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Christmas lights and wedding magazines.

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Brendon and Grace buy Christmas Lights and wedding magazines.

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By the time Grace and Brendon had finished reveling in their new engagement, word had spread like wildfire that the Hollywood it couple was finally tying the knot.

Over the years of their courtship had become the couple to watch, as a star NFL quarterback’s baby sister and a continuously rising star in the music business goes after all.

Despite the rumors of impending pregnancy, elopement, and infidelity; Grace and Brendon surrounded themselves with the important people in their lives including their parents, siblings, Brendon’s band mates and Ryan’s beautiful, blushing bridal, and the mother of his beautiful two and a half year old daughter, Holly. The young couple had decided on a medium length engagement. After getting engaged on Valentine’s Day they opted for the following May 14. The engagement party was set for December 4 and so far, that was the only thing that had been planned.

Thus beginning the planning process…

‘Babe, are you ready to go?’ Grace asked as she slipped on her jacket over her long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. Brendon bounced down the stairs in his ‘I’m-not-a-famous-musician,-I’m-just-a-normal-guy-buying-Christmas-lights’ get up.

‘Yup.’ He said pecking her lips before grabbing his jacket.

‘So how many lights do you actually want to put up?’ Brendon asked as they stood looking at Christmas lights at Target.

‘I want a lot. We have a lot to celebrate this year. It’s our first Christmas living together as an engaged couple.’

‘So that means we have to blow the house up with Christmas lights?’

‘That’s exactly what it means.’ She said reaching for a box of lights.

‘I’m going to look at magazines.’ Brendon said waltzing off in the general directions.

‘Hello.’ Grace said picking up her iphone and receiving an annoyed look from a woman down the isle.

‘Hey what are you doing?’ It was Holly.

‘Brendon and I are at target, we’re looking at Christmas lights. No, I’m looking at Christmas lights Brendon is prancing around the store some place causing a scene.’

‘Great, Ryan is driving me crazy with these Christmas lights, can I send him over to your house to put up yours?’

‘Sure as long as you and Adelyn come too. I’m not sure if I can handle both of those boys by myself.’

‘Deal, call me when you guys get home.’

‘Okay I will…later.’ Grace hung up the phone just as Brendon dropped a couple of magazines into the basket. ‘What are those?’ she asked peering over the side to look at a copy of every wedding magazine in the store.

‘We should start planning our wedding soon. We’re supposed to be getting married in six months you know.’

‘I know that.’ Grace complained as they started off the Christmas isle and towards the check out.

‘Well…we should start planning. The wedding isn’t going to plan itself and I’ve heard there is actually a lot of stuff to do to plan a wedding.’

‘Yeah…I guess you’re right. We should get a wedding planner. I’m sure that would be easy and save Holly a lot of stress.’

‘If you want too.’

‘Great I do. We can talk to her about it when she comes over in a little while.’ Grace began taking the boxes and boxes of lights and setting them on the check out counter along with Brendon’s magazines while he played with a toy from the thing next to it.

‘Why is she coming over?’

‘She says that Ryan is driving her crazy with Christmas lights so I figured he could come over to our house and help you put them up.’

‘What makes you think I’m putting all of these up?’ Brendon asked placing his hands on his hips, after receiving the look Grace shot him, he soften his attitude just a little, ‘Just kidding honey.’

‘That’ll be $78.96.’ the young girl said towards Grace. Grace took out her debt card and put it into the machine as Brendon continued to the play with the toy as he received a strange look for the girl checking them out. ‘Thank you Miss. Brady have a good day.’

‘Thanks you too.’ Grace put the bags in the basket and started out tugging Brendon’s hand in the process.

‘I can’t wait until we go some place and they say Thank you Mrs. Urie, have a good day.’ Brendon said as he held her hand while they walked out to the car.

‘Six more months’ babe.’ Grace smiled as Brendon opened her door waiting for her to get in before he shut it and walked out to the other side of the car.
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