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Tar Baby

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Rose finds out that Pete is engaged to Ashlee and questions her relationship with him. (Don't worry, Pete and Rose will get together, but just not right away.)

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Tar Baby:

My head keeps going in and out today. I keep having many contradictions. Pete and I had a great night last night. But I can't help but to think about reality. I love Petey, but we're with different people. I told Vanessa about my night with Petey last night and she got really excited. She was really congratulating me all day. But that was just it. That was all Petey and I did. Talk, joke around, kiss, hug, make out, hang out, and sleep together like we were an actual couple. Sadly, that was only a lie. He was with Ashlee and I was with Tony. And to make matters worse, Petey was engaged Ashlee. I have just learned this at work. I knew that something like this would happen. But yet, I feel so crushed inside. I felt as if I was the other woman in their relationship. I was intruding on their lover affair.

But as my day wore on, my thoughts began to swift back and forth. Many questions were floating through my mind. Am I the other woman or is Ashlee the other woman? This was just so confusing. Did Petey really love me or was he just using me as an escape from Ashlee? It can't be that. He wants me too. I know it through the way he treats me, how he talks to me, and how he loves me. So, he's not using me for an escape. But, is he using Ashlee as an escape from me now? No, that can't be it either. Petey is always chopping at the bit to get with me whenever he can. If he was trying to escape, he didn't show it at all. So what is all of this then?

On my drive home, even more thoughts flooded my head. Who does Petey love more, Ashlee or me? He's engaged to Ashlee, but yet he banged me many times last night and called me at lunch. The conversation between him and me was like as if he was engaged to me and not Ashlee. He even called me baby on the phone. I thought that I was in Heaven when called me that. I began to think about all the times we started hanging out and the time between the sheets we spent. I want more of those times. But will I be able to get them again?

At dinner at home in my room, my thoughts deepened even more. If he does marry Ashlee, where does that leave me? Will he still come to see me or will he forget that I ever existed? Will I then be the other woman in this relationship? Or is this engagement just an act for the public eye? How long will this relationship between Petey and I last? Will we even last? Or will he get sick of me? Will I get sick of him? What if we both get sick of each other? What if Ashlee finds about us? What if Tony finds out about us?

"Rosie!" a voice called out to me. I jerked my head up quickly. Keisha was standing next me looking worried. Oh crap! Now I've got her worried. "Nice going, Rose!" I thought to myself. Well, time for the damage control.

"Yes?" I asked my aunt. Keisha still looked at me worried.

"Rosie," she said again. "What is the matter? You look like you're going to cry? Did something happen at work today?" I shook my head at her easily.

"No," I lied. "I'm just not hungry, that's all." Keisha still looked at me concerned.

"Are you sure, sweetie?" she asked me. I nodded to here.

"In fact," I said quickly. "I'm going to go to my room now." I quickly rose up from the table and left the kitchen. I made it back to my room and turned on my laptop. I don't know exactly happened next, but I got on the internet and typed Petey's name in Google. I clicked on the news section. There it was. The sad bitter news that was reality. Petey and Ashlee were getting married. It was just so ironic. He's marrying Ashlee, but yet he's sleeping me and treating me like I'm the one he's marrying, not her. I wanted to laugh, but all that came out was a confused and stressed out sighed. "Oh great!" I thought sarcastically. "One more push into the abyss of reality for me."

"Rosie!!!" I heard someone yell out from down the hall. I sighed aloud again in misery. Oh nice, Tony's here to bug me and get into my pants. Got to love his timing this evening!

"And here we go..." I mumbled to myself. Maybe if I stay quiet, he'll go away. My thug supposedly boyfriend came into my room after all. "Damn it!" I thought. "So much for that hope!" Now, I have to endure another evening with Tony, thug-wannabe extraordinaire! I really need Petey right now! I can't this abyss of reality any longer. I need to change my reality. I need to do it soon, but I loose my mind and snap!

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