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" Can you believe who i live next to?. "

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" Frankie is starting college this year and suspects no love or friendships not until he meets his new room mate and the sexy brother next door all things then for the better and some for the worst...

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This is my next story that i am planning and involves romance, and all the other things that my stories are best known for i won't ramble on i know you guys hate all that so here's the story enjoy!.

Frankie walked slowly around his house that morning dragging his bags he did'nt want to he did'nt want to go back to college the year before was'nt even that great he got sucky classes, he got sucky teachers, and he got sucky roomates he had had 3 before a girl she was chinese and quite bratty she loved hanging onto him following him around everywhere butting into his life and classes she made it her business to do his work for him which always ended up half ass wrong.

Then it was the guy he was heavy set and apart of the campus fittness club he would force frank to work out with him often giving him heavy unbearable weight's to handle frank one time pulled his muscle and sprung his leg having to go to the doctor and when he came back the boy tried to make him do it again frank complained to the administrators to get him out and they did.

And finally there was cindy she was the worst oh how she loved sex and party everyday was a party for her his room was never his own anymore she would throw parties until 3 in the morning and even after that she would want to party with him. Frank complained on her and the administrator's got her out too. The principal of the college finally decided that frank could have his own dorm room instead and frank was estatic with that but he grew tired of being alone now but he would'nt say anything about it...

Frank pulled up to the driveway of his college and parked his car in the student drive way all of the other students were laughing and smiling running up to meet old friends while others were standing around attempting to make new ones frank wore a frown on his face this shit was sickening he hated that summer vacation was over it meant coming back to see these dickwad's damn motherfucker's. Frank got out of the car and opened his trunk grabbing his things it was only 2 suitcases all his other shit was left at the dorm over the vaction he carried his things over the path's of the campus and practically rushed to his dorm he hurringly pulled out his key, opened the door and ran inside breathing easily when he got there.

Frank was'nt always this mean to other's when he was in highschool he was quite nice and friendly and very popular he had all the girl's and so much respect from his teacher's although educationally they hated him he loved to be the class clown and was a self proclaimed punk rock kid but when highschool was over all of his friends either moved or dumped him this left frankie feeling bitter because he felt he'd never find any friends as good as them and so far he did'nt.

It was also the fact that frank much to his unamusement started a relationship with a very unpleasing girl her name was jamia she was quite fat in his standards and treated him like a baby she would bring him food, sing to him, and if he letted her would try to wash him he wanted so badly to break up with her but he never had the time it was much better ignoring her phone calls, and many letter's that she wrote.

Frank checked his phone and seen 12 new messages " damn will that bitch leave me alone " he mumbled going through his things unpacking them and throwing them all over now that his dorm was all his he could live how he wanted and no one could tell him otherwise that is until someone knocked on his door " what?! " he yelled turning to the door " can you let me in? " came a voice " ugh! " frank moaned harshly coming to the door and opening it there stood one of the administrator's the guy named bill " can i talk to you? " said bill " no " said frank " please? " said bill and frank moved aside letting him in " fine ".

The guy bill told frank about how the college's percent of students had went up since summer vaction and how frank could'nt afford to have his own dorm room anymore the guy bill also told frank that rent had increased too and that if frank wanted to stay here he had to have someone stay here with him to help frank pay he did'nt want to agree but did'nt want to leave either and although he hated this place he had to stay to get his degree and diploma then he could finally help his mother to move away from his abusive father so reluctantly frankie agreed and the man said that his new roomate would arrive in the laspe of 3 days frank tried not to be nervous or excited about the guest coming he hoped it was someone with whom he could pick on and mistreat.

The 3 days passed by quite quickly and frank had been overcome with weariness with who it was already he layed in his bed as he heard footsteps approaching the door and the key sliding into the lock and turning it his heart beat increased into thick waves and when the door opened frank sat up and gazed ahead this was who it was a nerdy looking kid eww!.

Harrow here hello can you guess who this is? well in your reviews tell me who you think it is who knows you might be right review okay for real do i need to hear from you guys thank you!.
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