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Recording Blues

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A little birthday present for my angel. You know who you are sweetie!

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Location: Some recording studio
Time: Early 1009
Rating PG-13

"I don't know Bren. These lyrics just don't seem... picturesque enough. Like, when I read them, I don't see images before my eyes of a story playing out," Ryan noted to his best friend, placing his Gibson on the floor of the recording studio, leaning back against his friends legs as he surveyed the room, glancing at his bandmates - Erik on the other arm chair; Spencer and Jon on the three seater couch. Spencer was tapping a rhythm with his drumsticks against his khaki clad thights, staring at the guitarist, while Jon fiddled with his bass, retuning it and playing the occasional riff.

"Well, what one's aren't you sure about?" Brendon asked, subconsciously playing with the older males hair.

"Uhm, mainly "Her in the Broken Mirror'... I can't really fix it until we plan out what kind of sound we're after for this album. I mean, we've already done the 'emo' look," Ryan started, putting air quotes around the word emo, earning a snicker from Erik.

"And last year we released our 'soft rock' album," Jon added in, earning a disapproving glare from Ryan, annoyed he couldn't finish with his chain of thought. However, Brendon was being so calming, playing with his brown locks that he leant back into the the touch, closing his eyes and resting his cheek on Brendon's thigh.

"How about a sort of punky, hard rock sound... like Linkin Park or The Used?" Spencer interjected. Brendon looked thoughtful at the prospect.

"Or we could go to the other end of the scale and release a pop record," Brendon joked, earning a glare from Ryan and Jon.

"I was only joking," Brendon surrendered, blushing at the cold, hard stare emitting from Ryan's soft features. He even noticed the glint in Ryan's honey eyes; the glint Ryan usually got when he was joking or... lusty. Brendon gulped upon realisation, looking away from his friend, yet continuing to play with his hair. Jon, Erik and Spencer noticed this and exchanged glances, but shrugged it all off in the end.

"I like the idea of punk/hard rock," Erik spoke, his slightly accented voice echoing throughout the room. Ryan, Brendon and Spencer nodded thier agreement, and Jon played a couple of bass bars from 'Leave Out All the Rest' by Linkin Park. Ryan picked up his notebook and pen, turning to face Brendon, handing him the paper with a possible verse and chorus written. He studies the vocalists face as the lyrics were read, his heart rapidly beating. He realised he was staring at his friends luscious red lips, biting down on his own to stop the intruding feelings of... care? Compassion? Heightened friendship?... Love? As his notebook was handed back, Ryan turned to a fresh page, scribbling out lyrics for a verse; a verse of a love song.

"Punk/hard rock album, with one love ballad," Ryan announced.

"May I ask who this ballad is about?" Spencer asked, intruiged at the guitarists outburst. Ryan smiled to himself, squeezing Brendon's leg.

"Bren," he silently mused, so quiet only the object of his mind heard.

"Oh, Ryan? Brendon enquired. "I love the song. Add a new verse starting with "a life like no other"."
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