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Full summery inside. Kisshu is a vampire with a dark past, and Ichigo reminds him of someone from it. Will he be able to fight off his past to save his friends? Or will the darkness take him?

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MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: Well hello folks. I decided to have this little idea crawl out of my head soon and now! Lol So here it a story I’m going to be taking well care of! A little something my brother giving me ideas for! Something he is helping me nurture!

Tart: … um, human? Seriously! It’s a story, not a baby!

MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: Shut your cootch, short one! I am the supreme ruler here!! YES!! I AM HYPER AS OF THIS MOMENT!! And sorry about this story, I have been in this certain mood for ages now! OO

Tart: Wait, what kind of mood?

MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: The kind that makes me punches kittens! I mean what? Who said that? AXEL! OO

Tart: …Alright then… Anyway, story?

MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: Yup yup! Lol. This idea was given to me by a couple books; Vampire Dairies, Vampire Kisses, Twilight and a few Anne Rice books. Well here we go! First off Disclaimer! And here to help me is my very own brother! So, here he shall be… TheRiddler

TheRiddler: Well, if you say so Disclaimer: MewHoshiKoneko-chan1 Doesn’t own any songs machined, Any vampires named or TMM characters, If she did I’m pretty sure she’d kill Kairi, be famous for her songs and have Kish be an actually vampire who knows Lestat and Marius.

MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: Yup yup yup!

Tart: Wow… there’s an introduction.

MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: Shut up! Couples: OCxKisshuxIchigoxOC, PaixZakuro, TartxPudding, ect. Ect. You’ll see.

Tart: Yeah sure. Well how about the summery?

MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: You do it.

Tart: Mean… Alright, Summery: Kisshu can bearily believe his eyes when he first wakes up to the oddness that is the 21st century, so much is different and new. But then it would be, for a Vampire asleep for 9 centuries! Finding his memories are hard, but maybe living in this new world is even harder. Good thing he has some friends to help him, but can they help against his evil brother?

(1)Bailey Moon: in Pagan religion, they are different holidays. Bailey moon is the moon of Harvest.

(2)Samhain: the Pagan version of Halloween, Same concept basically with different names.

(3) Bonsoir, Ma dame: (French) Hello, my lady

(4) Bonsoir, min seigneur: (French) Hello, my lord

(5) Je Maplie : (French) My name is...

(6) Je j’espérer trouver au place au descendre : (French) I was hoping to find a place to stay

(7) s’il vous plait: (French) Please come in

(8) Merci ramene dans chez lui: (French) Thanks for taking me in you home

(9) Je vous en prie, ici ton chambre. espérer que liking à votre goût: (French) You’rewelcome. Here’s your room. I hope it’s to your liking.



Undead Awoken

“One day, man will look back and say I gave birth to the 21st century” – Jack the Ripper


He didn’t know how long he was in that dark place…

Could have been years, could have been centuries… Could have been eternity. All he knew is when he was there; he could only remember her face, and her smell. He could only remember her, his sweet Marie-Clare, the women who made his life worth living. He needed her, but now, there was no point, and she was a distant memory, just like his old life.

He was unearthed in a town he didn’t remember in a place he didn’t know… What is going out? Who am I? What happened to me…? They where his first thoughts. But then he began to remember. I am Kisshu Le Raux, A French nobleman, I went to sleep in my coffin near the 13th century, and they shipped that coffin here, to Tokyo Japan, and I am a Vampire. There, that covers the basics, he thought.

He stepped out of that dark place, his coffin, and looked around him. It was as cold as the day he was put into my coffin in France and it smelt like rat droppings. Utterly lovely, he moaned and hurried to completely step out of his coffin. He looked at it and sighed, getting this stupid thing out of the tomb would be completely idiotic, so he decided getting a new one would be one of the first things he did

He was only buried with his dairy and some money in his pocket of his good pants, but as he looked in his coffin, the dairy wasn’t there. He sighed. Great, Now I’ve got nothing to keep with me. He’d have to get a new one of those too. He was buried in a mausoleum, as per his fathers request and as he stepped out of it, the moon light shone on his person brightly. He was dressed in a way you could tell he wasn’t from here. In a dusty, Victorian coat and suit, his dark hair shaggy around his head, he looked as if he stepped out of a coffin. He pushed his hair back and looked around. Yes, a normal cemetery, nothing out of the ordinary, almost looked like France, except the writing on the shone where all in Japanese Kanji.

He groaned and walked the late night streets. What moon had he woken too? Barley moon (1)? It looked about Samhain (2), judging by the Halloween decorations which lined the doors and windows of every home. His question was answered when a young boy in a Dracula costume ran towards him, a bucket full of candy. Kisshu found the costume amusing, seeing people dress like his being was always amusing, but somehow the boy seemed to fit more then Kisshu would like to notice.

His skin was a silvery white and his lips red, as Kisshu looked right after he feed. The cape went well with his dark red hair and his eyes stone in a beautiful gold color, and took in everything with a childish innocents and an inhuman predatory glow. The boy looked at Kisshu and blinked, his running wearing down. Kisshu nodded to the boy and continued down the street, hoping the boy didn’t take much notice to him. After all, it was Samhain and the mortals found this holiday to be filled with excitement, cavities and happiness.

He finally got to what looked like a morgue and walked into the back. Sure enough it was as he suspected and tons of coffins lined the back way. He took his choice of a plain black coffin with a green interior, made of silk, lucky to find out he liked a lot. Dear Marie-Clare… Her coffin was the most beautiful and when he shared in that moment of it… Well it didn’t matter now. He hoisted the coffin above his head and continued down the streets wondering where to go… in his mind the list of priorities where dire to his being and he needed to check it all off soon, before the sun rose.

Eventually, a boarding house came into view and gratefully, Kisshu walked up the cobblestone steps to the front and knocked on the door with a great possibility in mind that maybe no one was awake at this hour. But the door opened and a woman stood before him timidly. She had long greenish hair pulled back into twin braids, glasses over bright blue eyes and a flushed, tired face.

“Konnichiwa.” Her words were alien to him. Once again he cursed his coming from France. All he knew was French. So he opened his mouth and gave it a shoot.

“Bonsoir, Ma dame (3).” Kisshu tried but looked desperately trying to search his brain for something in Japanese.

The woman’s eyes widen and she nodded and ran back into the house. She came out with a book and flipped threw it and smiled then she turned back to him. “Bonsoir, min seigneur (4),” She replied and he smiled happily, breathing a sigh of relief. He would be eternally grateful for that little book.

He continued on in French, hoping she would continue to understand him so he spoke slowly. “Je Maplie (5) Kisshu, Je j’espérer trouver au place au descendre (6).”

The women flipped threw the book quickly and nodded. “Bonjour, Kisshu. Je Maplie, Retasu. s’il vous plait. (7)” She opened the door for him and Kisshu looked back at his coffin, lying against the sidewalk, well hidden. He nodded and followed Retasu inside.

The door opened to a living room of enormous size, looking big enough to hold the parties he was used to in France. The ones with painted ladies, dancing threw the room, holding up there skirts and the men smiled and held court. The oak floors near the television covered with a pure white rug and the rug moved all the way upstairs. Thousands of shoes were crowed near the door and he took off his out of respect. She led him up the white stairs down a hall, floor still white, with pictures on the walls and white boards on every door. The white boards where drawn on in Kanji, with little drawings of things he didn’t understand. The rooms where numbered randomly, as if the house had been bigger, but cut off after some time.

“Merci ramene dans chez lui (8)” Kisshu nodded as Retasu led him to a door labeled 303 in Kanji. Retasu referred to her book again and smiled, replying in the best accent she could muster,

“Je vous en prie, ici ton chambre. espérer que liking à votre goût. (9)” She smiled at him and he couldn’t help but smile back. Something was going right, he realized, with relief. He should be happy, something with going good for him! It seemed as if nothing had ever gone good for him since Marie-Clara… He sighed and thanked Retasu once again before she hurried off to her room to return to her much needed rest.

He opened the door and saw a plainness he wasn’t used to. All it had was a plane bed he wouldn’t need and a dresser. Behind the bed was a window, showing off the front of the house and there was a door that lead to the closet.

But Kisshu, on the other hand walked out to the front and brought in his coffin and set it in the closet, hiding it until later. Now, he needed to learn Japanese and fast, then, he needed closed. All before everything closed. So he hurried to the library and walked in, seeing some big celebration for Halloween. He knew he should have honored it too, but for now, he was too busy. After much searching, He came to the language section and got all the books he could find. He sat down at a table and began reading. For his kind, gaining the information they needed was easy. The information almost seeped into his brain as he read at lightning quick speed.

He knew he should be more discreet with his reading, but it wasn’t as it people where looking at him. As he finished his last book, he nodded, finally able to communicate now. The French and Japanese raced threw his brain as he was able to make sense of things. Then he stood, but the books back and began to leave the library when that boy appeared again the in the kids section. He was holding a few books, joking with some of the other boys all in costume when he looked up at Kisshu again and Kisshu held his glaze until a boy shook him out of his stupor and he turned away, leaving Kisshu to leave the library in peace. Next was clothes, he thought and walked to the nearest clothing story he could find.

The only thing was a store called Bombshell and as he walked in, the clothes looked like the ones he remembered. Some where coats and jackets of black and fashioned after the 13th century and some where pants and shirts, cut and ripped and layered on the mannequins. The music blaring from the speakers sent him into a lovely hypnosis that reminds him of what he was. He felt normal here. He picked a few shirts and pants to get him threw the week and paid with the money he found in his pocket. Good thing he was also buried with his good pants, the ones he hid all his extra money in. Bring the bags back to the boarding house; he remembered he still needed one more thing.

The smell of the sleepers blood came to him in a furry of welcoming. He sighed and walked out of the door again, for the late time before the sun rose and hurried to find someone suitable. Someone no one knew of carried about. It reminded him of Jack the Ripper, killing the unfortunates of London. He walked down the rode around him, seeing everything perfectly in the dark until became to a bridge and as he looked around it, he grinned, seeing a homeless man sitting at the bottom, sleeping. His eyes turned a red and his teeth grew to an inhuman length. Food, he thought and grabbed the hobo by the shirt, sinking his fangs into the old neck before him.

The blood swam threw him and he almost moan. The taste he forgot came flooding back to him with more force then a wreaking ball. He drank his fill and dropped the man, licking his lips. Yes, he was alive again. Or as alive as he could be, he hurried to burry the body and licked his lips as he walked back to the boarding house, almost in ecstasy from the long lost taste of blood. The opened the closet and his coffin and stepped inside, shutting both doors as he fell asleep, remembering Marie-Clare’s face again.


MewHoshiKoneko-chan1: Well there is the first chapter and that took a lot of brain power! Please tell meh what you think!!

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