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Chapter 6

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“What is with you tonight, Nix?” Bob asked as I stood beside him, my eyes darting about the room, “You look fucking mental.”
He poked my arm, “Ash?”
“Fucks sake, there’s nothing wrong. Ive told you. Okay? Nothing is wrong,” My tone of voice calmed down towards the end of my sentence, as I tried to reassure myself that everything was fine.
“Okay, if you’re sure,” He replied, heading towards the table to get some more punch.
I grabbed myself another glassful of vodka and downed it in one.
“Hey,” a voice said from behind me. My heart skipped several beats before I turned around.
I sighed with relief and my lungs filled with air again, as I saw infront of me a guy with an afro, “Hey, who are you sorry?”
“Ray Toro, Bryar has told me all about you… Ashleigh, right?” He smiled.
I was amused by his hair and so relieved that it was him who I was talking to, that I laughed my reply, “Yeah, Ash Nixon, you’re from Chicago right?”
“What’s so funny?” he asked.
“Oh nothing, I just downed my drink so I think id better sit down,” I said, grabbing a stool.
He laughed, “Yeah, from Chicago.”
“Damn, it must have taken you a while to get here, how do you know Bob then?”
“Well, I met him at a gig actually. It’s a funny story. He was pissed and I helped him get out of the mosh pit,” He laughed in reply, reliving the moment in his head.
“Oh my god,” I laughed, imagining Bob off his head, nearly getting sat on by a fat bloke… “Oh my god.”
“Oh shit. Oh my god.” I panicked.
“What the?” Ray swivelled around to see what I was looking at.
A familiar face waved at us.
“Holy shit, if it isn’t Gerard Way!” Ray smiled, “Fuck, man, how’re you doing?”
“Not too bad, Toro, yourself?” He replied as he drew closer to us.
“Not too bad myself thanks. I was just talking to Bob’s friend. Gerard meet Ash,” Ray said, pointing at me.
Gerard smirked, “Hi Ash, I don’t believe we’ve met before, Im Gerard Way.”
“Hi… Gerard Way,” I said sarcastically, frowning a little.
“Im just going over to chat with Dave, will you guys be alright?” Ray said, edging away from us.
“No!” I said, a little too loud, “don’t leave.”
“We’ll be fine, Ray,” Gerard added, “Take your time.”
“Fuck,” I muttered.
“What was that?” Gerard asked, knowingly.
“You heard what I said. You hear every fucking thing I say,” I complained. You mental fuck I thought.
“I might me a mental fuck, but you gotta admit im a good fuck.,” Gerard whispered into my ear.
I couldn’t help but think, yeah, you sure are. That night we spent together, in spite of the gun and the knife, was the most amazing night I had ever had, to be brutally honest.
“Why, thankyou,” Gerard smirked. Placing his hand on my leg, he leaned in and began to whisper in my ear once more.
“Do you want to experience that again, officer?”
“Uhm,” I thought about my answer carefully. I was longing to spend another night with him, but something didn’t seem right. He was messing with my mind, and I feared that if I indulged in another night, he would tighten his grip around me, and sooner or later I would be trapped. I figured it would be the safer option to say no.
“Gerard, Im sorry but I…” I was silenced by his hand moving from my leg to my mouth.
“I knew you’d think ‘yes,’ officer.”

This guy knew exactly how to make himself irresistible. He knew I liked danger, and he knew that wearing tight jeans would make me want him more. He stood up from the stool he was sat on, and held out his hand for me to take hold of. He licked his lips and smirked at me, before leading me towards the back rooms of the building, where I had never been before, in all the years that I had worked here.
“Close your eyes, officer,” He whispered breathlessly into my ear, making me shiver.
I obeyed his order, and was lead through a door, and down some stairs.
“Keep them closed,” he ordered, as he let go of my hand. I heard footsteps, a loud clicking noise and the sound of an old tape playing.
“Open,” he came up behind me and pulled my shirt over my head, as I opened my eyes. The material blocked my view for a few seconds, but as he pulled it over my head, and slung it in a corner, I noticed he too was topless and infront of us was a very old video camera, set to record.
I turned to face Gerard, who had a smug grin on his face. “I can make you do whatever I want, officer. You do realise that, don’t you. You’re under my control now.”
“I…” I stuttered, not knowing what to do or say. Half of me wanted to kick him where it hurts and get the hell out of there, and the other half wanted to stay under his spell, and experience the pleasure I had a few nights before.
“However,” he began, smirking, “tonight you are in control.”
I had never really been in charge of this sort of situation before. I always tended to sit back and let the other person use me as they wished.
“But I…” I choked.
“Be a good officer and tell me what you want me to do.” The smirk on his face grew bigger, as did the bulge in his pants, as I began to imagine all of the things I would like him to do to me.
This was easier than I thought. All I had to do was imagine something, and he would make my dreams come true.

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