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Tommy considers the differences in how the ranger's power manifests.Contains slash and mild non-explicit references to sex

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As a ranger, Tommy Oliver was more sensitive than most civilians to power. He could feel it. Taste it. Smell it. And it was always unique to each individual, regardless of the source they drew it from. Even with the ranger powers, there were differences......

He felt Kat put her hand on his arm, and the familiar spreading warmth that resulted over his aching muscles. That had been some battle. In the cockpit of the zeo megazord he had felt the energies of the others radiating so acutely he had almost lost control. As always happened when they called out the zords, each of them had generated enough power to send a thousand little shockwaves rippling across his skin. Now it was more subdued, a tingling, that whilst still uncomfortable was at least tolerable; the light warmth that came with Kat’s power felt like the early may sunshine outside. He smiled at her, noticing in her eyes concern for his distracted state.
The fiery, spicy scent that he had come to identify as Rocky’s still heightened power flow, wafted over his shoulder as the younger boy joined them for the teleport back to Angel Grove High. Preparing to leave, Tommy looked around for the last members of their group.
At the console, Adam and Billy were engaging quite excitedly over some technical schematics of a zord update planned for the near future. It always amazed him how quickly after battle the pair could begin talking shop as if nothing had happened. At the indulgent, if exhausted sounding chuckle from Rocky, Adam turned to the others....

Power. The scent of Adam’s was so strong he could taste it; dark and thick, like treacle on his tongue.
It was strange that such a gentle youth could be the source of such a heady aroma, and how Tommy should continue to be aware of the other boy’s power surge long after the others’ had faded. After battle, the scent of him wrapped itself around Tommy, intoxicating him, and wiped out all thought but how quickly they could get back to Angel Grove and Adam’s small, but more than adequate bedroom. Sometimes they didn’t even make it that far; just crept away when the others weren’t looking to Tommy’s private quarters two levels down.

Seeing in Adam’s dark eyes a mounting desire that matched his own, the red ranger indicated the others proceed without him and headed for the chamber doors.
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