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My Journal

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My Journal, basically enjoy you insight to my life.

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So my journal is a diary.
or a dairy, some poeple tend to spell it wrong.
Okay then i'll treat you like a diary than (considering i cant milk you), anyway.
This past week at school has been nauseating first of all, a year 8 student went into an operation for a brain tumor, they cant do anything else so all they can do is wait for her to die. secondly my friend who has been having traumatic hallucinations and Nightmares, had a panc attack during our Religious Studies class. I assumed it was because the teacher was giving a speechh about the year 8 students death, she said death 20 in one minute. My freind lost it and shook and caved in , she couldnt breathe, and it was horrible for the whole class. Only two people knew whats been happening to her, the night mares, the hallucinations. So we were crying the most, everyone knew that we knew something so they freaked out more. I had just read about schizophrenia at lunch time and i had thought " well she cant have this disease, because she hasnt had any panic attacks yet." I guess i kinda jinxed it.... She ended up being taken to the hospital, and they said this kin of thing was NORMAL. I'll show them freaking normal!. None of the teachers let our class out of their sight , so i wasn able to contact the Counselleor until after she had left to the hospital. Shes fine now, but now i have to take up some kind of after school activity with her, becausee she doesnt want to go alone.
Any ideas on what kind of hobby to take up?
We need a hobby tht requires concentration, and mental effort.

signing off,


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