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Going To Hell - JULY 25

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Monica is worried about Kelly's attitude. Gerard visits his mom and dad.

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Kelly entered the kitchen as Monica was draining the last drop of coffee from her mug.
“Morning.” Kelly said walking over and sitting down at the kitchen table.
Monica sat her mug in the sink and turned to face her daughter. “I’m sorry I don’t have time to make you breakfast. To be honest I didn’t think you would be up this early.”
Kelly shrugged, “It’s okay. Elle and I will have cereal when she gets up.”
“So how was your date last night?” Monica asked. She had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Kelly. She had wanted to ask Kelly last night if she’d had a good time but Kelly had immediately gone to her room.
“It was okay. We ended up not going to a movie.”
Monica was surprised, “Oh, what did you do?”
Kelly looked down at her hands, “We went to Luke’s house and watched TV.”
“Was his Dad home?” Monica asked suspiciously.
“Really what difference does that make?” Kelly said looking into her mother’s eyes.
“You know I don’t think it’s right for you and Luke to be at his house alone if his dad’s not there.”
“Why? I mean really. That’s just stupid. If he and I are gonna have sex we’ll find a place.”
Monica was shocked by Kelly’s attitude. “Did you?” She asked.
Kelly ignored the question. “I’m going back to bed.” She stood and started towards the door.
“Kelly.” Monica said, “What’s going on?”
“I just don’t care anymore. Don’t you get that? I’m tired of trying to be a perfect daughter. I’m tired of always trying to do the right thing. I’ve done that and what did it get me? It didn’t make Gerard want to be my father. It didn’t make my real dad care about me. What difference does anything really make?”
Monica was speechless. Kelly had never had this kind of attitude before. “Honey…” Kelly cut her off.
“You’re gonna be late for work.”
Monica glanced at the clock and knew she was right. “Kelly, I only work until noon. We’ll talk when I get home.”
Kelly shrugged, “There’s nothing to talk about.” With that she turned and headed back towards her bedroom.
Monica watched her sadly wondering to herself why everything in her life was going to hell.

Donna threw her arms around her son as he walked into the kitchen. “I’ve been so worried about you.” She whispered.
Gerard returned his hug. “Sorry, Ma.”
She stood back and looked at him. “You look like hell. Where have you been?”
Gerard smiled sadly, “Just trying to get my head together.”
Don, looked up from his newspaper. “Son, sit down.”
Gerard nodded and took a seat. “How ya been?’ He asked his father.
“I’m just fine.” Don answered folding the paper and setting it aside. “But I can tell you aren’t. Donna, get the boy some coffee.” he said looking over at her with a slight smile.
Donna nodded. Soon she sat a cup of hot coffee in front of Gerard. “I’ve got to throw a load of clothes in the dryer.” she said making up an excuse to leave the two of them alone. She knew Don wanted to speak to Gerard in private.
Once she had left the room Don spoke, “So figure out a way to fix things with Monica?”
Gerard took a sip of coffee then shook his head, “I’m not sure they can be fixed.”
Don sighed. Sometimes his son drove him crazy.

“Morning.” Paul said as he entered the office.
Monica looked up from the files she was working on and forced a smile, “Morning.”
Paul looked at her closely. It was obvious by the sadness in her eyes that nothing in her life had changed. “So, the office is only open until noon today. Would you like to grab a bite to eat after we close?”
Monica thought back to her earlier conversation with Kelly. “No, I really need to get home after work.” She hoped he’d understand.
“Oh, things okay at home?” He asked.
“Kelly is really having a hard time adjusting to the changes that have taken place since Gerard and I broke up.” Monica explained. “I need to sit down and have a talk with her.”
Paul nodded, “I understand. Hold old is she?”
Monica smiled, “Same age as Gilly.”
“Really?” Paul laughed, “Well then I do understand quite well. That’s a tough age especially when things get so confuting.”
“She’s just very hurt. She thought of Gerard as a dad. Her own father….” Monica’s voice trailed off.
“Wasn’t much of a father to her?” Paul guessed.
Monica nodded, “Right.”
Karin appeared in the doorway, “Dr. Klein you’re first patient is here.”
“Work calls.” Paul laughed.
Monica watched him leave then sighed. She knew she needed to concentrate on the job at hand but it wouldn’t be easy. She was mentally and physically tired. Last night her sleep had been plagued with nightmares. Each slightly different but the theme in each nightmare was the same. She was alone. Gerard was truly gone.

“I love you.” Gerard whispered in Donna’s ear. “Thanks.”
Donna took a step back and looked into her son’s eyes. The fear she saw there broke her heart. “I have faith things will work out like they should.”
Gerard nodded, “Yeah, like they should.” He turned and walked out the door.
Donna watched him with a heavy heart. Being a mother and seeing your child in pain was one of the hardest things in life.

“Don’t touch anything.” Kelly said looking over at Elle who was enthralled by the eggs boiling on the stove. “I mean it.”
Elle shot her an angry look. “Mes won’t.”
Kelly left the kitchen to answer the doorbell. Luke had told her earlier that he would try to make it over to see her but his dad had told him he had chores to do. He must have gotten them done.

Monica walked into the apartment and saw Luke and Kelly sitting on the sofa watching a movie. She kicked off her shoes and asked. “Where’s Elle?”
Kelly looked over at her. “She’s having a tea party in her room.”
Monica wanted to remind her that she should be keeping a better eye on Elle but decided to mention that to her daughter later. She walked down the hall and entered Elle’s room. She stopped dead in her tracks. He was sitting at the small child size table with his back to her. Monica’s heart skipped a beat.
“Mommyca.” Elle cried out happily. “Mes and Dadgees is aving a tea paty.”
As she watched Gerard sat down the pink plastic teacup full of pretend tea and stood. He turned around slowly. “Hello, Monica.”

AUHORS NOTE: So have you been waiting for this to happen? New chapter on Monday. Not many chapters left and I'm already starting to feel the sadness. Take care. Love you all. - SanDee XOXO
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