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I flipped him off and kicked the door shut.

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A/N: This chapter is made up of mostly Ryan’s memories. They will (hopefully) be italicized and in Ryan’s POV. Enjoy!

I bowed my head as I watched my father’s casket lower into the tomb.

“Goodbye, Dad” I whispered before turning away into the sea of black suits and dresses. But when I turned, I walked into Spencer instead.

“Hey, Ryan. You alright?”

“Yeah…yeah, I’m fine. Thanks. Listen, I’m gonna head out, you know, go home.”

Spencer nodded and patted my shoulder. I walked silently, unnoticed through the sea of black. I quickly walked to my car and sat in the driver’s seat. I took a few deep, long breaths before starting the car. As I prepared to pull out of the tight parking spot, a young girl caught my eye. She looked about fourteen. I observed her as she ran across the parking lot with tissue in her right hand—used to wiper her tear-stained face, I assume. She was dressed in a charming white gown. She looked more like a wedding guest than a funeral mourner.

Which reminds me of my mother who couldn’t be here with us because today’s her wedding day.

I made sure the lot was clear of black—and white—and drove home.


I walked into my house after crazy touring, thanking God for the one-week break and Jon for giving me a life home before clubbing.

I placed my bag at the end of the staircase and made my way to my room when I heard noises through the hall. I followed them and ended at the guest room door. I quickly opened the door—and shut it even faster.

“JESUS CHRIST, KELTIE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran downstairs.

I picked up one of my suitcases—the larger one—and emptied it onto the floor. I took it upstairs and saw Keltie storm out of the room in a silk robe with Brent Wilson in pursuit.

I ran into the room and stuffed the suitcase with their belongings then I went to my room and stuffed ANYTHING that could ever remind me of HER. After, I grabbed a huge Hollister paper bag from my closet, balled the bed sheets from the guest room, and stuffed them into the bag.

I rushed the lovely couple downstairs and out the front door, not caring that Brent was in boxers and Keltie just in a robe. I threw the suitcase and paper bag onto the front lawn. Keltie simply looked at me with teary eyes, but NO tears were falling for me. I narrowed my eyes at her. “One more thing.”

I gently but harshly snatched her purse from her hand and dug for her copy of keys to my house. When I found them, I placed them in my pocket and handed her the purse, which she took back with a shaky hand.

“Ryan, I-” she started.

“Save it. Hah, at MY house, Keltie?! If you planned on cheating on me, at least do it right” I spat back at her.

“Hey, man, she-” Brent began to explain when I cut him off with a punch.

“Oh my God!” Keltie exclaimed and bent down to hold Brent.

And then I saw them, her tears finally revealing themselves. “Have a nice night.”

Something caught my attention. I looked up at the house across the street. That annoying ten-year-old kid holding binoculars up to his eyes, watching the scene. I flipped him off and kicked the door shut.

Ryan just remained on his bed listening to the sound of his best friends below him playing Guitar Hero III.

A/N: just to let you all know, I am NOT one of those fans that hates Keltie, ok? I just wrote it because…I wanted to. But just know it’s not cuz I don’t like her. Reviews are nice!

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