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*ONESHOT* Crap is not a lady like word. What happens when Relena loses something that potentially might harm her career? rated T just to be sure... PLEASE R&R

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Disclamer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters, this is purely fan made. Sue me... just try it you won't get CRAP!



Meli JNightly

Crap, is not a lady like word. Indeed an improper word for someone like me. But right at this very moment I want to say more than just CRAP. Why is that? You may ask. Well simple enough, right at this very moment someone is possibly holding my whole future in their hands. Everything I've worked so hard whole image would be shattered. I could imagine the headlines in big and bold letters for tomorrow: "Former Queen of the World Uncovered Literally!"

I looked everywhere, absolutely everywhere. In my drawers, my closet which by the way I had never noticed until now how huge it is... and not to mention on how unaware I was of all those pink outfits. Leaving that aside...

"Maybe under the mattress," I said to myself while searching there, but no such luck.

That was it, I couldn't find it. Where on earth could it be? It didn't just come alive and walked away by itself. I could feel my knees shaking, fearing the worst. What if someone did get to it? What if I was blackmailed for my whole life?

The worst of them all was... What will happen when theysee it?

My face was getting red, I could feel it. It's getting hotter... or is it just me? I lump down on my bed, more frightening thoughts coming to mind. "He's going to kill me, I just know it," I mumble.

How did I end up in such a predicament?

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