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Silver Blood

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After being injected with a strange serum Daniel Rosenberg's life begins to change in away that no one could have ever imagined.

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Daniel Rosenberg looked out the passenger window of his sister's car as they pulled up outside the apartment building that he would be calling home for the next few months at least. The building was a plain white twelve story building with two apartments on each floor. Daniel smiled at least it would be better living here than at home with that drunken idiot who was his father.

For a moment Daniel thought about Mark Rosenberg. He wasn't sure what he should feel about his father these days. After the death of his mother dad had sunken deeper and deeper into the bottle rarely surfacing from his drunken stupor for more than a few hours. When he was sober Mark was still the kind and gentle person that he remembered from his childhood but when he was drunk he was the exact opposite. But despite that Daniel still loved his father and quietly despaired wondering if they would ever someone get him out of the alcoholics trap.

"What are you thinking about little bro," his older half sister Kirsten asked from the drivers seat as she stopped the engine and put the hand break on.

"Believe it or not I was thinking about dad," Daniel admitted looking over at his sister. Though Kirsten was six years older than him he had always been very close to her and after the death of their mother and the descent of their father into the bottle she had practically raised him herself.

"Again!" Kirsten exclaimed.

"Yeah. I just wish there was someway we could help him," Daniel replied with a sigh.

"We've had this conversation before Daniel," Kirsten pointed out. "Dad won't admit that he really has a problem and until he does then there is nothing we can do to help him. What brought it on this time?" Daniel shrugged.

"I wish I knew," he replied with a sigh. "I wish I could stop thinking about it. It's so depressing."

"Well soon you will probably be to busy to think about it," Kirsten said grinning. "Trust me when you start your course you will be too busy with coursework to think about it."

"Well you would know that more than me," Daniel replied grinning back. Kirsten was a qualified doctor and was just setting up in general practice in a town about an hour's drive from here.

"Trust me Daniel you are going to be too busy to notice when you start your course. When is that anyway?"

"A week on Monday," Daniel replied. "I will enjoy it you know."

"I know. You've always loved geology," Kirsten said. "Now lets stop sitting here chatting and instead start getting your stuff inside shall we."

"Your right," Daniel answered grinning even as he released his seatbelt before opening the passenger side door and getting out of the car. Kirsten smiled and did the same on her end though she was more careful since her side opened onto the main road.

Daniel went around to the back of the car and opened the boot and got out the first two of his cases. It was going to take awhile to get all his stuff up to his apartment.


A Short Time Later

Daniel and Kirsten stood looking at the large pile of cases and boxes that they had just spent the last half hour getting all this stuff here into the apartment on level five of the twelve story building. Now all that needed to be done was unpack and put everything away but that would be something Daniel would have to do on his own.

"Must you go," Daniel asked Kirsten as his sister was preparing to leave to return to her own home.

"I'm afraid so Daniel," Kirsten replied sadly. "I'm on call tonight so I have to get back to the practice and get my things just in case I get called out. I will call in to see you in a few days see how your settling in."

"Okay," Daniel replied with a soft sigh. "I'll see you soon then." Kirsten smiled.

"It's not forever little brother," Kirsten said. "You'll feel better once you've settled in here." Daniel shrugged.

"I guess."

Kirsten just smiled again then pulled Daniel into a loving hug, which they held for several seconds before she pulled back. "Take care of yourself little brother," Kirsten said.

"I will sis," Daniel replied and watched as Kirsten went back to the apartment door and then went out into the corridor heading for the lift that would take her to the ground floor. He watched until she was out of his sight, then he sighed and went and closed the apartment door. Then he turned and went to start unpacking his things.


Three Hours Later

Daniel sighed as he looked at the chaos that was still his living room. He had been working tirelessly for hours and he still had stuff to unpack and put away. I didn't realise that I have so much junk, he thought with a sigh. He looked at the windows though it was dark outside now it was still a bright night from the light of the half moon shining down upon the city and he knew it would be pleasantly warm.

Moving over to where he had put his jacket, Daniel picked it up and pulled it on. He was hungry and the fish shop wasn't that far away from here and he needed a few minutes out of the chaos of his apartment. Making sure he picked up his keys Daniel left his apartment and made his way to the lift to the ground floor.


Ten Minutes Later

Daniel whistled to himself as he walked through the major city park that was between him and chip shop. He didn't have to take this route but he wanted to as he wasn't in a major hurry and the walk would do him good. As he had expected the air was pleasantly warm and he had his jacket open feeling the gentle breeze blowing across the city ruffling his shirt.

The path darkened and Daniel sighed and picked up his pace a bit, it was never really a good idea to walk through dark lonely spaces like this bit of the path. The sooner he was clear of it the better.

He had only taken a few steps when someone roughly grabbed him from behind; a hand was jammed over his mouth so he couldn't call for help. Immediately he begun to struggle trying to get away from whoever was holding him, but whoever it was, was incredibly strong and held him in a vice like grip.

After a second he felt something stab into his neck, somekind of needle, and it was injecting something into him. Daniel's eyes widened in panic and his desperate thrashing increased, even as a strange heaviness began to seep into his limbs.

Abruptly there came an unintelligible shout from behind him, and his attacker was pulled away and Daniel slumped to the floor. Faintly he saw a guy who looked vaguely familiar fighting with some guy in black clothing, and looking like he was winning.

Then darkness enveloped him and he knew no more.

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