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One More Minute - JULY 23

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Gerard sees Monica

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Kelly snuggled up next to Luke and tried to concentrate on the movie they were watching. Still she couldn’t make her mind follow the plot. “When is he gonna call Mom?”
Luke pushed the button and put the movie on pause. He turned his attention to Kelly. “I don’t know. He didn’t say what he had planned. He knows where she’s working and he know where you guys live.”
“Fine.” Kelly huffed, “So why hasn’t he come by? What is he waiting for?”
Luke sighed, “Sunshine, I don’t know.”
“This is all so stupid.” Kelly pulled away from him and stood. “The longer this goes on the more Mom is hurt. He needs to understand that.”
“I agree.” Luke said. “But there’s nothing we can do about this.”
Kelly walked over the window and looked out at the sunshine. It was a beautiful day and yet her heart felt so heavy. Suddenly she wanted to get out of the apartment. “When Elle gets up from her nap let’s go for a walk.”
“Okay.” Luke agreed, “That’s a good idea but don’t forget you told your Mom that you’d make dinner.”
“Yeah, I know.” Kelly nodded. “I’m just so stupid.” She suddenly broke down in tears.”
At once Luke was at her side. “Sunshine, why do you think you’re stupid?”
She buried her face against his chest. “When you told me Gerard had talked to you I thought that this was all gonna be over. I really believed we’d get back from the park and he would be here. That he would tell me it’s all gonna be okay and we’d be going home.”
Luke hugged her tightly. “They have a lot of shit to work through. I don’t think you should get your hopes up like that.”
Kelly pulled away and looked up at him, “So you’re saying you think I’m wrong? You don’t think they’ll get back together?”
“I didn’t say that.” Luke answered quickly. “I just think you need to be a little more realistic about this.”
Kelly shook her head sadly, “I know you’re right but damn it I really think will all my heart that things are gonna work out.”
With all his heart, Luke hoped the same thing for Kelly’s sake.

Gerard left the cemetery and drove to the house. In his mind he tried to plan the words he would say to Monica. He wanted her to understand what was in his heart. He pulled in the driveway and cut the engine. Staring at the house through the windshield he tried to convince himself to just get out of the car and go inside. ‘It’s just a house, for fucksake.’ He told himself. The problem was that deep in his heart he knew why he wasn’t going inside. This was a home, or at least it was supposed to be. This was the home that belonged to his family, Monica and the girls. But they weren’t here and that broke his heart. “Fuck.” He whispered.
With trembling fingers he started the engine and backed out into the street. He would never return here if he didn’t have his family with him.
He glanced at the clock on the dash and saw that it was almost six. His mom had told him that she thought that was the time Monica got off work. Trying not to break any of the speed limits he made his way there hoping to catch her as she left work. He couldn’t wait any longer. He needed to see her, he needed to tell her that he didn’t want to live one more minute without her in his life.

“Monica, what are you doing? It’s Friday night and time to leave.” Karin said with a laugh.
“Oh.” Monica hadn’t realized the time. “I was just finishing up these files.”
Karin shrugged, “Hey, they’ll be there in the morning.”
“I know but since we’re only here until noon tomorrow I’m sure I’ll get behind if I don’t do them now.”
Once again Karin shrugged. “Okay, see ya tomorrow.”
Monica told her goodbye then returned to the task at hand. She didn’t hear Paul walk into the office.
“Everyone else has taken off for the day.” He said startling her.
Monica turned, “Oh, you scared me.”
Paul smiled, “Those files aren’t going anywhere. Do them in the morning.”
“I don’t want to get behind.” Monica said, “You know I did take an extended lunch this afternoon.”
“And it was very nice, wasn’t it?” He walked over and stood next to her deck.
“Very nice.” Monica admitted.
Paul leaned down and took the file she was holding from her hands. He placed it on the desk, “Okay, enough work for today. Come on.” He took her hand and helped her stand.
Monica grabbed her purse and followed him through the now deserted office. They went out and she waited while he locked up.
“So any plans for the evening?” Paul asked, as he made sure the door was securely locked.
“Just spending time with Elle.” Monica answered. “I’m sure Kelly has a date tonight. What about you? Big plans?”
They turned from the door and walked towards the parking lot. Paul placed his hand on her arm as they walked. “Gilly was supposed to stay with me this weekend but Emma called and changed the plans.”
“Oh.” Monica said sadly. She could tell Paul was upset by the turn of events.
Paul sighed, “It’s one of Emma’s favorite games. She likes to mess up my plans. I was going to take Gilly out to eat tonight. You and Elle wouldn’t like to have dinner with me would you?” They stopped walking when they reached Monica’s car.
“I don’t think that would be a good idea. I’m sure I wouldn’t be very good company.” Monica said softly.
Paul reached out and pushed a stray strand of hair that had fallen out of her eyes. “I wouldn’t mind at all, you know.” He said softly.

Across the street Gerard watched the encounter from his car. His fingers gripped the steering wheel as Paul touched Monica’s hair. He watched them talk a few more minutes then they got into their separate cars. When Monica pulled out of the lot and turned down the road he started his own car and pulled out into traffic. He headed in the opposite directing not knowing where he was going only knowing that his heart was breaking.
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