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Confusing Thoughts and Jelously

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I sighed and fell back, my head hitting my extra large and soft pillows. I have a sneaking feeling that's gonna happen a lot. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but a million unanswered question buzzing around in my head made that feat impossible. Why did he leave? What was he going to say before my mom interrupted us? Am I going to see him tomorrow?

3 hours and 50 questions later I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early, the cause not being my alarm, but a furry white and black-tipped tail tickling my nose. I sneezed and pushed my fat cat Oreo off my bed, making him meow in protest. I sat up and glared at the overweight black and white tabby as he hopped up onto the foot of my bed, meowing for me to get up and give him food and attention.

“Why don't you get Zack to feed you, Fatty? I need my beauty sleep!” I asked the cat exasperated and laid back down. Yes, I do talk to my cat. And, occasionally, he talks back.

“Meooww.” Oreo padded up to me and sat on my chest. I scratched behind his big ears and he purred, a deep rumble down in his throat. I cannot stay mad at this cat.

He poked me with his wet nose, urging me to get up already, “Alright, fine. You win.” As always. Oreo gave a satisfied kitty noise and jumped off of me and padded out of my room to wait in the kitchen while I got ready for school. I swear that cat is spoiled rotten.

A sigh escaped my lips as I crawled out of bed and jumped into the shower. After I got dressed into a t-shirt I got at the concert a couple of days ago, some comfortable jeans, and my converses, I grabbed my cell phone, car keys, and messenger bag on my way out of my room.

About 10 minutes later I had fed Oreo, ate breakfast, and I'm now driving to school. When I got there I realized I was very early, my car was 1 out of 4 cars in the student parking lot. I checked my cell phone, it read 7:24. Sighing, I cranked up the radio on a random station. I can't really tell you what song was playing, I wasn't really listening to the music. The questions from last night were refreshed in my mind, giving me a slight headache.

I slung my arm over the steering wheel and rested my forehead on it, completely succumbing to my thoughts. I know a lot more about vampires now, like how to tell who is one and who's not, that they live forever, they have super speed, strength, and senses. There's probably much more.

I know Derrick is a vampire, and his family are vampires. Suddenly something occurred to me, vampires drink blood, so obviously Derrick and his family drink blood. Do they drink human blood? I shook my head, the friction on my arm causing my forehead to heat up. I doubt they did. No. They don't. Do they? I mean, people would know if someone went missing, and I've never heard of anybody going missing. I live in a small town, so if someone did, the news would spread like wildfire.


Startled, I jerked my head up and looked out of the driver's side window where the muffled, but loud, voice came from. It was a very panicked Nick, he was banging on my window, calling my name. He stopped when I looked up at him, and relief took over his features. He backed up as I opened the door and stepped out slinging my bag over my shoulder.

“I've been banging on your window for like 5 minutes! Jeez, I thought you were dead!” Nick said loudly.

“Thinking, sorry.” I paused, “Why are you here so early?”

He stared at me like I suddenly grew 3 heads, “What are you talking about? Class starts in 4 minutes.”

I gave him a quizzical look before looking around to see the parking lot was full. I checked my cell phone, 7:56. I've been thinking for almost 30 minutes! My mouth formed an “o” shape as I looked back at Nick.

“I didn't even notice,” I told him and grabbed his arm, “We better get goin'.”

I dragged him into the school and we parted ways to go to separate classrooms. As I took my seat in homeroom, I automatically twisted my body around to talk to Emily.

“Hey,” I greeted my blond friend in the desk behind me.

“Yo home skillet,” she said jokingly and I laughed.

“What're you doing this weekend?” She asked me curiously.

“Probably nothing. I'll think of something when it gets closer though.” I said nonchalantly. I actually planned on spending my weekend with Derrick.

“Holly, it's Friday.”

“Oh... ha. I knew that,” I said with a slight laugh. I didn't actually. I had been so busy getting caught up in this new mystery that I hadn't even bothered to keep up with which day it is.

Emily shrugged off my weird behavior and we chatted about random stuff like we usually do: boys, gossip, problems, etc. But of course I didn't tell her about my problems.

Once the bell rang, signaling my first class was over, I hurried out of the classroom, leaving Emily in the dust. After visiting my locker, I rushed to Math as people were still leaving. I'm sure you know my goal in all this, right?

Derrick appeared in the doorway. Looking as gorgeous as ever, I thought. Suddenly I hoped vampires couldn't read minds. When he spotted me he smiled his crooked smile and came over to me.

“I need to talk to you after school,” he said seriously, his grin gone.

I nodded in understanding, “See you.” I waved before walking into Math.

Right before I walked in, I caught a glimpse of Abby Bryar glaring at me. I very childishly stuck my tongue out at her, she huffed and walked away. I smirked and walked into the classroom. There may be nothing going on between me and Derrick, but I just couldn't resist rubbing it in and making Abby mad. Though I might regret it later...

“Pop quiz!” Were the first words out of Mr. Jones' mouth.

I didn't join the chorus of groans from the students around me, I'm ready for it. Math is my best subject and I manage to keep my grade above average in this class.

The teacher passed out packets of paper stapled together. This quiz was gonna take the whole class period up. I didn't mind though, I won't have as much time to myself to think, therefore finally giving my mind a rest.

Near the end of the period, I dropped my pencil onto my desk, finally done with my test. I looked around the classroom to see I was the only one finished, and when I had dropped my pencil a few people glared at me. I'm smart in Math, so sue me.

The bell rang 15 minutes later, and I walked up to Mr. Jones' desk, quiz in hand, and dropped it on the corner of the desk as I walked out.

When lunch finally came around, I caught up with Emily and Nick and we walked together into the cafeteria. As I sat down at our trademark table with my tray I spotted Derrick sitting with two people almost of beautiful as he was. Jason and Cassandra. I noticed they had trays sitting in front of them, but the food on them was untouched. Derrick was talking to Jason, more like arguing actually. Derrick glanced at me and Jason did the same except his expression was of anger and distrust. I paled, it was a bit scary.

“You alright, Holly?” Nick asked with concern. They seemed to be asking me that a lot lately.

“Y-yeah,” I said turning to him. He had followed my gaze and was now looking at Derrick through narrowed eyes. What's his problem?

I shook my head at him and turned to Emily instead, “What's up, Emily?”

“Oh, nothing,” she said slyly, not looking at me. Obviously she had something to say to me.

“What is it?”


“What are you thinking?”

“I have no idea what you're talking about,” she said taking a bite out of her slice of pizza.

I gave her The Look, “Cut the crap, Emily, and tell me already!”

She sighed, “You're no fun! But fine, I'll tell you,” she motioned for me to come closer so Nick couldn't hear, “Nick's jealous.”

I pulled back to stare at her questioningly for a second before answering just as quietly as she had, “Of who?”



“You're so oblivious!” She said a little louder, throwing her arms up in the air, earning a quizzical look from Nick. She leaned forward again and said, “Because he thinks you like Derrick, which you do.”

I looked over at Derrick who's head was angled this way. I could tell he was listening with interest.

“I do not!” I said blushing.

It was Emily's turn to give me The Look, “Of course you do, every female in this school, also some males, are attracted to him!”

I just shook my head, “And why would that make Nick jealous?”

Emily rolled her eyes and turned to her food going back to her normal speaking tone, which is loud, “Just forget it. I give up on you.”

Nick looked at me, speaking with his eyes, like he was saying, 'What was that about?'

I shrugged and started eating my food.


I started drumming my fingers against my thy impatiently. School ended 5 minutes ago and I was waiting for Derrick near the entrance. My mind wandered as I stood leaning against a wall outside. It had rained while we were in school so the leaves on the trees surrounding the school dripped rain water, making a steady rhythm. A bird flying overhead chirped, adding to Nature's song. I closed my eyes and just listened, tuning out the constant chattering of departing students. My drumming fingers started picking up the beat and I played my own part in the music.

I breathed in deeply through my nose and the pure, non-polluted odors of the small town outdoors filled my nostrils. My favorite smell. A light breeze brushed the hair in my eyes away and tickled my skin. I sighed in content. I could stay like this for hours, in the peaceful, musical, good-smelling outdoors, away from my troubles.


I sighed and opened my eyes as the vampire approached me. I knew it wouldn't last long.

“Hey,” I said when he reached me and smiled.

Derrick's business-like expression made me lose the smile, “My family wants to meet you.”

“They w-want to meet m-me?” I asked/stuttered. Why do they wanna meet me?

He nodded solemnly, “They need to know they can trust you with our secret.”

“Oh...,” I trailed off and started to follow Derrick to his car. I stopped before getting in.

“What about my car?”

“You can get it tomorrow,” he said and gestured for me to get in.

I complied, putting my seat belt on and asked, “How will I get here to get it?”

Derrick gave me a brilliant smile that my heart flutter against my ribcage like a trapped bird, “Think of me as you're chauffeur.”

I grinned back at him, “Maybe I should ride in the back then, and order you to drive me wherever I wanna go.”

He chuckled, “Of course, Miss Phillips.”

“I don't pay you to talk, I pay you to drive,” I said trying to keep a straight face, and failing miserably.

He raised his eyebrows at me, “Last time I check, you don't pay me at all.”

I giggled, “Just go.”

He laughed and turned the key in the ignition, starting up the Mustang. I admired the interior of his car: leather seats, stereo with speaker system, cup holders...

“Nice car by the way,” I commented.

“Thank you,” Derrick said with a grin as he pulled out of the parking lot. I stared out the window, not saying anything. The silence wasn't too awkward, but not the most comfortable silence I've been in, either. I remembered suddenly that I was minutes away from meeting his family. His vampire family. My stomach twisted in knots from nervousness. What if they don't trust me? What will they do to me?

Derrick must have sensed my distress, because he looked over at me with a reassuring expression, it helped a little. Then I realized something...

“Hey! Keep your eyes on the road!” I yelled.

“I don't need to,” he said casually still looking at me and smiling. Then I saw the speedometer.

“Holy crap! You're gonna get us killed! 130 mph is not a safe speed to drive at!”

Derrick was still smiling, but looked at the road to comfort me a little, “I've been driving for years, I promise I won't get us killed.”

“Yeah, maybe you won't get killed if we swerve off the road and crash,” I muttered. That made him drop his smile, but he still didn't slow down. I looked out the window again, he was driving perfectly straight and having no trouble turning. It didn't even feel like we were going all that fast.

A minute or two later we arrived at a mansion that I never even knew existed in this town. Derrick parked his Mustang next to 2 other sport's cars I couldn't name. Suddenly he was gone from the driver's seat and opening the door for me. Impressive.

“Such a gentlemen,” I joked flashing him my best smile, which was terrible and ugly compared to his.

“Always, milady.” His crooked smile made his features look even more handsome if that was possible.

I glanced nervously at the huge house. I really hoped they'd like me, or at least be able to trust me. Derrick looked down at me with another reassuring smile. This time it didn't help that much.

We started walking as he said, “There's nothing to worry about, I'm sure th-” He stopped in mid-sentence and cocked his head toward his home. Suddenly his eyes widened and he looked at me worriedly.

“Stay here,” he commanded.

“What is it?” I asked, but he was already gone.
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