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Incredibly random, just something that happened with me n my friends but told as MCR. Oh, by the way - MOLEST!!

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A/N: This is just something random because I'm bored. This actually happened but not between MCR, it was me and my friends on the way home from a theme park. I thought it was pretty funny...
P.S - set in highschool, and due to the magical power of fiction they are all the same age. Amazing...isnt it.

Frank and Bob were sat next to eachother on the coach, there eyes were locked in an intense staring contest. The teachers at the front of the coach could easily locate the five teens who were not, like everybody else, tired and who would not, like everybody else, just sit quietly due to the cowboy hats placed on their heads. These had been bought at the themepark they had just visited, it had been Franks idea, thinking it would be funny if they all had one. The hats were black with a flame pattern over them made of velvet which Gerard had enjoyed touching. In the end Frank blinked first, unable to stare any longer, his eyes having begun to burn and itch. Bob however showed no discomfort and threw his arms into the air with a triumphant cry.
"Boo yah! I totally won, you suck Iero!" He cried, Frank shoved Bob as he pouted.
"Its not fair, I should have won that, its not my fault my eyes lost all their moisture." He whined. Bob laughed and shoved Frank back. Gerard and Ray were sat infront of Frank and Bob and they laughed as they turned in their seats to see the look of annoyance on Franks face. Mikey was sat by himself on the chair on the other side of the aisle to Bobs, he was sat beside the window with his feet up on the aisle chair, headphones secured in his ears.
The coach hit some traffic lights which wouldnt change, for ten minutes every teen on the coach complained about the wait until finally a man in a flourescent jacket appeared on the road and told the coach driver to just go. The coach began moving again and the coach fell silent as people began to fall asleep.
Gerard and Ray were tired, Gerard even resting his head on Rays shoulder as he went to sleep. Mikey was spaced out and Ray was looking out of the window quietly. Bob and Frank however, were restless. They had, afterall, bought ten different flavours of sherbert after getting so excited that there even was ten different flavours. They had then had a race to see who could eat the most whilst queing for the last ride. So it was clear why they were so hyper, and with nothing to do - they were beginning to get agitated.
"Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!! Guess what!!" Cried Bob, Frank looked excited and began clapping his hands.
"Oh what what what what what!!"
"NOTHING!" Bob exploded with laughter as Franks face fell, but after a moment the joke sunk in and he too began to laugh, they held onto eachother as their bodies shook with the force of their laughter, until a sticky sweet got thrown at them by one of the chavs, hitting the back of Franks head so that it stuck in his hair. Frank gasped and pulled the sweet away, an angry look covering his face.
"SHUT UP!" The chav shouted, within a second Frank twisted in his seat and was struggling to hold himself up so he could see over the back of the chair and get eye contact with the chav who looked half asleep aswell as pissed off.
"OH MY GOD ARE YOU STARTIN'?" Frank yelled in an attempt to sound like the chav, using a strange accent that was supposed to sound like a common rapper. Bob burst into fresh fits of laughter as the chav rolled his eyes, settling down in his seat to tired to fight with the hyper active 'grebo'.
Frank faced forward once more and grinned as Bob continued to laugh. He loved making people laugh and began continuing his empression.
"Ooooh my god Bryar man, he was like, toootally disrespectin' us. The toool, the beeean, the weapoooon!" Bob was practically dying from laughing so much as Frank used over exagerated hand movements, screwing up his face and acheiving quite a beleivable chav look.
"He was so dissin us!" The chav shouted something unintelligible in their direction and Frank turned once again to yell -
"YA MOM! YA MOM! YA MOOOOOOOOOOM!!" The chav threw Frank evils and turned away, Frank sitting down properly as Bob clutched at his sides.
"Yo Bryar man, fuckin respect!" Frank held his fist and Bob giggled madly as he knocked his knuckles into Franks. "Yeah maaate! SAFE!" Frank cried, his hate falling down over his eyes, Bob cackled with laughter as Frank moved his hat back into position.
"Oh Bob, Bob!" Bob looked at Frank as he crossed his two middle fingers. "WEST SIIIIIDE!" He yelled. Bob burst out laughing again and Frank couldnt help but giggle too. Gerard turned in his chair to look at Frank as he yawned.
"Frankie, I'm so tired. No offense man but can you please shut up?" He asked, Franks jaw dropped and he got right up in Gerards face as he cried "OH MY GOOOD! ARE YOU DISSIN ME?" Gerard rolled his eyes and turned away as Frank went off into a rant in the style of a chav, ending with something totally unrelated...
"An' then I skipped school cos' I am so GANGSTA and I'm a BADASS, no I'm not cos' dats what dem Grebos say, GREEEBOOO! But yeah, I skipped school yeah, an' I sat and drank some Frosty Jacks with da tramp on da corna." If Bob hadnt had a seatbelt on he would have fallen off his seat he was laughing so much. Frank heard Gerard groan in annoyance and he smirked to himself as he leaned forward and tapped Gerards head.
"Hey Gee..."
"MOLEST!" Frank ran his hand down the side of Gerards face, causing him to frown.
"What?" He asked, as Ray bit his knuckle so as not to laugh.
"I said... MOLEST!" Frank repeated his action and Gerard glared at him, he opened his mouth to say something when Bob ran his hand down the other side of his face.
"MOLEST!" He cried. Frank burst out laughing and gave Bob a high five, Mikey still totally oblivious as to what was going on. Ray, Frank and Bob all began to run their hands all over Gerards face and chest, sounding like seagulls as they kept shouting Molest. Gerard pulled his knees up to his chest and tried to roll into a ball in a way of defence but it did nothing.
"MOLEEEEST!" The entire coach were getting pissy now, except for Mikey who was bopping his head to whatever he was listening to.
"MOLEST! MOLEST GERARD! MOLEEST!!!" Frank cried, one of the teachers at the front of the coach began fumbling with their seatbelt and Frank whispered harshly.
"TEACHER!" The four of them returned to their normal sitting positions just as Mrs. Baker got to her feet, facing the coach with a red face.
"WHO IS MAKING ALL THAT RACKET!?" She cried. Instantly four fingers pointed at Mikey who had finally noticed he was being glared at. Frank had to bite his lip so as not to laugh as the teachers gaze hit Mikey.
"MR WAY! FRONT OF THE BUS NOW!" She shouted.
"What did I do?" Asked Mikey, looking hurt.
"NOW!" Mikey undid his seatbelt and Frank, Bob, Ray and Gerard gave him guilty looks as he walked to the front of the bus where he had to stay for the remainder of the ride home.
When they reached the school they all got off the coach and Mikey listened with an annoyed expression on his face as they apologised for getting him into trouble.
"But it was all Franks fault, he started it." Gerard concluded it, Franks jaw dropped even though he guess this was kind of true. Mikey turned to look at Frank and scowled.
"Hey Frankie." He snarled. Frank looked at him with a worried expression.
"Erm...yeah?" He squeaked. Mikey seized Frank and dived on his back rubbing Franks hair into a mess as he shouted

A/N: Random... I know. Sorry if I called them by different names or put she instead of he etc, cos me and my friends are all girls and it was actually difficult trying to write it as us all members of MCR. I used quite a lot of slang as well which might only be used in england (I dont know these things!) so if anything confused you, let me know and I'll explain what it is :]
And my friends want me to mention who we all were so -
Me = Frank
Kiki = Gerard
Bob = Becky
Mikey = Leanne
Ray = Sam
Reviews are loved :]
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