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Coffee Shop Romance [Frerard]

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Sorry for the painfully unoriginal title. It's a Frerard. Do I need to say more?

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Frank’s POV.

He’s so beautiful. I come in here everyday, just to see him. 7:30 every morning, just to see him buy his morning coffee, drink, and walk away, right out of my life. Until the next morning that is. Okay. That sounds more stalker like than it really is. Trust me.
I suppose you want to know who I am? Well, my name is Frank Iero, and I have an unhealthy obsession with a man, who to me, is, well, nameless.
Shit, I’m pretending to talk to people about him in my mind. Oh well, at least it gives me something to do until he gets here. So, I’ll continue.
I can’t even think of a name that is anywhere near good enough for him. With his porcelain white skin, jet black hair, hazel-gold eyes, and his usual black clothing, he would have to be the most attractive man I have ever seen.
I’m broken out of my train of thoughts when the bell over the door of the coffee shop rings. I look over to see who it is. It’s him. Wait, he’s early. I check my watch and notice he has come half an hour earlier than he usually does. But why? He walks up to the counter and orders his usual vanilla latte, but instead of going to his usual booth over by the window, he starts to walk back towards my booth, in the back corner of the shop. He looks at me and smiles warmly. I smile back as I feel the blush slowly creeping across my cheeks. I divert my gaze to my lap in a feeble attempt to hide it.
“Is this seat taken?” I look up to see him standing next to my booth. I slowly shake my head, wondering why he wants to sit with me; Short, fat, ugly, Frank Iero.
“I… uh… no, no, it isn’t.” I try my hardest not to stutter, but fail miserably.
“Good.” He says, smiling again and sliding into the booth, sitting opposite me.
“…So, what’s your name?” He asks, making a small talk.
“Uhhh… F-Frank Iero… Ummm… You?” I’m gonna know his name! I’m gonna know his name! God, I sound like some love-struck teenage girl oh well, I’m so excited. I laughed quietly to myself because of my thoughts.
“Well, Frank Iero, my name is Gerard Way, nice to meet you.” He replied, holding his hand out for me to shake.
I smiled shyly and took his hand while saying, “N-nice to meet you too.”
“Where abouts are you from?” He asked, looking truly interested, as he let go of my hand. I missed the contact as soon as his hand was gone.
“Oh, I was born here in Jersey, and I live just down around the corner from here, in an apartment block.” I replied, thankfully not stuttering anymore..
“Oh cool, me too, which apartments?”
“Uhh, you know that big yellow and red building ‘Bridgewater’ or some shit like that?”
“Yeah, Bridgewater, that’s the one I live in!” He said excitedly.
“Really? Me too! How come I haven’t seen you around there before?”
“Well you seem to get out earlier than me, but other than that, I really don’t know.”
“What apartment number are you?” I asked, wondering if his apartment was near mine.
“4-A, yourself?”
“Really? Mines 4-B!”
“You’re the one who’s always blasting Misfits and Blackflag?”
“Uh, yeah, sorry ‘bout that…” I said, looking back to my lap and scratching the back of my neck nervously.
“No! It’s cool! I love Misfits and Blackflag!”
“Really? Awesome! I went to that show they did together a couple of years ago.” I replied, happy that he liked the same music as me.
“Was that the one at the arena?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Aw!” he said, pulling an adorable face. “I really wanted to go see that one! But by the time I got to go buy my tickets they were sold out!”
“Damn, that sucks.”
“Yeah…” he trailed off. He looked around and glanced at the clock above the counter before exclaiming, “Shit! I’m late for work, time flies, hey Frank?”
“Uh, yeah, sure does. Um, do you want my phone number? So you can call me later?” I bowed my head shyly, wishing I’d never said that.
“Sure.” He replied. I looked up to see him grinning his gorgeous grin. I smiled and quickly got a pen out of my bag, scrawled my number on a napkin and handed it to him.
“Well, I’ll see you later Frank!”
“Bye Gerard!”
He walked out of the shop and down the street. I sighed when he was gone and got up and walked back to my apartment, because it was only eight, and I started work at eleven.
When I got inside I still had a couple of hours until I had to be ready for work and out the door. I decided I’d watch TV for a while before I had a shower and got dressed.
I flopped onto the couch and switched the TV on with the remote. I checked if anything was on the movie channels first, but there was only a couple of chick flicks and some foreign film on. I checked MTV next, finding Scars on. I wasn’t really in the mood for watching people get injured, so I settled for Batman on Cartoon Network.

I must’ve fallen asleep on the couch, because when I opened my eyes it was already 10:30. I had to be at work in half an hour! I had a quick shower, not bothering to wash my hair and hurried to get my uniform on. My wallet, phone and keys were still on the table where I left them, so I grabbed them and ran out the door.
The lift seemed to travel slower than usual on its way down to the car park. I hurried to my beat up old silver Honda, started it up and drove as fast as I could without breaking the speed limits to the record shop where I worked. I only just arrived on time, only making it by like two minutes. I hurried out to my locker, out my stuff away and got straight to work, stacking the shelves with new stock.

-Time pass. Frank’s lunch break-

I headed out the back of the record store and checked my phone for missed calls or messages. I had 2 missed calls from an unknown number. There really wasn’t anything interesting to go and do so I lit up a cigarette and called the unknown number. It rings once, twice, thre-
“Hello?” a voice says through the speaker.
“Um, hey, it’s Frank…”
“Oh, hey Frank! It’s Gerard by the way,”
“Oh good, I thought some random rapist was calling me or something,”
I heard his adorable giggle on the other end of the line.
“Well, wouldn’t that be interesting,” he replied still giggling a little.
“Sure would. Hey, did you want to meet up later? I mean, if you’re not doing anything…” I quickly added the last part, trying not to sound too eager.
“I’m not doing anything after work, it’d be great. I finish up at 5:30. Would six be okay? At the coffee shop we were at this morning?”
“Yeah, that’d be great, I’ll see you there, I’d better get going my breaks nearly over. Bye Gerard!”
“Okay, see ya Frankie!”
I hung up and tried my hardest not to sing and dance in circles. He’d called me FRANKIE! I let out a small squeal of delight and decided to go back into work early.
The rest of the afternoon I was bouncing around the shop humming to myself.
Work ended and I hurried to get home.
When I got back I had an hour and a half to get prettied up for my coffee date with Gerard. I’m so excited! God I’m such a girl sometimes.
I had another shower, this time washing my hair and body thoroughly. I got out of the shower and went to find something at least slightly reasonable to wear.
After a few minutes of debating in my head, I chose out my tightest pair of red skinnies, and a black t-shirt with the Misfits logo on it. I made sure my hair and makeup was perfect, before chucking on my red converse. I grabbed my wallet, phone and keys and started to make my way to the coffee shop about ten minutes early.

Well, I started another fic, and I deleted the old one. BUT I do still have it on my computer, and I might put it back up if I find myself able to add more to it. So, well, yeah, don;t expect chapters this long all the time XD. I was originally going to make it a one-shot but decided to make it a bit longer... so.. yeah. And I apologize is advance for extremely slow updating.

x0x0 -- Clare Bear Iero
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