He yelled at Bob becomming fustrated with the situation


I'll be back soon okay guys?

Mikey:Wait, what?!
Mikey yelped hearing his brother was leaving

Frankie:Runs over to Gerard
Gerard, are you fucking nuts?! You can't just wander off on your own here, we need to stick together!
Frank yelled with his words spoken so fast that they could only be heard by Gerard while holding Gee's hands tightly in fear of him leaving

Ray:We'll come with you and help.


The band continues to walk around in search for something, anything at all to give them so clue on what's going on. Gerard leads the way into the big town while the band follows behind, Frank at his side, and looks around curiously

Gee:Starts yelling out
Hellloooooo?! Anybody out there?!!


Gee:sighs and looks down to the dirty ground in disapointment

Frank:Puts a comforting hand on Gee's shoulder
Don't worry Gee, we'll find someone in this shithole..

Fake smiles at Frank

Gerard stops in his hopeless tracks leading to more deserted towns, turns his back towards the darkness of the city and faces his band

Gee:Guys, I think we may need to turn around and look, there's not a soul here, a living one at least..
He explained pointing his hand in the other direction to go back

Frank:We gotta keep looking babe, we just need to go further then....
Frank is cut off when he sees a shadowly figure appear behind Gerard, his face turning almost as pale as Gee's

Gee:Waiting for Frank to finish his response
Need to go further and?...
Then as Gerard said those few little words, the shadowly human placed a cold grasp around Gerard's throat and pulled him into the empty blackness of the city

Frank lept to grab Gerard, but he was pushed to the ground backwards by an unknown force, and Gerard was gone..


There's only the earth shattering shriek from Gerard echoing

-Hey guys, i haven't gotten any reviews from any of your reading this story so far, i'm probably not gonna be updating for a while until i at least get a couple reviews, so yeah, see you guys around
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