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Sex, Tears and Bad News

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Frank and Kait head upstairs, then Kait gets some awful news

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Kait sat down on the sofa in the garage to watch the guys practice. They started with "Im not okay" and Kait was really enjoying it. She couldnt help but stare at Frank, especially when he winked at her "Trust me" he said (part of the song) and carried on playing. When it was over she applauded them, "That was amazing guys" she said smiling. They all thanked her and headed back up to the kitchen.
Gerard went to the fridge and handed out sodas to everyone. "So are you two an item yet" he said looking over at Kait and Frank. Frank just looked at the ground, whereas Kait put her arm around him and simply said "Yes", he looked up "Since when?" he said looking confused, "Well do you want to be an item" said Kait looking at him. "Erm, well...I-I-..." he stammered. "Thats Franks way of saying yes" teased Bob. Frank nodded. Kait smiled and went over to him, grabbed his collar and kissed him slowy. The guys started to make silly kissy faces again. She looked at them laughing and shook her head "Such kids" she said and grabbed Franks hand. "C'mon" she said as she led him upstairs. The guys were egging him on "Woo Franks getting lucky" they joked. "He sure is" said Kait as she took him upstairs.

When they got to the bedroom Kait was staying in she pushed Frank in and closed the door behind her. He was standing, head tilted, with a lop sided grin on his face. "Kaity Elizabeth Way, whatever shall we do in this lonely bedroom" he joked. She walked over to him and stripped him of his shirt. "Well I had a few ideas" she said as she walked her fingers all the way up his chest and reached his neck. She began kissing his neck while putting her arms around his bare waist. He moaned as her hot breath hit his naked skin. He reached around and took off her top as well. Kait jumped up onto Frank wrapping her legs around him, still kissing him. They staggered over to the bed, lips still joined. As they hit the bed they broke away for a moment while Kait took off Franks jeans and boxers. He helped her out of her bra, trousers and knickers and they were ready to go.
She straddled him as he lay down on the bed and they began kissing again. They couldnt keep their hands off eachother. He moaned her name as she began to kiss his neck again. Then they rolled over so she was underneath Frank now. By this point Frank was hard and he asked Kait if he could go ahead and put it in. "I thought you would never ask" she moaned. Frank slipped it in and Kait arched her back and moaned with pleasure. As he thrust in and out she caught onto his rhythm. They both moaned eachothers name and their breaths were getting shorter and faster. "Harder Frank harder" she screamed flinging her arms around his neck. They carried on kissing and were both close to climaxing. One last thrust and he filled her, she moaned his full name "Ohh Frank Anthony Iero you are amazing" she breathed. When they were both done he slid out and lay down next to her. "Wow" he said as he looked into her eyes. They both just lay there in eachothers arms and fell asleep, feeling very happy.
They slept all night, waking up a few times just to talk and hug eachother. Kait realised she was falling in love, as did Frank. But they did not saying anything, they wanted to enjoy the moment.
In the morning Mikey came in and walked over to the bed. Inside he saw Frank with his arms around Kait. He could tell they were both naked so he covered his eyes "KAIT" he shouted. She stirred and looked up at Mikey. "What the fuck" she yawned. Mikey turned away as he did not want to see his cousin with no clothes on "Erm your moms on the phone for you" he said. She leaned down and kissed Frank "Baby get up, its morning" he yawned and opened his eyes, then noticing Kait and smiled and kissed her back. "Morning angel" he said. "Okay sorry to interrupt your little love fest but you know how impatient your mom gets Kait." She quickly slipped on a robe while she was underneath the quilt and ran downstairs. Frank aslo got on some pants and stood up and streched. "So you and Kait enjoy yourselves last night?" Mikey said smirking at Frank. "It was fucking amazing" was his reply. Both boys walked downstairs to find the rest of the guys surrounding Kait, she was crying hysetrically. Gerard picked her up in his arms and cradeled her as though she was a child. She flung her arms around his neck and he hugged her close. "Sshhh, its okay sweety" he said looking over at Mikey and Frank. "Look heres Frank" he said, she jumped down and ran over to him and hugged him. He looked confused "Whats wrong baby?" he questioned as they went to sit on the sofa. "" she said inbetween sobs. She shook her head un able to finish her sentence. Frank pulled her close and kissed the top of her head "Shhh its okay angel" he looked over to Gerard hoping he would tell her what was going on. Gerard just looked at him and sighed, "It was her mom on the phone" he said leaning back in his chair. Frank nodded "Yeah I know that, but what has upset her this bad" he said stroking the tears away from Kaits face. Gerard opened his mouth again to speak
"Her best friend has been killed in a car crash."
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