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Two of a Kind

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Just Iri's thoughts on he and Ronyo. Short, though up in ten minutes, non-rhyming with no meter at all.

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Two of a Kind
(Ronyo/Iriador snippet, Iriador's POV)
© CJ Briggs, 01/11/05

To some, we're two oddballs.
I walk around with decade-old wounds when my best friend is a Healer.
You flirt so much as to cause rumors to be spread about you that we both know to be false.
But, I guess I can agree with them.
Complete opposites, the two of us...
Optimism and pessimism, fire and ice...
What are we doing together?

To others, we're two rejects.
Cursed to be different, marked, branded,
Frowned upon for possessing a power we neither asked for nor fully understand...
Still, I suppose I can agree with them.
Two of few,
No one else around us shares our troubles.
Why else would we be together?

To me, we're two of a kind.
Conflicting in every way, differing in opinion, inconsistent in attitude,
Even our heights and appearances disagree with one another.
Others see it, too...
Even now, I can agree with them...
For you and I...
Perhaps we aren't so dissimilar after all.
I'd be lost, if we weren't together.
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