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Should of been a samurai

by Mammal_Mage 1 review

A Parody of a Toby Keith song.

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My first fic. hope you like it, it's a parody of Toby Keith's "Should of been a cowboy".





I bet you never heard a mercenary say

Hey Lady Kaoru have ever thought of running away

Settling down, and marry me

If i ask you twice, and beged you pretty please

She would of said yes, in Oykawa minute

She never tie the knot, her code wasn't in it

W/ a smile, as he went away

He never hung his blade up, in Kayima's place

Should have been a samurai

Should of learned to hack n' slash

I'll be wearing my katana

And riding my horse, down to Takenhash

Stealing them young hearts

Just like the battousai

Singing those j-pop songs

Oh, should of been a samuarai
(end of chorus)

I might of had a sidekick, named Yahiko

We'll be beat up the ninjas, in Edo

And when we're on the brink of danger

I'll be kickin it up, like a power ranger

Go east young man, as you've been told

Kyoto's full of saki, maidens, and gold

Sleeping at night, under the mountain stars

W/ a dream in my eye, and lots of honor

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