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Short Black Dress

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Things get steamy for Frank

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"Okay so there is a party tonight at that new club downtown, you guys up for it?" Gerard said while they were all walking into the kitchen. They all nodded in agreement. "Ohh party, sounds fun" said Kait bouding into the kitchen to join them. Gerard looked at her, eyebrow raised "And who said you were invited ey?" She got a soda out of the fridge and walked over to Gerard, grinned and put the cold can down his shirt. "Fuck, Kait get that thing off me" Gerard shouted as he wriggled away. "Your definitley not coming now" he joked. Kait walked over and stood next to Frank. She put on her best pouty face to Gerard, "Please" and she batted her eyelashes. She sneakily stuck the can behind Frank and on his butt. He shuddered but smiled "Yeah Gerard, Please" Frank begged. Gerard shrugged his shoulders, "Dont see why not" she ran over and hugged him. "Knew you would say yes, thanks Gerard" she kissed him on the cheek. He pretended to wipe it away "Ewww cooties" he laughed.

"You better go get ready Kait it starts in like 3 hours" Bob joked. She went over and playfully jumped on his back, wrapping her arms round his neck "Hahaha Bob" she said and stuck her still un-opened can on his cheek, Bob screamed "Okay, okay I surrender Kait, get it off" she was laughing as he was swinging her round trying to get the can off his cheek. "Okay I will get it off if you say im the best girl you ever knew" he looked at her strange, "Just say it" she smirked "Okay, okay, Kait is the best girl I ever knew" She laughed and removed the can, but quickly placed it back on his cheek "Ahh Kait what the fuck" he said, she laughed and said "One more thing" he tried to shake her off but she wouldnt budge "Okay what the hell is it" he said getting a bit annoyed. "Make Frank take me out." The rest of the guys who had been watching and sniggering all turned and looked at Frank.

He looked up, he had been watching the floor as he was slightly jealous Kait was flirting with Bob. "What makes you think I want to" he said, his jealousy showing. Kait jumped down off Bobs back, hugged him and turned to Frank "Fine, your loss" she said as she walked out the room. Frank grabbed her wrist so she turned around. "Yes, I will take you out" she smiled, ran up to him kissed him quickly and ran out "Im off to get ready, see you guys soon." She ran up the stairs and sat, waited and listened to see what they said when they thought she had left.
After Kait had left the kitchen they all stared at Frank. He was standing looking at the doorway, a lop sided grin on his face. "Hey, dude snap out of it" said Ray. Frank stayed in the same position. Gerard took over, he kicked Frank right inbetween his legs (you know where im talking about haha) his head suddenly shot up. Then back down, he thrust his arms between his legs and fell to the ground, "Fucking hell Gee" he lay on the floor till the pain had gone, then he got up "I may need those later" he grinned. Gerard and Mikey glared at him. He held his hands up "Kidding dudes, Chillax" they just shrugged it off. We better go start getting ready now, party starts soon. So they headed upstairs to change.
About half an hour had passed and the guys were now sitting downstairs waiting for Kait, who was still getting ready. "Kait hurry the fuck up you have been ages" shouted Mikey up the stairs. He walked back into the living room and sat down. "Well I had a lot to do" said Kait who had appeared in the doorway.

The guys mouths opened once again as Kait walked in and sat down. She was wearing a short black, strapless dress. Very high heels and her hair was down and straight, resting on her shoulders. "Fuck me" said Frank under his breath, meaning he was amazed at how good she looked. She heard him, "Maybe later Frank" she winked. He blushed and turned away. "Fucking hell Kait any shorter and you might as well wear nothing" said Gerard looking at her outfit. "Oh calm down Gee its a party, you gotta have fun" he shrugged in agreement. "Okay guys lets go" said Ray getting up. They all got up and headed out to the car.
Kait made sure she got to sit next to Frank. She got as close to him as possible. She loved being the dominant flirty one, whereas he was being very shy. When the others werent looking she put her hand very high up on Franks thigh and whispered in his ear "You smell fucking gorgeous." he shuddered as her breath touched his neck, and a friend from down below decided to join them. Frank was mortified. Kait looked down and saw, she giggled and looked at Frank, he blushed "Im so sorry" he whispered. She put her hand over his crotch, "Im not complaining" she breathed and sat back in her chair.

-Franks POV-
Kait walked in and my mouth fell open. She looked so sexy. Short black dress, that was enough for me. We went out the house to get into the car and Kait sat next to me. My heart was beating fast enough already and i thought it was going to come out of my shirt when Kait put her hand on my thigh, very close to my "area" she was whispering to me and then all of a sudden i got RBS (Random Boner Syndrome) I was so fucking embarrased. She didnt seem to mind as she placed her hand actually onto my "area" and leaned back in her chair. I was so fucking horny.

-AUTHORS NOTE- Im going to write another chapter straight after this, im just splitting them up so people dont look at the chapter, see its so long and think "oh i will get bored" tahnks again for all those reading and please review! :)
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