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Chapter 12: v= ∣d/t∣

Hermione Jean Granger listened attentively as Professor Flitwick explained how to perform a levitation charm. She was sitting next to that dreadful pig of a Weasley. Honestly, the way he goes at his food, anyone would think he hadn’t eaten in years.

When the students all had their feathers, she was about to cast her charm when she was distracted by the boy.

Wingardium leviosa!” he said waving his wand futilely at the feather. He repeated this several times before she put a stop to it.

Hermione knew she was intelligent, very much so in fact. She made sure everyone else knew it too. Not that she meant to, things just slipped out sometimes. She couldn’t stand it when her fellow students started spreading misinformation, so she corrected them when she knew the right answers.

“Your saying it wrong. It’s le-vi-oh-sa, not le-vi-o-sah.”

“If you’re so smart then, why don’t you do it,” he snapped.

“Fine then. Wingardium leviosa.” Truthfully, she was a bit nervous, they had gotten the attention of everyone in the room. She smiled though as the feather rose jerkily into the air.

“Good work Ms. Granger! Ten points to Gryffindor.”

Hermione basked in accomplishment for the rest of the period, levitating the feather up and down while Weasley sulked next to her.

After class she was walking down the hallway, when she heard something that completely soured her good mood.

“It’s le-vi-oh-sa not le-vi-o-sah. Honestly, she’s a nightmare, no wonder she hasn’t got any friends.”

Hermione brushed past him angrily. Just because the ignorant lout can’t do well he has to put down those that can.

The laughter of the people who were supposed to be her house mates and ‘family’ here at Hogwarts hurt though. She was going to head to the library when she stopped herself.

I really don’t think I can stand to be around anyone right now. And worst of all, He will probably be there with his friends.

Over the years she had tried to fit in, she really had, but the teachers and her parents were the only ones who never made fun of her need to know. She wanted to know what things were, and how and why they worked. Books and computers were the best places to find information and so she always focused on them.

It was an unfortunate fact that children were very cruel to those that were different though, and Hermione’s tendency to recite information from the books she read was not appreciated. No one liked to be shown up after all. If she had been some sort of stunning beauty the isolation would have been markedly less, but she was only pretty at best. The size of her front teeth and her bushy hair overwhelmed that though. There had also been the few who pretended to like her to get to copy off her homework. She wasn’t about to stand for that though, people should learn on there own. Hermione did not mind helping someone, but she drew the line at doing all her hard work and then allowing someone else to come by and just copy and pass it off as their own.

She wished for friends, but it was hard to trust that any offers were for herself and not because of what she could do for someone’s class ranking. So the teachers became the ones she looked to for assurance in school and she always had her parents’ approval.

There had been instances of odd things happening around her all her life, but most of it could be brushed off as coincidence. The time where Sandra, who had been making snide comments about her hair, tripped over nothing in front of her friends came to mind. So when Professor Sinistra had arrived on their doorsteps, her parents and herself had been skeptical. It had taken a bit to convince them that magic was actually real, though once she had Hermione had pleaded to be allowed to go to Hogwarts. Surely in a new environment she could start over and make some real friends.

After they visited Diagon Alley she had gone through her school books – and several more besides– to learn as much about the new world she had been invited to. Headmaster Dumbledore had been one of the most prominent figures that she had read about. He almost instantly became someone she wanted to emulate. Not only had he defeated a powerful Dark Lord, he had also discovered the twelve uses of dragon’s blood and was a published writer. In short, he was powerful and intelligent.

On the train, while helping Neville Longbottom, she had met Harry Potter, someone else who she had read about. He had looked rather average compared to what she had been expecting. Other than his scar, the only things out of the ordinary about him were hie eyes. He had surprised her when he raised doubts about the validity of the information in her books. It couldn’t all be wrong though, there must be some magical means of recreating what had happened. Dumbledore himself was the person who originally told everyone what had happened after all, he must have had some way to know.

Her sorting had been satisfying. She had the courage to fit into her new House. The feeling didn’t last though, by the time they had reached the dorms Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were going on about how cute some of the boys were. It was way to early to be thinking about boys. The next morning they had offered her a make-over, which she refused. Looking back on it now, she could have slapped herself. The lecture she had given them on natural beauty was probably what had driven them away from her. Not that they would have been close, but at least she could have conversed with them occasionally.

Hermione had no friends in her House. It was the muggle world all over again only worst since this time she didn’t have her parents there with her. Neville was just as much of an outcast as she was, but the only thing he was interested in were his plants. None of the older students would make friends with her either. She thought about making friends with Potter, but the House divides seemed so definitive. No one made friends outside of their Houses here. She didn’t want to look even more out of ordinary by crossing the barriers that were put in place. Maybe she had made a mistake by rejecting the Hat’s first choice.

She didn’t even know if his offer was still on the table and did not want to seem desperate by going to him.

Hermione sighed. She needed to find somewhere to think.


Harry was frowning and had been doing so all day. On anyone else this would not be noteworthy, but since the first night when he had glared at his house mates, not one had seen him express any negative emotions in public. Yet he sat in the festively decorated Great Hall frowning over his empty plate. He wasn’t sad exactly, but he was in a contemplative mood not feeling very festive at present.

“Hey Potter,” came a call from farther up the table, “Aren’t you going to eat? Cheer up, you’re bringing down the atmosphere.”

Harry blinked slowly and looked up around him. Padma and Su who had put the clues together earlier in the day ate in somber silence across from him. Several other students about the three had caught the mood and ate quietly. He raised his eyes to the one who had spoken.

Dirty blonde, brown eyes, upperclassman. Sackren, Bradley. Muggle-born.

“It is the tenth anniversary of my parents’ demise. I am. . . less than happy.” The blonde jerked back with his mouth opened in a silent “oh” of realization.

“I’m sorry,” he said sheepishly, “I didn’t remember.”

“That’s alright,” Harry returned, “I didn’t expect you to.” He lifted his untouched glass of pumpkin juice. “May the spirits of those gone rest in peace.”

Sackren lifted his own glass respectfully, joined by those who had heard the conversation. “Here, here.”

The moment was shattered when Quirrell threw open the doors and ran in. “Troll! Troll in the dungeons. Thought you ought to know.” He then fell over in a faint.

Pandemonium broke out as the students began to scream and scramble out of their seats.

“SILENCE.” The Headmaster’s voice cut through all the noise and everyone turned to look at him. “Everyone sit down and do not leave the room. Prefects, is anyone missing?”

“Oh, no!” Lavender exclaimed, “Hermione isn’t here. She was upset earlier and no one has seen her since.”

“Is she the only one not here?” Dumbledore asked.

“Ravenclaws all present and accounted for,” announced Predante, a seventh year prefect.

“Hufflepuffs all present and accounted for,” said the Hufflepuff prefect.

“Slytherins all present and accounted for,” came the Slytherin prefect’s voice.

“Only Hermione is missing Headmaster,” said a Gryffindor prefect.

“Alright then. Filius, Minerva, Poppy and Severus, come with me. Pomona keep an eye on things here. Let no one leave.” With that, the five left.

Harry looked down at Quirrell’s forgotten form as the whispers started. As the host began to move, he could practically feel the frustration rolling off him. Whatever Quirrell had hoped to accomplish was not going to happen with him surrounded by students.

Harry resisted the urge to snicker when two prefects, one from Hufflepuff the other from Gryffindor started to hover and aide the host.

He must still be having trouble getting past the Cerberus. Probably not up to date on his Greek mythology. Ah well, maybe I should give him a hint. Nah, he’s got all year, and if he ever bothers to ask I’m sure he could get a sedative from the potions master.

Harry watched as Quirrell slapped the hands of the fussing prefects away and headed to the staff table.

“He must be ashamed,” came Su Li’s voice as she too looked at their defense teacher who was visibly disgruntled.


“That he ran away instead of dealing with the troll. Some defense teacher he is,” she said. Similar sentiments were being expressed in low voices all throughout the room.

“Hmm,” was Harry’s noncommittal reply.

This is just too amusing for words.


“Minerva, Poppy, I would like the two of you to try and find Ms. Granger. Severus, Filius, and I will search the dungeons– ” Albus was cut off as the echo of a scream was dimly heard. “Never mind,” he said as he started running with remarkable speed for someone his age.

“Trust a Gryffindor to be somewhere she shouldn’t be at a time like this,” Severus said as he ran.

“This is no time for your prejudice Severus. A student is in danger,” Minerva snapped back at him.

“Well, if she had been at the feast like she should have, then she wouldn’t be in danger now.”

“You heard Ms. Brown, she was upset and probably lost track of time.”

“Always making excuses for your precious Gryff– ”

“You have no room to talk Severus Snape, what with the way you coddle your– “

“Would both of you be quiet,” Filius snapped as they rounded a corner. A yelp filled with pain caused them to speed up as they approached a girls restroom. They came upon Hermione trying to dodge a mountain troll with what was obviously a broken leg. The destruction in the room suggested that she had been dodging for a while now.

Stupefy.” Albus said, the red beam streaking out to hit the troll, which dropped to its knees. It shook its head and made to stand when Albus hit it again. This time it fell on its face and didn’t get back up.

“Ms. Granger are you alright?”

Hermione just looked at them as if she couldn’t believe they were real. She then fainted dead away.

“Oh dear,” Madam Pomphrey said hurrying over to the downed girl. A few charms later she pronounced that Hermione just passed out from the stress. “The troll must have landed a glaceing blow. The break isn’t bad and she’ll be fixed up in a jiffy.” Madam Pomphrey conjured a stretcher and levitated the girl on it before lifting the whole thing too carry to the Hospital wing.

“Trolls in the school, Albus! I told you that Stone would bring nothing less than trouble, but would you listen?

“The Stone. Severus, make sure that the troll doesn’t leave here to go wondering,” Albus said hurrying to a staircase followed by Minerva and Filius. The three made it to the room housing the Cerberus shortly and saw that it was undisturbed.

“I, too advised against housing the Stone here Headmaster,” Filius said, “This is a place of learning, not a vault.”

“This is the safest place for it– ”

“Isn’t this suppose to be a safe place for our students too,” Minerva demanded, “There is already one student in the Hospital wing. What if she had died tonight?”

“Minerva, it will all work out, you’ll see. Now, let’s return to the Great Hall and tell everyone that it’s safe.”

Minerva huffed. Clearly dissatisfied, but realizing that they would get nothing else out if him. She spun on her heels and marched away.


Hermione groaned as she woke, a dull pain in her leg reminding her of what happened.

“Uh,” she mumbled as a beam of light hurt her eyes. She blinked the spots out of her vision and looked around the white room.

This must be the Hospital wing, she noted taking in the neatly made beds.

Madam Pomphrey came out of her office and walked over to her bed.

“How are you feeling Ms. Granger?”

“Like I lost a fight with a mountain troll,” she replied.

Light laughter came from the direction of the door and her eyes widened as she saw Headmaster Dumbledore come into the room.

“It’s nice to see that your sense of humor came out intact, Ms Granger. I trust everything is alright?” The last was directed at the school nurse who nodded.

“Oh yes. As long as you take it easy today you’ll be just fine Ms Granger, you can be out of hear for breakfast,” the nurse said with a smile.

Hermione watched her go into her office before she turned to the Headmaster.

“Thank you for saving me sir. I’d hate to think what might have happened if you didn’t get there when you did.”

“As long as you are a student here, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. I have no doubt that Professor McGonagall will be here soon enough, but would you mind telling me what happened yesterday?”

Hermione didn’t know what came over her as she looked into the kindly blue eyes, but she just spilled everything that happened the day before as well as her doubts as to whether or not she belonged. It felt so good to have someone to talk to.

“I wish I had taken Potter up on his offer of friendship.”

“Mr Potter you say. I suppose he would be a good friend to have,” the Headmaster mused looking at her. “You know Ms Granger, you can come and talk to me anytime you want to.”

“But aren’t you too busy to worry about a first year student, Headmaster?” she asked, awed at the generosity of the man.

“Not really Ms Granger,” he said eyes twinkling full blast. “It might be nice to talk to one of you young ones every once in a while. My office is on the north side of the seventh floor, I’m trusting you with this information, my dear.” He got up and placed a hand on her shoulder, “You know, there is no rule against making friends in other houses. No one would mind. It might not be as easy as keeping friends in your own house, but if you can spend the time together then you should. Unity between the Houses should be encouraged. I can only hope that more inter House relations form.”

“I’ll do it,” she said smiling at him.

Imagine that, she thought as he left the room, the Headmaster came to see me, and he invited me to talk to him if I ever needed to. Things are looking up. I have Transfiguration with Potter today too. Her stomach growled reminding her that she hadn’t had dinner last night. As soon as I get out I’m getting something to eat.


Voldemort seethed in the back of Quirrell’s mind.

Well that was a complete waste of time. Who knew the Old Bastard would be so logical about everything. Damn. I don’t really want to expose myself to my servants before I’ve regained my power, but it might be worth it to contact Severus. He always was one of my most faithful.

Voldemort contemplated whether or not to just scrap the idea of getting the Stone. It wasn’t needed. He already had all the components necessary to resurrect himself available at Slytherin Manor. The Stone however would cut his recovery time from two years to a little less than three months. The risk was worth it.

Severus wouldn’t be available for the ritual, which would start on the 13th of November and continue for five days, but if he did expose himself, Severus could provide quality potions for the exhausting aftermath.

Decisions, decisions. I’m in no hurry though.


Albus Dumbledore hid a smile when Hermione walked in for lunch with Harry and his little hangers on.

With the way that Harry responded to his presence, it really was best that he act through a patsy. Hermione had not been looked for, which is what made her so great. Originally he was only going to find out why she had missed the feast but then she reacted so strongly to a little push to tell the truth. She just dropped right into his hands. Harry already knew her and left an open invitation of friendship. He no longer had to worry about leading Harry around. Hermione could do it for him.

With the way that she felt about him now that he had saved her life personally, she would adore him forever. He had planted a suggestion that she come to see him at some point in the near future, once that first visit was over with she would feel more comfortable in his presence. The information he could glean from her mind would be invaluable when she started visiting him regularly. Just learning how Harry interacted with his friends when no one was watching would help him identify the type of person he was.

Hermione would be a spy that did not know she was a spy. It would make everything so much more reliable than filtering through personal prejudices that paying someone would bring out.

Albus’ eyes twinkled merrily as he planned for the future.

AN: OK. A little shorter than recent entries. Hermione is a really difficult character to write. She is much more innocent than all the other players on the field. Next chapter you get more Sirius and Remus comes on stage.

The title is the first actual equation that I’ve put up. It’s to calculate speed, it’s for the scene where they are racing to reach Hermione. The v is the variable for speed not the same as the the v for velocity. The former is scalar the latter is a vector.
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