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It's A Shame

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How easily can a heart be broken? Much more easily than regaining love and trust. Will Kai suceed or will Bryan keep Tala? BryxTal KaixTal Minor BryxRay Lemon/Lime in future chaps, with mentions of...

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It's A Shame It's A Shame


My new Songfic! It's A Shame by Will Hoge. Very yaoi, very dramatic. KaixTalaxBryan!


It was cold outside. Too cold. He should either move or go home.

Go home to what? His thoughts and a bottle of Jack Daniels?

That is where his problems had started from.

What was the worst that could happen? Rejection? Hatred? Anger? Disgust?

Even though those feelings were nothing new, he couldn't stand to think he'd receive them from Tala.

The idea made him feel like shrivelling up and going off someplace to die. He didn't want to be alone, without Tala. He needed Tala. Tala made his life worthwhile. He'd just been too stupid to see it. Too drunk to see it most of the time too.

Finally steeling his nerves he lifted his hand and knocked on the door. He scowled as the door opened and he was met, not by soft blue eyes, but by mauve eyes that quickly turned to steel. "Bryan." He greeted curtly with a nod.

"Kai." The greeting was returned, just as short and cold.

"Where's Tala?"

Bryan stepped out of the doorway, closing the wooden barrier behind him. He crossed his arms over his chest. "He's inside."

Kai waited patiently for a moment before his eyes narrowed. "Well?"

"Well?" Bryan asked calmly and coolly.

"Do I have to draw you a picture? I want to see him." Kai hissed. Why was Bryan there? He wasn't supposed to be there. Bryan was supposed to be long gone. History, as Tala had put it. Obviously that wasn't the case anymore.

"And?" Was the mild response.

"I don't remember you being this dense Bryan. Get Tala."

"No." Bryan replied, eyeing the bluenette coolly. Why the hell was this asshole back? Had he forgotten the agreement? Bryan decided to be generous and remind him of it. "Tala agreed to take nothing from you and in return you promised to leave him alone."

"I was drunk when I agreed to that." Kai growled.

"When weren't you drunk?" Bryan retorted bitingly. He shook his head in disgust, turning away. "Just leave Kai; you'll only hurt him again."

Kai's arm shot out before he realised it, returning the icy glare the other Russian was sending him. "Tell him I'm here. If he doesn't want to see me, tell him to come and at least tell me himself instead of sending you."

Bryan sneered, swatting Kai's hand from his arm. "Why don't you get the picture Kai? Well, I guess you can't, because you're out of it. You took Tala from me once; I won't let you do it twice."

"So that's why you won't get him? Because he dumped you and we started dating? Did he happen to mention to you that he knew you were fucking Ray behind his back?"

Bryan turned without another word and entered the house, the door rattling on its hinges after he slammed it closed behind him, proceeding through to the living room. Propping his elbows on the couch he stared down at the sleeping figure on it. It was true, he'd cheated and he'd paid for it.

But Tala had given him a second chance. No way was he going to waste it by waking his lover up and telling him Kai was at the door. He knew that if Tala knew Kai was at the door he would go to see him, talk to him. Maybe mend things between them. And even if it started as a friendship, Bryan wasn't so foolish as to believe that's where it would end.

Hell no.

Besides, he was smarter than Kai. He knew that Tala didn't know about the Ray incident. He had been suspicious, but he didn't know for certain. That had been his trump card. How could Tala stay mad at him when it was only a rumour?

Some would have seen it as taking advantage, but Bryan deemed it as more of a last resort.

"You look deep in thought." A voice murmured from below him. He smiled down at Tala.

"Just thinking, love. Go back to sleep."

Tala nodded, though he shifted off the couch. "Come up to bed soon?"

Bryan nodded. "I'll turn everything out and be up in a second." He assured, eyes following Tala until he was out of sight. Giving it another moment, he picked up the phone.


Kai shivered, shifting his weight on his feet as he crossed his arms to stave off the cold. How long was it going to take?

The sound of a police siren cut through the otherwise silent area and Kai cursed loudly and vulgarly, now understanding why no one had returned to the door. He turned away from the door, briskly walking away. No way was he waiting for the cops to turn up.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and glared at the floor.

How could Tala have done that to him? He had thought him better than that...

'Maybe it wasn't Tala.' His mind offered. 'You know what Bryan's like.'

'Yeah, or maybe it was.' Another part hissed. 'He broke up with you over the phone. Didn't have the nerve to tell you to your face then, doesn't have the nerve to do it now.'

'Or maybe Bryan was right; all I do is hurt him.'


Why was Bryan there?

Kai understood that now the pair were obviously a couple once again, but to his recollection, Bryan had worked nights in a bar. It was a little past eleven, a bars most crowded time, where the wrong kind tried to sneak in or were waiting for the weak and drunk to come out.

Why wasn't he at work?

Kai had an excuse; he had been in a rehab clinic.

On impulse he turned right and walked for three blocks before turning down a small alleyway. He stopped before a solid steel door and knocked three times, waiting. Idly he looked around, noting that it was rather deserted tonight. His eyes swiftly moved back to the door as the viewing panel was opened.

"Kai?" A voice asked from the other side.

"Yeah, it's me Michael."

"Shit, where the fuck have you been?" The red-headed American demanded, opening the door to allow him entrance.

"In rehab." Kai responded indifferently, moving inside. When the door was closed he looked back at his former friend. "Where is everyone?"

"Shorty died. Place is closed for a few days."

Kai nodded sadly. It was a shame, really. Ian never did anyone any harm. "What happened to him?"

"A drunk. Whipped out a pistol and bam, before anyone saw anything." Michael sighed.

"Is my job still standing?"

"Probably, though--"

Before Michael could say another word, a cool voice sliced in.

"Well, well, well, look who shows up after missing six months of work."

Kai sighed deeply in aggravation. "Nice to see you too, Chris."

"You're fired, by the way."

"I was in rehab, like you suggested."

The Scottish women smiled coldly. "Do I look like I give a fuck? When you just walk out, no word of warning and no telephone calls, I have to assume your job doesn't mean so much to you. Now, if you'd called and told me you were going to AA, I would have understood. Walking out on me just don't cut it. Neither does a shitty apology either."

"I'm not offering one. I'm offering to take my job back."

A blond brow rose, the ice in her smile melting. "Still the same smart mouth. How could I not re-hire you?"

Kai smirked a little in return, shrugging. At least Chris hadn't changed.

"You have your job back. We're re-opening in two days."

"Who's handling the funeral?"

"Me." Chris nodded. "It's all paid for and set. It's tomorrow morning."

"I'll be there." Kai assured.

"So will Bryan."

Kai almost flinched. "Why would that bother me?"

"Because I'm pretty sure you would have gone to see Tala after coming back. And Bryan is Tala's new boyfriend. It's a pretty simple answer from there."

Kai broke eye-contact.

Michael asked a stupid question at this point. "Tala went back to Bryan?"

"Yes, dumb shit." Chris sighed, rolling her eyes. "Why don't you finish up what I'm paying you to do?"

Michael muttered something under his breath but walked off into the shadows of the dimly lit club.

"Always a straight-talker, huh Chris?" Kai smiled weakly.

"Damn straight. Now that Michael's gone I'll talk even straighter. Are you sure you're off the drink?"

"I can control it now." He answered vaguely.

"Can you?" she enquired, amused. "That's what you said last time, and look where you ended up."

"Look, I know my mistakes, I learned from it. Do you have to keep throwing it back at me?"

"No, not any more." She eyed him critically. "You eaten today?"

Kai shook his head, confused.

"You have money?"

"Not until Sunday. To help fight off temptation."

Chris nodded. "Help Michael unpack the booze from downstairs and I'll give you money for that, and next weeks wage."

Kai smiled and headed off downstairs. He felt Chris' keen blue eyes following his every step. He could still feel them even when he walked down into the shadowed basement. He moved easily down the steps, even in the horrible lighting conditions, and paid no mind to the scuffling of rats and mice.

Michael smirked at him and shook his head but said nothing. "Trucks out back." He informed, inkling his head towards the back door. "Pick up a box and move it upstairs."

Kai did as Michael said and moved outside, starting to work.

At least his life was getting somewhat back on track.


Okay, Okay! Don't shoot me! I know I had no song lyrics in this chap, but I figured I couldn't add any more right now. The next one will have the song. Please review and tell me what you think or if I should just stop and delete it.
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