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Why did Chris do what he did?

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Chris was on his phone and was on hold, finally someone came on. “I was wondering about Kelsey Skakel?” he said into the phone.

“So she’s going to be okay, that’s good,” he gave a huge sigh of relief as he closed his phone. He hated what he did but he didn’t have a choice and then the wrong girl took the drug which made him really feel like shit. He was about to put his phone away when he got a phone call.

“Chris here.”

“Chris,” said the voice on the other end. “Funny I just got off the phone with a reporter friend of mine and he told me that Madison walked out of the bar pretty sober.”

“Mark, I did what you told me but her friend drank her drink. I don’t get it why you trying to poison Madison if you like her so much? I thought Kelsey was going to die tonight.”

“Please the most that dose would have done is what it did. Make the girl get a little sick.”

“Mark she was fucking convulsing.”

“She’s fine now isn’t she?”

“She will be.”

“Can’t say as much for your sister. She’s a great little fuck you know. Such a pretty girl and a rising model right? You know the deal, now her pretty face won’t be so pretty.”

“Mark please. Leave her out of this.”

“I feel generous tonight, here’s the deal. I make sure you get caught and end up the hero. Madison had probably figured out that you tampered with her drink and it was intended for her. Your face will be all over the tri-state area.”

“What you want me to go to jail?”

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure you won’t be convicted.”

“I don’t know.”

“Your sister’s here with me now. She has such a pretty face.”

“Fine, but I better not be convicted.”

“Don’t worry.”

Mark hung up the phone, he wondered how long Chris would be in jail for.

Madison was shaking as she went outside. There was a woman out there having a cigarette. She couldn’t take the stress anymore and then decided that she needed something she hadn’t needed since Elisabeth’s mother passed away, a cigarette.

“Excuse me do you have an extra cigarette you can spare?”

“Sure,” said the woman. “Aren’t you the girl that was on the news earlier today?”

“Yeah,” Madison said quietly.

The woman gave her a hug, “Thank you. I was raped when I was seventeen. I wish I told someone but it was my mom’s boyfriend. I just thought no one would believe me.”

“My dad didn’t believe me at first. It was really hard, but I was lucky I had a really good friend help me through it.”

“I ran away from home and moved in with my older sister, at least until my mom broke up with her boyfriend. That’s why I’m here tonight. My mom had a heart attack.”

“I hope she’s okay.”

“She’s going to need surgery but the doctors say her prognosis is good.” The woman went in her pocketbook and took out a pack of Marlboro Lights and a lighter. Madison smiled because she knew it was the brand that Bob smoked. She wished he was there now.

The woman gave her the cigarette and lit it for her.

“Thanks,” said Madison.

The woman said, “No problem.” She snuffed the rest of her cigarette and went back inside.

Madison took out her cell phone and hit the speed dial number that was Bob’s cell number.

Bob was quietly watching a movie when he heard his phone ring. He looked at who it was and smiled. “Hey beautiful.”

“Hi baby, I miss you.”

“I miss you too. You’re home earlier than I expected.”

“I’m not home I’m at the hospital.”

“What? Are you okay?”

“Kelsey had a drink that was laced with something.”

“Fuck. Is she okay?”

“They’re keeping her for a few hours. It was horrible Bob and it’s all my fault.”

“Hon how could it be your fault?”

“It was my drink.” Madison felt better that she told him.

“Fuck.” Bob said as he put his hand through his hair, “Where are you?”

“St. Mary’s in Waterbury.”

Bob went to the GPS system on the bus and programmed it in “We’re about two and a half hours out from there. I can have the bus drop me off there and meet you.”

Madison had tears in her eyes, just knowing that Bob wanted to be with her.

“I’m coming baby.”

Bob turned to Pete, “Can we take a detour?” It looks like it will only take you fifteen to twenty minutes longer.”

“You know we’re not supposed to Bob.”

Bob looked pleadingly at Pete, “Please. Tell them I held you at gun point or something.”

Pete saw the desperation in Bob’s eyes, “Fine where are we going?”

Bob pointed to the GPS, “There, St. Mary’s Hospital. Maddie’ s there.”

“Why didn’t you say so I hope she’s alright?”

“I hope so too.”

A little over two hours later Bob texted Madison, “1/2 hour out.”

Madison was sitting next to Dave holding his hand and was resting her head on his shoulder, when she got the text. Kelsey was sleeping and every once in a while a nurse or doctor would pop in.

“Bob will be here in a half hour,” she gave a faint smile to him.


The doctor that talked to them originally came into the room. He looked at her chart and then some papers he was holding. He went and check her pulse as she slowly stirred.

“Hello there Miss Skakel”, said the doctor.

“Hi,” Kelsey said groggily. “Can I go home?”

“We’re waiting for one more test and you can go.”

“How much longer?”

Dave went over to Kelsey’s side and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“About an hour.”

“She’s going to be fine, right doc?” asked Dave.
“A good night’s sleep and she’ll be back to normal.” The doctor turned his attention back to Kelsey. The first time you urinate it will be a bright yellow that’s from the medication we gave you, so don’t freak out.”

“I won’t.”

“You were very lucky that you were with friends Miss Skakel, with this dosage god knows what that person could have done to you. I took the liberty of calling the police into the matter someone will be here shortly to take all your statements.”

Madison hated the thought of making the papers yet again, and so soon after her press conference, but Chris had to be caught. She knew she dodged a bullet but how many more people out there like Chris feeding off women’s vulnerabilities. The funny thing he must have known he could have any woman he wanted.

The police officer came fifteen minutes later and started questioning the three of them. He knew he couldn’t do much more because the incident happened in Watertown and he would be turning it over to the detectives there. Normally he would have been pissed but this baby was way to hot to handle the littlest slip up and all hell would break loose. It would have been bad enough with just Skakel or Trenton but both of them. Good luck to whoever gets that case.

The bus parked in front of the emergency room with most of it’s occupants sleeping. Bob was hoping that Madison was outside waiting for him but no such luck. He grabbed his bag that he would need for the next few days that he would be staying with her and left.

“Thanks for everything Pete,” said Bob as he got off the bus.

Bob lit a cigarette as he watched the bus leave he wanted to gather his thoughts before going in. He leaned against the wall and rested his eyes for a second. He heard some foot steps coming near him. He opened his eyes and smiled, “Hey how you doing?”

Madison just fell into his arms crying, “I love you.”

Bob wrapped his arms around her and held her letting her cry all the tears she needed.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner but the police was questioning us about what happened.”

“I hope they catch the fuckin’ bastard. If I find out who almost did this to you I’ll kill him. You know I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

Madison was scared at the hidden rage in his eyes, maybe she shouldn’t have told him. She started to squirm a little.
“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“You just scare me when you say things like that, like you would really kill someone.”

“I’m sorry,” his eyes softened. “You’ve just been hurt so much in your past and I can’t stand the thought of anyone else hurting you.”
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