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Maggie's Mix

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Now it's time for Trace to be thrown into the mix :D

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Five o’clock came slowly after the guys left me in the store. To be honest I was a little bit lonely but once I clocked out, I noticed a skinny kid about my age walk into the store. He wore a white t-shirt with the words Mayday Parade written on it in six different neon colors and jeans.

Wait, I knew this kid.

“Hey Trace,” I said once the kid came up to the register.

“Hey Beautiful, what’s up?” His voice was smooth, just like the way he sang, and he knew it too.

“Nothing much really. I’m about to leave actually.” I flashed him a quick smile.

I had met Trace Cyrus, yes Miley Cyrus’ older brother, at a party that his band, Metro Station, was playing at. We got a little drunk. Well he did, I had about two drinks because I had to drive home. Once drunk, there was no stopping this guy from hitting on a girl, and that night, the girl happened to be me and even now, when he’s sober, he still hits on me.

“Oh cool,” he mumbled. Wait, this wasn’t the Trace I know.

“What’s wrong Trace?” His head looked towards the floor.

“Metro Station…we got a record deal and we leave soon to go on tour.” Even though Trace and the guys from Metro Station weren’t as close to me as Paramore is, I still did feel a certain sting of jealously and sorrow rush over me.

“Well that’s good,” I said, grabbing my car keys from my pocket of my khakis and nodding my head toward the door. He began walking with me towards the exit.

“Yeah I know it is but honestly I don’t want to leave.”

I smiled up at him. “Trace Cyrus! You guys have worked hard on his record, you better go or I’ll…I’ll have to rape you!” Yes, raping Trace was the first thing that popped into my head and I instantly regretted it.

“Oh baby, finally we are on the same page. When and where? My place or yours?” A smile brightened up his face.

“Haha you are so funny Tracy.” I often called him Tracy to make him mad.

We were all the way out of the store and in the parking lot when I noticed another kid I knew, one that was here only four hours ago. Zac Farro. And by the way Trace grabbed my arm; I knew he saw him too.

“I didn’t know they were back in town,” he whispered in my ear, jealously filling his voice.

See, I gave Trace my number at that party and that was six months ago. Zac had been long gone. Everyone knew I had a small thing for Trace and everyone and their mother knew Trace wanted me in ways not fit for children to hear. Once I finally told him about Zac, he became even more possessive of me. Not in a bad way but in a sort of adorable way. And this was Trace’s first time seeing Zac since we had met. I sensed bad things.

“Yeah, they got back last night…” He nodded and then stopped, making me stop too.

“Look Mag, I don’t want to leave you behind when we go on tour…like he did.” He nodded towards Zac who by then had noticed me walking with another guy, making him have the same reaction that Trace had had.


“No, let me finish. I want you to go with us. I may not show it but you do mean a lot to me and leaving you in Franklin is just…stupid.” I frowned at him. How could he say such a thing? But his honest eyes erased my frown a little bit. “Please. Just think about it. I want things between us to get serious Mag.” He looked earnest now. More than he had ever been with me. “Promise me you will consider it. I mean plus we need a hot groupie to gather male fans for us,” he laughed. I felt trapped so I nodded.

“Yeah Trace, I promise.” What could thinking do?

“Ok,” he said, another smile coming to his face. “Here, I thought you might like this since you’re so pro-eighties and stuff.” He handed me a pink (my favorite color) CD case that had a CD in it. I opened the case and on the disc it said, “Maggie’s Mix.” I giggled softly. “So you like it?” he asked.

“Yeah I like it. What’s it got on it?” Trace shook his head.

“You have to listen to it. You’ll like it,” he replied with a wink.

I paused for a bit, studying him and the CD, totally forgetting, for only a moment, that Zac was standing by my bus eyeing us.

“I’ve got to go Trace,” I said, nodding towards Zac.

“Yeah I know,” he stepped from in front of me and handed me the note that went with his mix. “Listen to it alone,” he smiled his best mischievous smile. Then, it all happened so fast. If I would’ve had a warning, I would’ve tried to stop it but Trace said nothing beforehand. He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, and then I saw it. That sexy flash in his eyes, something Zac never had as much as he probably wanted to. He grinned at me again and looked over at Zac and then calmly walked away.

“So Margaret, who was that?” I knew Zac was pissed. We had driven in silence for about half of the ride to Franklin, without our coffee.

“Trace. I know you know him. Metro Station?” I tried to keep my voice light.

“Let me rephrase that question...Who is he to you?” Damn.

“He’s just a friend Zac.” He shot back again.

“Friends don’t look at friends the way he looked at you. He eyed you like he wanted to fuck you in the damn parking lot.” Now Zac was really mad; he almost never cursed.

“Zac, calm down---.”

“Why are you taking this so lightly? Doesn’t it get to you or have you been balancing two boyfriends at the same time since I’ve been gone?” I slammed on the breaks in the middle of Franklin Road.

“Hold up Zachary! Please fill me in on these boyfriends I have. Last time I checked, you dumped me to go on tour remember? And according to both Trace and I, we are not dating.” He stopped cold.

“I did not dump you Maggie, you know that.”

“Then what was it Zac? I vividly remember you saying the words ‘clean break’ to me the day before you left. So what, am I just your girlfriend when you come home? Or is it that you just saw a guy who would like to fuck me in the middle of anywhere and that made you jealous? Things are not going to be like this between us. You can’t pick and choose when you want us to be something. It’s simple.” I slowly put the bus back into drive and started up the street again in silence. Once I came to the familiar white house on East Main Street, Zac got out of the car.

“You’re not going to come in are you?” I shook my head. “Well I’ll tell everyone you said ‘hi’….’Bye Mags.” Then he walked up to the porch of the Farro house and didn’t bother to look back.

Once I reached my soft bed in my nearly empty house (Taylor was in the shower when I got in), I collapsed in it. I closed my eyes and tried to forget what a bitch I had just been to Zac. He did have the right to get mad at me for Trace kissing me but it’s not like it was on the lips and I accepted it. I was just as startled as he was about the whole thing. Just then I felt my phone vibrate, signaling a text message. I looked at the name on the screen. Trace.

hey baby. is ur bf mad?

Trace almost sounded regretful but I remember the look in his eye after the kiss.

He’s not my boyfriend. You did that on purpose didn’t you? How could you do such a thing Trace?

He wrote back almost immediately.

i didn’t do it 2 make him jealous. i swear. i told u how i feel & thats me bn honest to u baby. ik im never bf material to u but tht doesnt mean tht i cant try rite?

I shrugged my shoulders before actually thinking about how Trace might actually feel about me. Part of me, well most of me found it electrifying and tempting but I had to remember how angry Zac got over a simple kiss on the cheek. Trace text back before I even got the chance to pick up my phone to respond.

baby i rly want to tlk 2 u again soon w/o zac around. can u come to metros next show downtown in nash?

I thought about it. A show did sound like fun.

Yeah Trace. When is it?

:) its 2 sats. from now. the 31st. at the kiss café. want me 2 pik u up @ ur place? i swear i wont drink!

I smiled at the thought of him swearing me something so small yet so big.

Yeah that’s cool.

u dont sound excited. u ok?

I sighed. This boy did know me pretty well.

I’m okay Trace. I’m just confused right now. But I’ll come to the show, I promise. If you want me there, I’ll go.

It took him a minute to text back.

:D u wont regret it. i have a surprise for u but 1st u hv 2 lisn 2 the cd i made u ok? baby plz don’t thk bout zac rite now or @ the show. i want it 2 b jus us.

Okay Trace. I’m really tired so can I text you later?

I shouldn’t have asked literally. Sometimes he’d say no.

thats cool baby. get some…rest lol ;) ttyl.

I laughed softly. That was so like Trace.

I turned off my phone, closed my eyes and when Taylor looked in on me, I pretended to be asleep.
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