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Lloyd thinks about the women he met on his journey...

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“Man I wish I could do something about this” thought Lloyd. He was sitting in his hotel room at the Altamira thinking about the feelings he has been having lately. After he and his friends saved the world… he had more time to think about his personal life and he came to realize that he didn’t have a girlfriend. Normally, he would have passed this thought along but recently he had been thinking about the women who he had been traveling with all this time.

There was Sheena, the ninja who was extremely beautiful. He had met her when she had tried to kill Colette. She was nice… but he had noticed that she had taking a liking to Zelos.

There was Presea, a girl whom he met at Meltokio. At first, she was a completely emotionless girl but now she was a girl who was sweet… and he loved to hear her talk.

He thought about Raine, his teacher. But then he thought about Genis and what his best friend would feel if he made moves on his sister. He tossed that aside.

Then he thought about Colette the sweet, innocent girl whom he was very close too. He remembered the moment they had back at Flanoir, and the moments that they shared during their childhood… they where all great memories that he will never let go of.

Lloyd got up and realized something… something he should have realized a long time ago. He loved Colette… he should have realized it sooner. The memories of them together… he can’t get them out of his head. He decided that he had to find her and tell her.

Lloyd exited his hotel room and took the elevator to the lobby. He saw Raine at the front entrance. He rushed over to her “hey Raine have you seen Colette?”

“Yes Lloyd she is at the beach… why?” Raine asked

“No reason” Lloyd said.

He rushed out of the hotel and ran to the beach, scanning the entire area for any sign for Colette. He found her at the edge of the beach and tapped her on the back.

“Oh! Lloyd I didn’t see you there” Collette said.

“What are you doing?” asked Lloyd.

“Just staring at the beach” said Colette. “It helps me think about things.”

“Hey Colette do you remember that night when we were at Flanoir and we had that talk?”

“Yes I do… what about it?” asked Colette.

“Well I’ve been thinking about things lately and I wanted to say that… I love you”

Colette’s eyes widened “Really Lloyd?” asked Collette

“Really” said Lloyd. Colette jumped with joy and embraced Lloyd, knocking him to the ground and laid her head on Lloyd’s chest. Lloyd was filled with joy because he has the girl he loves resting on his chest; he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Authors Notes
I had the idea for this short story in my head for a long time. I hope you enjoyed it!
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