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Rose and Pete head out on their "date" to the Red Bar. All goes well until Mandy shows up...

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(Author's Note: Okay everybody, we are now on the evening when Keisha talks to Pete and Rose comes in just in time. Thank you for your patience. Care for some hot Prose action now?)

I sat down next Pete completely mortified. I hated when Keisha talked to all of my guy friends. She always tries to hook them up with me. Duncan is always her main victim. For some reason, she thinks Duncan and I would make a great couple. I shutter in sickness at the very thought. Duncan is like my brother. She also tries to hook me up with Greg and Adam. Those guys are my friends. I was only afraid of what Keisha had said to Pete.

"I am so sorry!" I said at last. "I hope she didn't harass you while you were waiting!"

"Oh no!" Pete said to me quickly. "Your aunt was strange, but entertaining." I slowly breathed out some. Whew! That was a close one. I thought that the headlines would read, "Journalist Arrested for Murder of Aunt." Good, Keisha gets to live for another day.

"So," Petey spoke up bring me back to Earth again. "Where are we going tonight?" I quickly remembered the place that Duncan and Vanessa showed me with Google. I smiled at him innocently. I leaned in close to my possible-lover. He was waiting for a my answer.

"It's a surprise!" I whispered to him happily. Petey looked with childish disappointment.

"Awww!" he said. "Can't you give me a little hint at least?" I smiled as I shook my head at him. Petey kept looking at me disappointed child-like.

"Sorry," I said. "You'll have to wait and see!"

"Tease!" he said jokingly to me. I just shrugged.

"Sorry," I said again. "That's just how it is!" I lightly kissed him on the lips. Petey moved his hand on my knee while we kissed. I lightly trembled in delight. I really wanted more groping and maybe some naughty screwing later. Then, Petey slowly began moving his hand up my thigh. I quickly broke off the kiss and gently removed his hand from my thigh. Petey looked at me pretty much surprised. I lightly waved my finger at him as I smiled.

"Now, now," I said. "There will be plenty of that later on tonight. But only if you promise to behavior. Understood?" Petey just gave me his sexy smirk. I smiled back at him.

"I want to hear that words," I replied trying to be serious.

"Alright," Petey said to me. "I'll try to behave." It wasn't good enough, but I decided to let it slide for the moment.

"Okay," I replied. "Now, I'm going to get out of this suit and change into something you'll really like!" Petey's eyes lit up in delight. I kissed him lightly on the lips again.

"Wait here." I said slowly to him. Then, I went down the hall to my room.

I was searching frantically in my closet. Oh, damn it! I can't find anything to wear! I wish I had Duncan here with me right now! After a few minutes, something caught my eye. It was a short silk skirt. It looked so girly, flirty, sexy, but yet innocent all at the same time. I smiled at the skirt proudly. I took it off the hanger and laid it on the bed. I undressed out of my power suit and hung it up in the closet. I slid on the flirty skirt. It was a tight on waist, but somehow it worked just fine for tonight. I smiled at the results in the mirror. I looked sexy, not slutty. This skirt showed most of my legs in a tastefully sensual way. I could actually be proud to wear this out in public. Even Duncan would be proud of this.

Now, I needed a top to go with the skirt. I opened my tall oak wardrobe chest and looked through all of my shirts. So far, none of them seemed perfect enough for tonight. I was about to give up and changed out of the skirt when I saw the perfect shirt for the night. I picked up a red and white rose tube top from the back corner of the wardrobe. I lightly unfolded it and took a good look at the shirt. I held it over my chest and looked in the mirror at it. A smile came across my face. Oh, beautiful! But first, need to change bras to wear shirt. Can't have bra straps showing. I did all of that and looked in the mirror. Oh, I looked hot boy! Duncan would kiss and hug me right now if he saw me. Oh well, must finish getting dressed. Black sandals and red flower scrunchie later, I was ready to go.

I made my way back to the living room. Petey looked up at me blown away. I smiled as I twirled a bit.

"Well," I said to him. "Like this?"

"Oh, hell yeah!" he replied. I smiled at him brightly.

"Great!" I said. "Ready to see?" Petey looked at me slightly confused.

"Go where?" he asked me. I walked over and smiled at him in a charming way.

"You'll see in a moment." I replied. Petey looked at me with that charming smile of his.

"Tease!" he called me again. I smiled at him again.

"I know," I said to him. Then, I helped him to his feet and we headed over to the door.

"Keisha!" I yelled. "We're leaving now!"

"Okay!" my aunt yelled back. Then, Petey and I headed out the door.

The night was busy as usual. The bright lights were high above us. Petey and I stayed close together on our little walk. We were careful to look around for any paparazzi that could be following us. (One can never be too certain these days!)

"You still behind me?" I asked my potential boyfriend.

"Yeah," Petey said to me. "But where are we going?" I smiled to myself at that question.

"You'll see in a minute," I told him. "Just a couple more miles!" I followed the directions to Red Bar that I had written down earlier. Within ten minutes, I found the place. I turned to him smiling like a proud little child.

"Here we are!" I said aloud. Pete had that blank stare of confusion as if uncertain what to think of this place for a moment.

"What is this?" he asked. I looked at him uneasily now.

"An indie bar," I said. I suddenly began to get the feeling this was a bad idea. "Okay, look," I said to him. "This isn't the best place I picked. But I really didn't know where to go on this date or whatever is this called! So I turned to my friends for help. My best friend looked this place up on Google. I know it sucks, but I just really couldn't think of anything that was in my budget! Please don't be disappointed by this shotty last-minute pick!" Then, I heard it again. Petey was shushing me again. He was calming me down and shutting me up. So, I quickly belted up. Petey kindly smiled at me as he had me by my cheeks.

"It's okay, Rose," he said softly to me. "I'll try this place with you. If we don't like it, we'll leave. Understood?" That oddly worked on me. Because, I just nodded in silence at him. Petey then let go of my face. I just looked at him blankly.

"Now, let's go in!" he insisted. I quickly returned to Earth.

"Oh, right!" I said quickly as I nodded. Then he lightly took me by the hand and led me inside as if he had found this place, not me. I slowly began to relax again. I don't understand it. Why do I always panic and lose it with this guy? I'm usually calm and collected with my guy friends (and bored with Tony and his friends.) But yet, I turned into a panicking mess at times around Petey? Is this love's during to prepare me to do my best with this possible-relationship?

Inside looked like one of those old blues bars in the movies. Only, indie rock was playing in the background. In fact, on the live stage was a local indie band playing their music tonight. This seemed to be the place to get a record label for your band. There weren't that many people around. Only some community college students were here for the booze and the music. I began to remember my college years. Ah, good times. The lights were all a dim red color. Classic rock memorabilia was all over the walls and even on the ceiling. I stayed behind Petey as we walked over to the bar. This was one place where we could go to escape the paparazzi's wandering eyes. Petey let me sit at the bar before him. The air conditioning was running full blast near the bar.

"Makes me think of college!" Petey said at last.

"You too?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said.

The bar tender came over to us. He looked about nineteen or twenty years old. He looked like he needed to eat as well. Emo-looking as well. Irony, the guy looked like one of those perky talkative types you just want to tie up to a tree and leave there for a couple of days (or until you remembered that he was out there.) The bar tender looked at us smiling.

"What can I get you nice people?" he asked us. We looked at the chalkboard menu for a couple minutes. Most of the drink were in reference to indie or classic rock bands. Good, no Lilith's Poison on the menu! (I still have almost-bad memories about that time. Meeting Petey was the only good thing out of it.)

"I guess I'll go for the Sour Apple Lucy in the Sky," I said at last. "What say you, Petey?" He scanned the menu once more.

"I'll have what you're having," my crush said. The bar tender smiling an annoying smile at us. Boy did I want to strangle him already.

"Coming up!" he called. Petey and I waited for our drinks. I happened to look down and notice Petey's hand getting closer to my bare left knee. I playfully smacked him on the hand. He drew it back quickly.

"Behave!" I said followed by a rassy. He tried to look at me like a sweet little angelic emo boy. I looked at him jokingly.

"You're not fooling me, little devil!" I said. Petey just smiled back at me. Damn, he's so find. Then, the bar tender came back with our drinks. They were bright lime green in tall glasses with twisty straws in them. I've got to say, they sure do try to make it look really artsy. Petey and I looked at each other.

"Shall we?" I asked.

"After you!" Petey said quickly.

"Oh, make the woman go first, why don't ya?" I asked messing around with him. That hot little devil just smiled and shrugged at me. I looked down at my drink. Well, here goes. I took a sip in with the straw. Yikes! This thing is sour! I could feel my hair curling in my fringe. I had laughing to my left. Home boy was laughing at me! I glared at him.

"Jerk!" I yelled out. Then, I hit him on the knee. He was now laughing at me in pain. It took a while for the sourness to finally die down. I panted hard. Pete was still snickering at me.

"That's not funny!" I said to hard.

"Sure it was!" Petey said back.

"Jerk!" I said to him again. Into the night, Petey and I talked like lovers and old friends. The music and the atmosphere added along to the college romance-type attitude to our date or whatever this was. And you know what, Sour Apple Lucy in the Sky is not so bad once you get use to it. Petey gave me a lightly sour apple flavored kiss on my lips. Happily surprised, I kissed him back. I had landed in Emo-Love Country again. This time, I'm here legally. I just need to get myself through citizenship process and I too will be a native here and in that little devil's heart.

Well, it was all nice... until something caught my eye. I looked over further down the bar in nervous fear. Apparently, Petey noticed my worried face. Because the next question out of his mouth was, "What's wrong Rosie?" I pointed forward in silence. Mandy was watching us down the bar. She had a pad of paper and a pencil in her hands. It didn't take me long to figure what she was writing or what she was doing here?

"Oh no!" I wailed out. "I writing notes about us for an article!"

"Are you sure?" Petey asked trying to calm me down.

"Yes!" I said quickly.

"So what are you going to do?" he asked me still trying to keep me calm.

"I don't know!" I replied in a panic. I quickly thought of a rational reason of why Petey and I were together here. But then, that wasn't taken care of for me. Good ol' Sakura came along and grabbed Mandy by the shoulders. She pulled her off of the bar stool and walked her closer to the exit. Mandy was clinging onto her information as tightly as she could. Both of my co-workers walked over to us. Needless to say, Petey and I were shocked.

"Sakura?" I asked aloud. "What are you and Mandy doing here?" My Japanese buddy just gave us a goofy grin.

"Not much," she answered. "Actually, Mandy and I were just leaving! Aren't I right, Mandy?" She kicked her on the back of the calf.

"Ow!" Mandy screamed out. "Yes! Now let me go!" Sakura whispered something in her ear and Mandy went quiet. Sakura turned back to us smiling.

"Bye!" she called. "Enjoy your night!" Then, they both left the bar. Petey and I watched in confusion.

"What was that all about?" my hot emo angel asked me. I explained to him the whole story about how Mandy was the top journalist before I came along and took over by accident.

"And she's hated me ever since." I summed up.

"Oh," Petey said at last. "I see." We both went very quiet. Mandy and Sakura had killed the mood. Our night was now ruined. Or so I thought...

"So how are you on your article?" Petey asked me at last. Suddenly, my mood changed from upset to bright again.

"Great!" I said. "My best friend and I are working on British music in the millennium." And just like that, the college romance attitude was back in full swing.

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Want some more steamy Prose action? Well, you'll get it in a couple of chaps. Hold on.
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