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Chapter 2

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Harry receives a visit.

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AN: I would like to thank everyone for reviewing and also to apologise for not updating this story sooner. My dad past away recently and I got a whole new perspective on loosing a loved one and had to rewrite this update and the next ones. This chapter is longer than the previous one I tried to make it as long as I could but I find that I can't add anything more to it and might have added to much so please tell me how it goes. Also I'm looking for a beta so if anybody is interested please contact me.

Chapter 2

Harry Potter lay on his bed unmoving. He found that if he didn’t move the pain that was present in his entire being was somewhat dulled and almost nullified. And so he was lying on what passed to be a bed not moving much as he had since he had returned to Privet Drive three weeks before. His anger at the world had quickly faded and he was now left with a deep emptiness in his heart and a strong sense of guilt.

Lying in his room, he had gone through all of his memories of his godfather finding little solace in them. His relatives didn’t bother him with any chores and just slid three meals per day under the cat flap. His friends didn’t bother to contact him either and that fact relieved him as they no doubt would have wanted him to talk about his feelings a subject he didn’t want to discuss at all.

In his lethargic state Harry had slowly found a way to deal with his grief. He had come to the conclusion that his foolishness had mainly been the cause of Sirius’s death. He had also realized that the only way to protect his friends would be to master the art of Occlumency to keep Voldemort out of his mind.

Harry had found it rather simple to clear his mind of all thoughts as he truly did not wish to be thinking about anything at all. He slowly had managed to clear his mind of all thoughts and feelings and had found peace before it all came crashing down and he was overwhelmed by a flood of feelings and thoughts. He had been practicing for three weeks and had managed to isolate his thoughts for longer periods of time.

A harsh knock interrupted his meditative state as the door to his small bedroom was flung open revealing the large shape of his uncle and the thin shape of Remus Lupin.

Harry sat up in confusion. This was a first; he sent his letter to the Order every three days and only received a confirmation of reception, no one bothered to come and visit him.

Remus Lupin walked in and closed the door behind him after sending a glare at the big Dursley to send his away.

“What brings you here?” Harry questioned instantly forgetting the fact that the person in his room might be an impostor.

“Dumbledore requested that I come and check up on you. It seems that there was a disturbance in the wards around your house and he wanted to make sure you were alright.” Remus Lupin replied gently.

“FOOLISH BOY!” a voice boomed from behind Remus and the presently visible form of Alastor Moody appeared, “You didn’t even bother to check if he was an imposter or not!”

Harry shrugged he found himself caring very little for his survival now that he knew of the Prophecy he felt extremely sure that Dumbledore wouldn’t allow him to get into far to extreme danger before it was time.

“Well now that you have checked up on me you can go back to the venerable Headmaster that I am quite fine,” Harry replied his voice harsh and cold.

Moody seemed to calm down at receiving such an uncaring reaction form a boy who was said to have quite little control over his temper.

“You’ve changed boy,” Moody noted unnecessarily because the changes in the young wizard were quite evident. He had lost more weight than normal and had bags under his eyes.

Harry shrugged again before looking from the two men to the door with a clear “you may leave now” expression on his face.

“We also came to take you to Gringrotts as the last male of the Potter family there are some things that are needed to be addressed and Dumbledore has asked us to escort you,” Remus told him gently.

“Really? I would have thought he would have gotten Mrs. Weasley to do it for me,” Harry said quite coldly startling the two wizards.

“Any way,” Moody grumbled, “We have a portkey that goes straight to Gringotts so we don’t need any disguises and what not.”

“How interesting the Moody I know wouldn’t care and still care about disguises,” Harry replied. “How do I know you’re not lying to me.”

“Finally thinking lad,” Moody said before raising his hand with his wand, “I swear on my magic, that I Alastor Moody, mean no harm to Harry James Potter.”

A blue light flashed and the aging wizard levitated the chair in the room to show that he still retained his magic.

Harry nodded and Moody cast a disillusioning spell on him before holding out the portkey. The other two occupants of the room took hold of the old sock before Moody activated and the portkey took them to the wizarding bank.


Hermione Granger was extremely worried about her best friend. He had barely spoken to her after returning with from the Ministry. He hadn’t been severely bruised and Madame Pomfrey had fixed him up in no time. She had tried to cheer him up, after realizing that she wouldn’t get him to talk about his feelings, but all of her attempts were rather unsuccessful as he had simply withdrawn into himself evidently the emotional trauma was more profound than the physical injuries. Her own injuries had taken some time to heal but by the end of the school year they had been healed.

Sighing, she moved away from her bedroom window and to her writing table. She reread the letter she had written to her first friend and judging it satisfactory she folded it and stuck it into the envelope.

She had received Dumbledore’s stern warning about not sending mail to Harry during the summer so as to not compromise his safety. She had reluctantly agreed and felt quite ashamed for a while for abandoning her friend in a time of need before realizing that she could always contact him by way of muggle mail as no pureblood would ever think of tracking the muggle mail. She wasn’t known as the brightest witch of her generation for nothing.

“Mum! Dad! I’ll be right back!” she called to her parents before rushing out the door to mail her letter.

Ron Weasley was exhausted after a day of playing Quidditch with his siblings. He loved the summer holydays and his mother’s amazing cooking, much better than that of the house elves at Hogwarts.

He thought of writing to his friends but remembered Dumbledore’s warning. He considered writing to Hermione but realized that she would remind him of his homework changed his mind. He missed his friends somewhat but he was having to good a time to think about them and missing them to much.

Shrugging slightly he rushed downstairs for dinner not noticing the semi-transparent form standing in the corner with a frown on its face.


I would like to answer some of the reviews that I received, so here goes:

lycus: I think this is going to be a Harry/Hermione I haven't gotten to far into the writing to figure out how to introduce and paring.

archangelm: This is definetly not going to be a Harry/Ginny fic as I don't know how that couple started as Harry never manifested any interested in Ginny before the relation ship happen.

Nautilus: I understand what you mean and I tried implementing that in this chapter. While this one isn't extremely hard I tried to make it as long as I could. Please tell me how it goes.
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