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plz take time to read this Mia is drama queen just read it plz

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I am 9th grader. I come from family that has problems but who doesnt right. I just dont fit in the other people my age group. I try so hard in school. I'ma stay at home person dont like change at all. So Im walking in school these kids deicided to call me names and shit. It really hurt and all so after school I deicided to walk home. I found some graves walked around I sat down just cried everything at home is not good. I had a knife with me I cut myself without thinking. Then this guy came by I put my knife away.

"Hey what are you doing out here?" Guy asked me.
"Well I havent choose the fine art driving yet?" I said.
"Sorry you just looked like your having a bad day is all!" guy said.
"Im sorry i just feel like shit. I havent had a good day is all." I said to him.
"What grade are you in?" Guy asked me.
"9th grade and yourself?" I asked him.
"Sweet! 10th grade whats your name?" Guy asked me.
"Joy Whitlow you?" I asked him back.
"Joel Madden." Guy says.
"Madden i dont remember you?" I said as he sat down beside you.
"Combs ring a bell?" Joel asked me.
"Yea remember you now." I said.
"Do you wanna come over to my house?" Joel asked me.
"Yea sure!" I said watching him getting up.
I got up and walk with him.
"How long have been cutting?" Joel asked me.
"Just now?" I said hoping that he would stop question.
"O ok so you have any brothers and sisters?" He asked me.
"No its just me you." I asked him back.
"Yes 2 brothers one them is my twin, I have one sister." He said walking up the steps.
"Kool." I said. "You wanna come in?" He asked me in.

I went in it nice going in some where different. I'm so glad im not home. So Im in his house it looks like mine but I dont have 2 brothers or a sister, and momma who cares and loves you.

"Yo Benji come here." He yelled for him.
"Joel did I raise you not to yell in the house?" She said coming in. "Who is this?" His mother asked him. "O'yea this is Joy Whitlow this is my mom Robin." He said waiting on his brother to come down.
"Hi Joy so you must be the girl that Benjamin has been dreamming about." His Mom said.

Benji came down he got all red face "Hey Joy!" Benji says.
"Hi Benji!" I said.
"You too know eachother?" Joel said.
"Yea Joel I told you about her remember?" Benji said while sittin on the other couch.
"Yea now I do." Joel said while sittin down by me.
"Yea I better get home thanks for letting me come over?" I said getting up.
"Dear can you stay for dinner?" His Mama asked me.
"Um.........actually I have to get home Im sure mom is worried sick thanks for offer I appreciate it bye." I said leaving out the door.

Joel's pov

I never would have guess shes a cutter but I cant tell Benj likes her I know he does. She is hot but my brother likes her, I want her friendship. Im not trying to get into her pants.

"Joel why did you push her away." Benji said taking a sit.
"I didnt do anything." I said.

I hope he doesnt find out I like her too. She is sexy hot. I cant tell him either.

Paul's pov

My mom is crazy she cept telling me that I had a sister. But I thought she was playing with me but I guess I was wrong. A few days ago I walked up to her in school told her that I was her brother. It felt good to tell her, I think shes beginning to trust me. She tells me everything. I went over to her house she let me in of coarse. Her house isnt like mine she took me up to her room. Which she left it pale i asked her why? She told me her mom doesnt let her do anything with her walls. Her mom came in yelling at her then slapping her. I was in shock when I saw it too. After that she became closer to me, she started hanging out with me and my friends which she got close to Maddens which didnt shock me. Maddens were going through the same things. Cayln is her best friend, which she likes Billy but you cant tell any1 especially him.

Normal pov

So after few weeks she became friends with Maddens both of them. Joy does come home beatings, yelling from both parents. Joy hasnt been to school in a week Joel and Benji were wondering where is she?

"Joel here she comes be cool." Benj said.
"Um........Dear we dont have sun shine in here, you can take those off?" Mrs.Clark said.

Maddens comes over to what was going on.

"Hey Joy whats wrong?" Joel asked me.
"Nothing just leave me alone?" Joy said as she was walking away.
"Joel I'll find whats wrong with her?" Benji said.
"We should find out together?" Joel said looking him.
"Well well if it is Cayln the girl after our guitarist?" Joel said walking with Benji.
"No fucking way hes after me Benj keep your brother away from me or I'll hurt him." Cayln said to Benji.
"No you wont he likes your best friend. Joy is a friend of mine." Benji said looking at Cayln.
"Uh huh its oblvious you like her too Benj be honest. Hey Paul!" Cayln said.
"Hey Cayln, Benj, Joel. Wheres Joy at?" Paul asked every1.
"I dont know she said to leave her alone." Cayln said they were looking at Joel.
"What did I do?" Joel asked every1.
"You asked her what was wrong basically she told Joel to leave her alone." Benji said.

They bumped into her on the way to class. Joy was crying seriously her glasses fell off of her face.

"Joy whats wrong with you?" Paul said coming closer to her. "No stay away from me?" Joy said.
Paul came closer to her. "Joy come on I'll take you to my house?" Paul said to her.
"Is there a problem here?" Mrs.Clark says.

"No theres not please leave me alone." Joy said.
"Please let us take you home?" Paul said.
"No I'm not going home again I'm leaving after school." Joy said leaving Joel grabed her arm pulled her back to them.
"Joel let me go you have no right to do that let me fuck go." Joy said trying to get away.
"Joy your coming with us rather you like it or not." Joel said.
"Like the hell I am you just want me for sex! FUCK YOU Joel! bye." Joy yelled at him, she walked away.

"What the hell was that?" Benji asked every1.
"Her parents are beating her they yelled at her. Thats why shes acting like this." Paul said watching her fall down. Benj came running so she wouldnt hit the floor. "Benj I dont know?" Joy says as Benj help her up.
"I gotta go home?" Joy said.
"Joy come home with me plz were worried about you is all ok?" Benji said while holding the door open for her.
"Ok I'll go but I wanna talk with you?" Joy said walking out the door.
"Joy plz tell me whats wrong I cant help you if you dont tell me?" Benji said offering her to sit.
"Benj I cant do this I gotta go bye." Joy said getting up and leaving. "Joy just plz come home with me that is all?" Benji asked her.
"Ok I'll go lets go." Joy said as Benj went to get his friends. He came back with them Paul, Joel, Billy, Deano.

They went over to Maddens house. There Joy sat there quiet as can be. Momma Madden came in wondering what was going on.

"Hey whats going on?" Momma asked them.
"Nothing really momma!" Joel said.

Momma Madden went into kitchen they all followed her into kitchen.

"Momma theres something wrong with Joy we dont know whats wrong with her. So I was hoping that you could talk to her?" Benji said looking at his mother.
"Yes babe I'll talk to her." Momma said she went out.

"Hey Babe can I talk to you for a minute."
"Ok I'll leave if you want me too."
"No sweetie tell me whats been going on at home?"
"I cant talk about it."
"Babe its you and me no one will make fun of you, I wanna talk to you is all."
"Is your mother hitting you?"
"YES!" Joy crying at this point.
"Baby its ok you can tell me it wont go past this room."
"ok my mom hits me, dad rapes me, then they tell me its my fought cuz my dad lost his job!"
"Sweetie your staying with us until we get things better is that ok with you? Its not your fought that your dad cant keep a job so dont blame your self."
"Joy can I see your eye."
Joy took off her sun glasses her eyes were badly bruised, lip looked just as bad as the eyes. She saw her arms were the same except for shes been cutting. Momma Madden went to get first aid kit.
"Why are you doing this you barely know me?" Joy asked her.
"Cause you are friends to my boys they have good instints about things. Thats why I invited you over here all those times. Dear your fine ok."
"O ok but there going to wonder where I am trust me they will find me."
"If they do we will protect you its ok dear. Here take this it make you feel better?" Momma handed her something to drink and little 2 pills. Joy took them swallowed them.
"Joy I promise not to let anything happen to you? You stay here while rest ok?" She shook her head yes. She watched Momma Madden go into kitchen.

"What did she say momma?" Benji asked his momma.
"She will you tell you when she wants to tell you I promise I wont say anything." Momma said.

Joel and Benji went to living room to find her asleep on the couch. "Momma not fair shes asleep." Joel yelled.
"Shhh shes asleep baby she can sleep in Sarah's room she went to stay a weekend with her friends." Momma Madden said.

Paul came out "Hey she can stay with me." Paul said.
"I think shes better to stay here." Momma Madden said.
"But." Paul said.
"Do they know where you live Paul?" Joel asked him.
"Yea." He said.
"Paul we will watch out for her." Joel said looking at Paul.
"O ook!" Paul said.
"Paul babe we dont have nothing against you we just think she would be better off here." Momma Madden says.

"O ook I understand shes my sister is all?" Paul said.

He just layed a bomb on all of them, they all looked shock as hell.
"Paul are you sure?" Momma Madden said looking at Paul.
"Yes I asked my mom she says that Joy is biological sister. I didnt know I had one until a few days ago." Paul said walking out.
"Paul we didnt know come back seriously we didnt know?" Momma Madden said.
"I know you didnt know and I didnt know until a few days ago." Paul said sitting down on the couch.
"O ok does she know?" Joel asked him.
"Yea I think so." Paul said while getting up.

Josh Madden there older brother came in. They all looked him. "What?" Josh asked.
"Nothing is all." Joel says.
"Who's the chick?" Josh asked.
"No stop plz I promise I wont go over there anymore!" Joy says in a dream.
"Joy hun wake up?" Momma Madden said shaking her awake. Shes waking up, "You were having a dream." Joel said.
"Huh o ok I guess I need to go home?" Joy said getting up.
"Babe stay here with us ok?" Momma Madden said.
"O ok I dont have any clothes." Joy said walking in.
"We'll get you some ok?" Momma Madden says.
"Ok I guess I could stay!" Joy said.
"Yea so you will take Sarah's room. Paul your welcome to with us if you want too?" Momma Madden said.
"I would love too. Hey Joy can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Paul asked her.
"Yea sure." Joy said. She got up & walked into kitchen.

"Hey Joy you want to stay here?" Paul asked.
"Yea I cant go back home Paul they hurt me there. Im sorry I didnt tell you." Joy said.
"Its ok my Mom told me. Joy I love you I know its hard to let people in but trust me these people are good people. There in a band with me they help me so much, so let them help you?" Paul said.
"O ok I didnt know." Joy said.
"Joy please listen to me ok they can help you?" Paul said she shook her head.
"I waanna go home with you Paul?" Joy said.
"Joy you halfa to stay here, cause I need you to be safe right now. You need to stay here." Paul said.
"Ok Paul I understand I'll stay here!" Joy says.
"Good want you to be safe Joy honest." Paul said.
"Paul thanks for being here I know you just found out I was sister." Joy said.
"Your so welcome?" Paul said.

After that night her dad met her at school. He took her home. She never came back to school for week.

"Benj, Joel, Billy I'm worried about her she hasnt been to school in a week I'm starting to get scared that Joy has been seriously hurt? I'm going over to her house to see if shes ok?" Paul said.
"Paul you can't go over there all by your self I'll with you?" Benji said.
"Benj if you get hurt I will get the blame? I'll go with you Paul." Joel said.
"What are you guys talking about?" Cayln said.
"Its none of your business Cayln stay out of it?" Joel said.
"Joel I'm not in the mood to fight with you right now. So just fuck off." Cayln said.
"Joy hasn't been back to school in week I'm going over her house to make sure she's ok?" Paul said as soon as he said that. Joy came in to school looking like shit.

"Hi JOY!" Paul said running up to her and hugging her.
"Paul let me go my parents taking out of this school they told I was being bother with other stuff they wanted me to fockus on my school work. They told me to get my shit and leave." Joy said.

Paul's pov

After that I never saw her again. I felt hopeless letting her go with them people. I know there her parents but still I felt bad about that. So its been a 6 years sense then we all graduated, we started a band with my best friends. Joel, Benji, Billy, and myself. I wonder how Joy is?

"Hey Paul?" Benji said.
"Hey Benji?" I said.
"Paul phone for you?" Benji said.
"Yes......This Paul Thomas who I am speaking to?" I said.
"Nurse Armstrong I have Joy Whitlow here. I need some1 down here as soon as they come down." Nurse Armstrong said.
"Ok what hospital?" I asked.
"New York Hospital do you know where that is at?" Nurse said.
"No but I'll find it? IM in New York I'll find it." I said.
"Ok she will be here?" Nurse said hanging up.

"Paul what was that about?" Billy said.
"My baby sister is in New York hospital I need to make it there." I said as I making arrangements to get down there.
"Its a good thing were in New York!" Benji said as Joel poke him in the ribs.
That is Benji for you I knew he ment well.

"Paul let me go with you?" Billy said.
"Yea sure." I said getting off going over to the car.
"Paul you cant drive? I'll drive us to the hospital." Billy said getting in the driver's side, I got in. Then I saw Benji and Joel getting in.

"Paul we want to support you." Benji said.
"O ok now we can go?" Billy said.

We made it up there after seaching for an hour. I went up there to find out. What room shes in.

"Excuse me I'm Paul Thomas I'm here for Joy Whitlow?" I said.
"Yes come with me I'll take you to her." Nurse said.

As we started to walk. Then all of them follow us.

"Shes in here Im to warn you, she has bruises, scapes. Shes asleep we gave her something." Nurse said.

I walked in she looked really bad. I went up to her "Hey Joy wake up?" I said.
"Hi sweetie how are you feeling?" I said.
"Paul don't make me go back plz?" Joy said.
"I'm not going too I promise I'll find you a place to stay?" I said.
"O ok I wanna stay with you?" Joy said.
As she was saying that Billy, Benji and Joel came in.
"Hey guys can I talk you guys out for a minute?" I asked them.
"Yea sure." Benji said.
"I stay here with me?" Joy said.
"I'll stay here with you?" Benji said.
Me, Billy, Joel step out talking.

"I wondering if I could ask Joy to come with us on tour? Cause theres no1 else I trust you guys." I asked Joel and Billy.
"Yea sure we love to have her Paul you know Benj would. I would love to have her to come also." Joel said.
"One down Billy what do you say?" I said.
"Paul I say no cause both Maddens are in love with the girl. You will have a mess on your hands." Billy said.
"Ok." I said.
"Naw im kidding Joy can stay she seems like a great girl I should get to know as a friend." Billy said.

Normal pov

"Joy are you ok do you need something?" Benji asked her.
"Im good sorry for not giving you a chance Benji?" Joy said.
"Its ok Joy you had alot on your plate its ok." He said as she was crying. He hug her!
"Baby girl I'm happy to see you again all of us worried about you when you didnt come to school for a week. That scared all of us, I understand that you had your parents on your back." Benji said.
"Wheres Paul?" She asked.
"Hes talking to guys outside, so Joy I think you are lucky to have a brother like Paul that cares about you. Thats all he talked about is you he wondered about you." Benji said.
"I worry about him as well. I was in a room theres my mom and dad. He raped me badly Benj and mom held me down watched." Just then the door open she was midway through her sentance.
"Yea so Joy we have decided that you can come on tour with us?" Paul said looking at Benji and Joy.
"Did I came in on something?" Paul said.
"Naw we were talking about?" Benji said looking at Joy.
"We were talking about what all was happening on tour!" Joy said.
"Thats cool can I have a minute alone with Joy plz?" Paul asked.
"Yea wheres Joel at?" Benji asked.
"Him and Billy went out to get us something to eat?" Paul said.
"O ok I'll see ya on the bus Joy bye!" Benji said leaving.
"Benji were riding together so I think there going to release her. So just wait outside I wanna talk to my baby sister." Paul said me and Paul watched him walked out.

Joy's pov

I want to go away from this place people come in and out for things from me. I dont wanna stay.

"So Joy are you excited about going on the road with us?" Paul asked.
"Yea but one question?" I asked.
"Yea sure go ahead?" Paul said.
"My clothes are at the house the other clothes I have is the ones I got on they cut them off of me?" I said.
"O ok I think I know what size you are so just chill stay here while me and Benj go out get you some clothes is that ok with you?" Paul asked.
"Paul I dont wanna be alone right now?" I said.
"O ok you want Benji to stay?" He asked
"Yes plz?" I said, the medication is getting to me. They gave me some strong stuff cause im feeling sleeply all of the sudden.
"Paaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I love you." I said.
"They gave you pain medicine didnt they?" Paul said
"Yea I did!" I said.
"Joy dear why dont you try to get some sleep well be back in a hour." Paul said he watched plead with my eyes.
"Dont leave me in here alone I'm afraid of the dark, Im afraid they will come after me?" I said.
"Joy just take a nap! We will be back." Paul said.
"I'll stay here with you Joy!" Joel said.
"I'll stay here to!" Billy said.
"Thats cool." I said.
Paul and Benji left she fell asleep.

"So Joy you have the hots for my bro?" Joel said
"Dude shes asleep come we will watching the tv?" Billy said.

Normal pov

They turned on the tv after an hour they fell aleep 2. Paul and Benji came in saw them all asleep. Paul decided to leave them alone cause he woke them there well be hell to pay.

Next day

Doctor release Joy this morning. Paul and guys got on bus finally Joy is with them.

"Joy this will be your bunk for this tour ok?" Paul said looking at her she didnt know where she was. "Joy are you there?" Paul asked.
"Yea sorry I spaced out." Joy said.

Joy got in and finally shut her eyes got some sleep.
"Paul chill shes needs the sleep everything will be fine I promise?" Joel said while grabing the controler to play the game.
"Daddy no please stop I'll be good." Joy said over and over. Then Benji over heard what she was saying.

He woke up her up. "Joy are ok?" he asked.
"Yea sorry?" Joy said getting out of her bunk.
"Your not used to bus are ya?" He asked.
"No not yet?" Joy said.
"You will this bus will keep on moving until we stop." Benji said.
"Tell me something Joy?" Benji asked.
"Yes Benji?" Joy said.
"Have you always been that this pretty?" Benji said.
"No stop saying that?" Joy asked Benji.
"Well you are dearz I'm not going to stop telling you that either." Benji said pulling her to him.
"Benj Im not ready for this yet?" Joy said pulling away from him. Benji was worrying if he could be close to her like he was before.
"Benj its time ok just give me some time." Joy said.

After 2 months Joy was in love with him. He was in love with her. They made a great couple Joel was mad cause he wanted her too.

She got a call from Cayln she's coming on tour with them!!!!
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