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Innocent Blood

by BabyCharmander 1 review

Meta Knight finally accomplishes his goal, but ponders why he wanted to pursue this goal in the first place... Takes place after ROMK.

Category: Kirby - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kirby, Meta Knight - Published: 2005-05-12 - Updated: 2005-05-12 - 630 words - Complete

Author's note: This is an older fic I wrote, and it's the only Kirby fic that I have that's completed at the moment. Since I didn't want the Kirby section to look so empty, I decided that I might as well put a fic up, even though it's rather old.

Disclaimer- I do not own Kirby, Meta-Knight, or other related characters. Nintendo/Hal does.

On with the fic.


I don't know how I got off that twisted hunk of metal that used to be a ship. I don't know how I still had the energy to follow him. I don't know how I managed to defeat him. I don't know how I finally accomplished my goal.

Yet I did.

He lay there before me, blood pouring out of an open wound in his side. In my hand, I held the sword that opened that wound - the sword that spilled that blood.

I had finally accomplished my goal.

I had killed Kirby.

But... why? Why did I want to kill him in the first place? Was it because he had destroyed my ship? No... I wanted to kill him before then.

Was it because he was happy? No, he was not happy. He was in ignorant bliss. Completely ignorant to the laziness and stupidity that took place around him, while I was aware of it, and constantly angered by it.

But is jealously truly a reason to kill?

I turned my head upon hearing a faint sound. My crew stared at me, at the blood on my hands, at the corpse of the little puffball. They always knew what my goal was. They heard me repeat it countless times. But they never thought I would actually accomplish it.

I heard the sound again. It was a sniffling sound, like a young child crying. The crew stepped back slightly, to reveal a quivering Waddle Dee in a torn sailor hat. Sailor Dee stared at me with tear-blurred eyes - eyes that stared right into my own, asking a simple question.


I took one step towards him, and he took several steps back. What could I say to him that would rid him of his fear? That would convince him that I had to do what I had done?

Before I could say anything, however, the trembling child ran away, leaving a trail of tears behind.

I considered running after him, but quickly decided against it. I could think of nothing to say that would convince him that I had to kill that creature. He could never understand. He ran away because of his own unintelligence.

But what of my crew? Surely they would understand. They were older, wiser. But... even so, I still could not think of a way to explain why I had done what I had done.

They looked at me, and watched as Sailor Dee fled.

They fled, too.

I stabbed my sword into the ground in frustration. Why can't they understand?! I had to kill him. I had to kill that innocent puffball!

I froze, and retraced my thoughts.

I had to kill that innocent puffball.

I pulled my sword out of the ground. It was covered in dirt, but when I brushed this dirt away, I found that it was still stained with Kirby's blood.

With innocent blood.

I finally realized what I had done. I stood there in silence, staring at the dead creampuff, wishing a thousand times that I had realized how foolish I had been before in pursuing the death of this innocent creature before it was too late. However, I hadn't, and there was no way to change that.

I picked up my sword, and plunged it into my own side.
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