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A Million Miles Away

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Two teens are in love, when one has to attend boarding school 3 hours away from their hometown. Note the city names, such as Parker and Cullen, are not real cities.

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Isabella inhaled Nathan's cologne. They we're standing at the end of her driveway. The suburban neighborhood was silent for a change, the only noise was coming from the trees, moving in the wind.

Nathan hugged her close, "I wish you didn't have to go.."

"I know." Bella said, closing her eyes, "I wish I could stay here.. I didn't think this day would come so soon. I thought the summer would last forever." she said sighing, "I'll be back for Thanksgiving.." she said, then lowered her voice, in case her parents could hear, "Possibly sooner, but it depends." she said tracing the veins in his left hand

"I'll come see you, I promise, and I'm only a phone call away.." Nathan said kissing her forehead, running his fingers through her long dirty blonde hair.

Isabella nodded, "I'll call you as soon as I get to the school." she promised, looking at him, the tears escaping from her green eyes.

Nathan took his thumb and wiped them away, "Don't cry. It's not forever. Your dad promised it was only for this year." he reminded her.

Bella sighed, "He makes a lot of promises that he doesn't keep." she said her voice cracking.

"Bella. Car. Now. You're going to be late for orientation if you don't get in now." said Bella's dad walking out of the house, and getting in the SUV.

Bella started to tear up again, "I don't want to let go." she whispered,

Nathan sighed, "I love you Bell. Don't forget that." he said taking putting a necklace on her neck.

Bella looked at the necklace, then at him, and kissed him, "I love you too." she whispered.

Nathan kissed her back.

Bella's mom sighed, "I don't think this is nessecary. Nathan is a nice boy, why are you trying to tear them apart?" she asked.

Charlie sighed, "Cathy, it's for the best." he said honking the horn, "Our daughter will end up Married her senior year if we don't do anything." he said.

Cathy sighed, "We we're married our Junior year, we only dated for a year. It wasn't a mistake was it?" she asked.

"Of course not, but that was different.." said Charlie

Cathy shook her head, "Back then we didn't have to get our parents approval to get married underaged, you could just do it. Now, they have to have parental consent for any minor. There is no real reason for her to leave. She's going to hold this against you forever." said Cathy looking out the window.

Charlie sighed, he knew Cathy was right, she would hold this against him, but he wanted what was best for his daughter, and that was to keep Bella and Nathan apart.

Nathan sighed, "You better go.." he said, "I'll be waiting for you call. I love you." he said kissing her softly, again.

Bella nodded, "I love you too. I'm going to miss you so much." she said not being able to hide the tears. She walked towards the car slowly. Then got in, and fastened her seatbelt. She looked out the back window, at Nathan. He was leaning against the old oak tree, that their initials we're carved into. He waved goodbye, and watched the car, until he couldn't see it anymore.

Bella sighed, and stared at the back of her father's selfish head. She didn't understand why she had to go to boarding school 3 hours away from her hometown of Parker, California. Her parents got to stay in Parker, nothing was wrong with her previous High School, she hadn't done anything wrong, but her father insisted she went to boarding school. She thought it had something to do with Nathan, her boyfriend of 2 years, going on 3. Her bestfriend. She thought her mom knew why she was forced to go, but decided not to ask. For the past week she had successfully given them both the silent treatment, and wasn't about to break that anytime soon. She sighed loudly, looking out the window. She cried silently, and eventually cried herself to sleep. They soon arrived in Cullen, Calfiornia.
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