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A New Job

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A new fashion designer and her assistant add something new to the Backstreet Boys' lives.

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Michelle rolled up her window to keep the warmth in her car. With the heater broken and no job to pay for repairs, she had to do what she could to keep warm. Glancing up every few seconds to scan the road, she looked over the fax she had received that morning. It was from a record company offering her a job, giving her little information more than a number to call, the address, and the time of her interview. After checking the address again, she pulled into the parking garage next to a tall building, covered in windows, behind which she assumed agents and other important people employed by the record company worked. She walked into the building and stepped up to the desk in the large room. The receptionist looked up.

“May I help you?” she asked politely.

“Yes,” Michelle said confidently. “I’m here for an interview with Mr. Johnson.” She handed the receptionist the fax.

“Okay. He’s on the fifth floor, sixth office on your left. His secretary will help you from there.”

Michelle thanked the woman, took the elevator the receptionist pointed her to, and pressed the fifth floor button. After a minute the doors opened up, revealing a bright hallway lined by doors with name plates on each. Counting the doors, she reached the sixth one and knocked. Another young woman opened the door and ushered her in.

“You must be Ms. Fulham.” She didn’t wait for Michelle to confirm but continued talking. “Mr. Johnson’s been expecting you. Go right on into his office.” She practically pushed Michelle through the door next to her desk. Michelle walked in and saw Mr. Johnson sitting in a chair looking out the window that made up the entire back wall of the office.

“Ah, Ms. Fulham I assume?” Michelle nodded. He stood up and extended his hand. She shook it and took a seat in front of his desk. “Well, I’ve looked over the resume you faxed over, and I must say I’m impressed. It says here though that you were fired from your last job. Might I ask why?”

“The company lost a few clients, forcing them to cut back on the number of employees. I was unfortunately among those that were cut.”

“I see. That’s exactly what they told me too. I took the liberty of calling and asking some questions. No complaints against you, very professional, and excellent work from what I’ve seen. If you’ve no questions, I’m ready to hire you now and offer you your first job.” Michelle blinked, shocked at being offered a job so quickly. She asked a few questions, including about how her salary worked, and Mr. Johnson answered everything. Her last question involved her friend, roommate, and assistant.

“One last question. Will you be hiring my assistant as well?”

“Ms. Julie Ford, right?” Michelle nodded. “Yes, I also asked about her. I think we can afford to hire her as well, as your assistant. If that’s everything,” Michelle nodded, “then let me tell you about your first job. You’ll be taking over as the head fashion designer for the group The Backstreet Boys. You’ll figure out their wardrobe for concerts, photo shoots if the photographer doesn’t oppose, and public appearances.”

“What happened to the previous fashion designer, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“She was fired because of poor behavior and attitude issues. She also took issue with authority and anyone telling her how to do her job. So, if you’re ready, the Boys are in another room discussing their upcoming tour and you’re welcome to meet them.”

Michelle nodded, again shocked at how quickly things were moving. Less than ten minutes before, she had been unemployed, low on money, and considering moving somewhere in search of more possibilities. Now she had a job as the head fashion designer for a popular boy band and would most likely be going on tour with them to oversee their wardrobe, and she’d even been able to get a job for her assistant. She strode down the hall confidently, following Mr. Johnson to another room.

“Guys, I’d like you to meet your new fashion designer, Michelle Fulham.” Michelle watched as all eyes turned towards her. They took in her black business pants, business coat, red collared shirt, dark brown, curly hair down to her shoulders, green eyes, and tan complexion.

“Nice to meet you,” one man said, breaking the silence. “I’m Brian.” A chorus of similar introductions followed from the other four members.

“Nice to meet you all,” Michelle replied.

“So when does she start working?” Kevin directed at Mr. Johnson.

“Tomorrow. She’ll be going on tour with you, along with her assistant, but right now I believe we are supposed to be discussing your tour.” After a few handshakes and goodbyes, Michelle left the room and headed back towards her car, carrying papers to sign with her assistant.

“Julie!” Michelle shouted when she walked into the apartment. Her roommate looked up at her from the floor, covered in paint; thankfully she covered the floor with plastic before beginning the project.

“S’going on?” Her brown eyes, rimmed with glasses and framed by light brown hair falling a little below her shoulders, held another unspoken question about the interview.

“I got the job!”

“Yes!” Julie jumped up and ran to hug Michelle, but stopped when she remembered paint covered her entire body.

“And I got you one too!” Julie gave another shout of joy. “Want to hear about our first commission?” Julie nodded and sat back down in the paint.

Michelle sat on the couch, facing Julie, and told her everything that happened. She showed Julie the papers, explaining what they said and why they had to sign them. Julie wiped her hands off and added her signature under Michelle’s. With that done, Michelle changed into some old clothes and joined Julie in the paint on the floor.


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