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Whirlwind Weekend

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Frank finds love, but there are some twists along the way. Just read (:

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"C'mon Mikey we gotta go, Kait is gunna be waiting" Gerard shouted of his brother as he got into his car. They were on there way to the train station to pick up there favourite cousin, Kait. "Im coming chill out!" Mikey said as he scurried down the stairs and out of the door. They both got into the car and drove towards the station.

"Theres my two favourtie Way's" a female voice shouted when they had arrived. Mikey and Gerard could see Kait running towards them. She ran up to them and pulled them both into a hug. "Somebody is pleased to see us" Mikey laughed. Kate stepped back and picked up the bags she had dropped when running to hug her cousins. "So you missed me?" she laughed, batting her eyelashes at them. "Of course we missed our favourite most bestest cousin ever" said Gerard batting his eyelashes back. They all laughed and walked back to the car, put in KAits bags and drove home.

They got out of the car and Mikey carried Kaits bags, she didnt have many things with her. "Dont be suprised if the guys are already here Kait, you know they were really excited to see you" said Gerard while unlocking the front door. He had spoke too soon, he and Mikey were pushed aside as 3 men ran past them and leaped on Kait. "Hello to you all aswell" Kait mumbled while being slightly suffocated by there enormous group hug. The 3 men (Bob, Ray and Frank) stepped back and laughed, they all had there hands behind there back and were looking sucspicious. "What are you doing" Kait said, looking at them, eyebrow raised. "For you" said Bob, they each held out there hands and in them was a flower. "For me?" Kait said. They all nodded. She looked at Gerard and Mikey, "Well isnt that sweet" she said. The 3 men giggled shyly. "Thank you, that was very thoughtful of you all" she said while walking up to them. She placed a kiss on Ray's cheek, and Bob's. However when she got to Frank she went to place one on his cheek, Frank being the cheeky boy he is turned his head and she found herself kissing his lips.

She pulled away quickly and looked at him. All the guys were sniggering in the background. "Cant blame a guy for trying can you?" he said and flashed her that cheeky grin of his. Kait grinned and just rolled her eyes, "Typical Frank" she said. "Oh is that right?" he laughed while walking towards her, she was backing away laughing. He started to chase her round the drive, both of them laughing, he finally reached her and grabbed her over his shoulder. "Put me down Frank!" she said through splutters of laughter. Bob, Ray, Gerard and Mikey looked on shaking their heads and laughing.

They turned away and formed a sort of group huddle. "He was extra excited to see her" said Bob looking over at them. They talked for a while discussing what was going on, while hearing Kait and Frank laughing in the background. Mikey said "Well i think he has a crush on Kait" they all nodded in agreement, but then looked at eachother. There was no laughter, so they all turned round. Under the tree on the drive was Kait and leaning over kissing her was Frank.

-Franks POV-
I saw Kait coming out of the car when Gerard and Mikey pulled up. And all i could think was "WOW" my hand was shaking as i held it out to give her the flower. She kissed both Ray and Bob on the cheek and knowing she would do the same for me, i turned my head for some lip action. She looked shocked but from the way she smiled i knew she didnt mind. I ran towards her and picked her up over my shoulder, she was so light so i started running around. She was yelling for me too put her down but i knew she liked it. We reached the tree and i lay her down on the grass. I kneeled down beside her and whispered "I put you down, know you can do something for me" without thinking i leaned over and kissed her. I could see her hand rising out the corner of my eye, i closed my eyes waiting for her to push me away or something, but she didnt. She placed her hand on the side of my face and stroked my hair. It was amazing, suddenly i heard snickering and pulled away. The guys had been watching the whole time.

They were staring at Kait and Frank kissing. Kaits hand rised and they all sniggered "Ohh she is gunna slap him" but they watched in shock as she just placed it on the side of his face. They all burst out laughing. Frank turned around to look at them. "Mwaaa, Oh Frankie Daahling" they were all making silly kissy faces and teasing him. He shook his head laughing and turned to help Kait up. She just looked at them "Real mature guys" she grabbed Franks hand and walked inside. Bob, Ray and Mikey turned to Gerard. "So what you gunna do, you know what Frank is like when it comes to girls, usually one night and its over" said Bob looking slightly worried. Gerard ran his hand through his hair, "I know, but he is my friend i should trust him" Mikey then stepped in; "True, but Gee, Kait is our cousin and we should really be protecting her." Gerard turned to walk into the house and signaled for the others to follow him so they did. They walked into the living room, expecting to see Frank and Kait kissing again. But they just found Frank sitting watching TV. "Frank, where is Kait" said gerard walking over to sit down on the sofa. The rest of them sat down as well. "She went upstairs to change and unpack" Frank replied, not taking his eyes off the TV. "oh, right, think she needs any help unpacking" Mikey added. Frank just shrugged and changed the channel. The rest of the guys just looked at eachother, wondering why Frank was being weird with them.

-Franks POV-
As i was kissing Kait i heard the guys laughing in the background. I pulled away from Kait and looked at them, they were all making stupid noises and faces at us. I turned round to help Kait and and she didnt seem impressed. She called them all immature and grabbed my hand to go inside. Once we were in she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me again, this time she darted her tounge out making me open my mouth. It was one of the most amazing kisses I had ever had. Her hands were everywhere, running through my hair, around my waist, then she put them behind me and they found their way underneath my hoody. Her hands were cold on my back but i didnt care, I just put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. After we were both breathless she stopped and just looked into my eyes. I stared at her not knowing what to say. "Im just gunna change, be back down soon" she said to me, then she kissed the tip of my nose and ran upstairs. I walked into the living room and turned on the TV. Then the guys all came in and sat down.

Ray piped up first, "Look dude, we didnt mean anything by us laughing" Frank looked at him, he smiled and ran over to them. "I know you guys didnt, Group hug!!!" they all piled onto one sofa and were crushing eachother. "Excuse Me" Kait said as she appeared in the doorway. They all looked up, but none of them said a thing, they all just stared at her, mouths wide open. "You know, its rude to stare" she said as she walked over and sat on the free sofa. Their eyes all followed her, mouths still open.

-Franks POV-
The guys apologised for laughing, but i didnt mind one bit. I ran over and jumped on them all, we all got into a group hug. Were laughing on when we heard Kait say "Excuse Me" we all looked around to see her standing in the doorway. Our mouths fell open. She was standing there wearing, what looked to be like..My shirt! Just my shirt. It was so dam short and she walked over to the sofa and sat down. We all couldnt believe it, I couldnt wait to wear that shirt again.

"I hope you dont mind me taking this Frank" Kait said as innocently as she could. Frank did not trust his voice and simply shook his head. "He may not mind but I do" said Gerard walking over to her. "Yeah Kait, go get changed" said Mikey. Kait just looked at them. "Well im afraid its 3 against 2" she said grinning and looking over at Frank, bob and Ray who were still staring at her. "But as seen as im so lovely i'll do what you say gerard, you too mikey" she said laughing. She walked out of them room. Gerard and Mikey looked at the three others. "Guys your not helping, please try not to encourage her" they nodded "Soryy but i mean, come on, like we could do anything but stare" said Bob. They heard something out in the lobby. Kait popped her head round the door and threw the shirt in "Thanks for the shirt Frank" she winked at him. "Better go get some clothes on, its getting chilly" she winked at them all again.
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