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Remember Me?

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Jason and Jeffery finally meet for a final confrontation, but Jeffery has a few things to reveal before he draws his sword.

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-Jason walked up the spiraling stone steps in a daze. He had been fighting for so long, only to have his foes escape at the moment of victory again and again. With only the echoing sound of his own footsteps to keep him company, Jason found himself gripped by a sense of hopelessness. He dragged his feet, willing them to rise and lower, but they felt heavier with each step.

-After his fight with Scylla, Jason had been left alone by the castle’s inhabitants. He had been permitted to pass unharmed, unchallenged, and that was beginning to worry him. Jeffery’s interference in his battle was proof that he was aware of Jason’s intrusion, yet me was making no efforts to stop him.

-Why did Jeffery keep saving his monsters? He held no value for human life, yet he seemed protective of these abominations even when they failed him. It seemed inconceivable that such a sadistic sociopath could feel compassion for anything, let alone demons which he was constantly putting in harms way to begin with. Jason just didn’t understand the way Jeffery’s mind worked; it made no sense.

-Jason stopped to listen to the faint sound of cannon fire. He breathed a slight sigh of relief. At least his men were still alive and fighting. Even if he did kill Jeffery, it would be meaningless if he was the last human being on earth when it was over. He continued walking and came to another wooden door. Jason stared at the rotting wood, wondering how many more doors he would have to open, how many more stairs he would have to climb before he finally found Jeffery. He was about to reach out and push it open when he heard Jeffery’s voice coming from the other side.

-“Are you waiting for an invitation? I don’t have all day.”

-Jason froze for a moment in unblinking surprise. Was Jeffery really on the other side of this door? Jason roared, all remnants of fatigue and despair were replaced with blind fury as he clenched his fist and struck the door with all his anger. The door was reduced to wooden splinters, revealing a large room. Jason stepped over the debris and looked around for his enemy.

-There was a large double door to Jason’s left, and what looked the a chair across from that, though Jason could not see who was sitting in it since its back was to him. As Jason took another step, a small creature peeked out from around the chair’s base. Jason reached for his sword, but stopped midway. The animal looked like some kind of bulldog from hell, but it didn’t appear to be a serious threat. Its large red eyes stared at Jason while its tongue hung stupidly from its mouth. The beast appeared more comical than menacing.

-Jason took another uncertain step, and the beast let out a throaty growl. Jason’s fingers touched his sword’s handle when he heard Jeffery’s voice again. “Easy Chaos. That’s no way to greet our guest.”

-Jason slowly circled around the throne where Jeffery was sitting as the animal watched with its large unblinking eyes. Jeffery watched Jason with mild interest as Jason stepped into the center of the throne room. Jason drew his sword and pointed it at Jeffery, every ounce of pain and frustration and fear that he had felt was focused on the man sitting before him.

-“Oh we’ll get to that in a minute,” Jeffery said dismissively. as though their final battle were some trivial inconvenience that he didn’t want to be bothered with. “First, I thought we might have a little chat.”

-“I’ve got nothing to say to you, monster,” Jason shot back impatiently. His men were dieing on the battlefield, adrenaline was coursing through his veins. The last thing he wanted to do was chit chat.

-“Funny hearing that word from your mouth, Jason.” Jeffery answered, his eyes narrowing. “If I am a monster, it’s because you made me this way. You and all the vile scum like you.”

-“What the hell are you talking about? I never met you before I fell into this nightmare.”

-Jeffery smiled viciously at Jason. “Never met me? You’re the one who put me in this…nightmare, as you call it.”

-Jason had no idea what Jeffery was talking about. He had never even seen him before he had awoken in this hell, and he certainly had nothing to do with creating it. When it was clear that he had no idea what Jeffery was talking about, the dark lord sighed, “You still don’t recognize me, do you?” I guess I can’t blame you. After all, it has been several years since that day, from my perspective at least. Though I would think you’d remember the face of someone you tried to kill.”

-Jason felt all the blood drain out of his face as realization dawned on him.

-“You know, all this time I thought I had avenged myself on you,” Jeffery continued, smiling at Jason’s expression. “twice actually. First, on that day you nearly killed me, and again when I led a campaign to hell and found you there…but it wasn’t really you, was it?”

-Jeffery waved his hand, and a figure was lowered from behind Jason. The figure was barley recognizable, but there was no mistaking it. Even with the thin tubes puncturing its veins, and the hooks holding open its eyes, Jason knew that he was staring at a younger version of himself. He knew who Jeffery was, but his mind just wouldn’t accept it.

-“I’ve even kept this fellow in a special torment I made just for him.” Jeffery explained. “oh, I’m sorry. I meant, just for you.” though I guess I should thank you. Your actions granted me this dark paradise which I have lived in ever since the day you pushed me in front of that bus.”

-“Jeffery,” Jason whispered, this time with an eerie understanding. “but, it can’t be you. You’re in a coma, have been for years.”

-The smile on Jeffery’s face faded slightly. “So that’s what’s going on,” he said, as if Jason had given him a long awaited answer. “I often wondered how any of this was possible. I sometimes wondered if I was really dead, or that this was all just a dream I would eventually wake up from. How long have I been asleep, I wonder?”

-“Eight years,” Jason answered, feeling a great pain of guilt. “After that day, I was nearly arrested. It opened my eyes to what I was doing, and I got my act together. That incident turned my life around.”

-Jeffery’s came out of his dreamy daze and his eyes locked on Jason again with such malice that Jason felt a lump in his throat. “It did, did it?” Jeffery said. “I’m so relieved that your trying to kill me worked out so well for you.” Jeffery stepped down from his throne towards Jason, drawing his large sword as he approached. “Well I guess it’s true what they say: good things come to those who wait.”

-“I’m sorry for what I did,” Jason said, stepping back. “but what’s the point of us fighting now. None of this is real!”

-“Oh your pain will be real. Once I’ve beaten you into submission, you will take the place of your doppelganger, and you will suffer until we both rot in the real world.”

-And with that, Jeffery launched himself at Jason, swinging his blade down to Jason’s face. Jason reacted on reflex, bringing up his own weapon up just in time to block the attack. Jeffery shoved Jason back and struck at him again, leaving a long scratch on the flat of Jason’s blade. Jeffery made several more vicious swipes at Jason, all blocked, yet every hit pushed Jason back, keeping him on the defensive.

-“Come on, fight back you bastard!” Jeffery said as he made an upward diagonal swing, nearly knocking Jason’s blade out of his hands and putting him off balance. Jeffery took advantage and struck Jason with the back of his fist, sending Jason stumbling backwards.

-Jason backed away from Jeffery, looking for a way out. Now that he knew who he was fighting, he didn’t want to any more. He had no right to fight Jeffery. Not after what Jason had done to him. “Jeffery, I’m sorry!”

-Jeffery stopped his pursuit and stood silent. The lights seemed to dim in the room, or rather darkness seemed to be surrounding them, enveloping the world around them. The walls creaked and groaned, as if some invisible force were crushing in on them. Jeffery appeared to grow, and the look in his eyes became as dark as the deepest shadow.

-“You’re sorry?” Jeffery said. His voice was tight with barely contained emotion. “Sorry?” he screamed as he reached out his hand, and dozens of black tendrils shot out at Jason. They shattered Jason’s blade and pierced straight through his body, embedding themselves into the wall behind him. Jason cried out as the black spikes pushed their way through his flesh. Jeffery had been right: the pain was real enough.

-“Sorry doesn’t begin to cover your tab,” Jeffery said. He forced the tendrils forward, pushing them further into the wall and through Jason’s flesh.

-“What else can I do,” Jason asked. His voice was strained from biting back another scream. He tried telling himself it wasn’t real; none of it was real, but the pain came anyway.

-Jeffery smiled and said, “You can scream.”
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