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‘Hi, may I help you?’ an older gentlemen said as Holly and Grace entered into the Tommy Hilfiger store down town.

‘Hi, I’m getting married in six months and my fiancé and groomsmen haven’t picked out a tux yet so that’s what we’re here to do.’ Grace said.

‘Alright, well you’ve come to the right place. What are you looking for exactly?’

‘Well we’re getting married on the beach so something that is breathable but very elegant.’

‘Alright I think I have the perfect thing.’ The man said as he lead Grace and Holly throw rows of tuxedos finally coming upon a tuxedo that was a black, two-buttoned, center vented jacket with matching black pleated pants. The 5-button vest and tie were made of silk and were a beige color but could be ordered to match the colors. It was paired with a basic button up white shirt.

‘Wow. I like it.’ Grace said. ‘We can order the vest and ties in the colors for the wedding correct?’

‘Yes ma’am, we can actually get them ordered today if you’d like and have them with in four weeks.’

‘Fantastic.’ Grace smiled clapping her hands as he led her back to the desk.

‘How man men are in your bridal party?’

‘Seven including the groom.’

‘Alright, Can you guesstimate their size as in small medium or large and what are their names?’

‘Brendon is the groom, he’s a small. There is Ryan, he’s a smell. Spencer I’m not sure if he’s a small or a medium. Jon is a medium and Tom is a large and Mason and Matthew are both mediums, I think.’

‘And can we make an appointment to have them come in for their fitting?’

‘All of them but Tom, he’s Boston.’

‘Alright well we have a store in Boston he can go ahead and get fitted there and they can just fax us the information. He’ll need to come in before the wedding for a final fitting.’

‘Okay great. Let me just call Brendon and see when he’s free to come in with the boys.’ Grace once again picked up the phone to call her honey.

‘Hey baby.’ Brendon smiled into the phone as he was in the studio once again.

‘You know this whole wedding planning stuff would be much easier if you were here.’ She said as she walked around the office.

‘I’m sorry babe; we’re working with a new band.’

‘I’m just kidding babe, is there anyway I’d be able to steal you four away for a couple of hours sometime this week so you can come get fitted for your Tux?’

‘When do you want us to come in?’

‘When do you have free?’

‘Let me talk to the guys and call you back okay?’

‘Alright make it fast I’m at the tux shop now.’

‘Okay I’ll call you back in a few love you.’

‘I love you, hurry.’ Grace said before she hung up. ‘Alright he’s going to call me back after he talks to the guys in a few minutes.’

‘That’s quite alright; we can get started on the paper work; Names, dates, all that good stuff.’

‘Sounds great.’ Grace said excitedly.

‘Alright so when is the big day?’

‘May 14.’

‘Where at?’

‘Napa, California.’

‘Alright and the Grooms name?’

‘Brendon Urie.’

‘Bride’s name?’

‘Grace Brady.’ Grace said as her phone rang. ‘That’s Brendon. Hello?’

‘Hey baby, are you still at the shop?’


‘Alright we’re on our way, is that alright?’

‘Yeah, that’s great.’

‘Awesome, I’ll see you soon. I love you.’

‘Love you too, bye.’ Grace hung up the phone before looking at the man, ‘They are on their way. I’m sorry we’re completely unorganized.’

‘Oh honey, you’re doing a lot better than some brides who come in here with out their grooms.’ He laughed.

‘Hey Gracie, I’m going to run over and get a smoothie, do you want anything?’

‘Yes please, anything would be great.’ She said. Holly could tell that she was stressing already. Grace was coming to the realization that she had so much to do in so little time and Brendon was busy which made everything even harder.

‘So how long have you and your fiancé been together?’

‘About four years. We’ve been engaged for eleven months.’

‘Oh wow. Are you excited?’

‘Very, he’s my best friend. I can’t wait.’

‘Well if he is half as beautiful as you are then you two will be very happy together.’ The man smiled.

After another ten minutes Holly was back with a strawberry-banana smoothie for Grace and four boys who were ready to try on their tuxedos for Brendon’s wedding.

‘Hi baby.’ Brendon said as he bounced into the store sweeping Grace off her feet in a passionate, tender, loving kiss.

‘Hi.’ She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. ‘Brendon this is Teddy, he’s going to be helping you guys get fitted with your tuxedos while Holly and I kick back and watch.’ Grace winked.

‘Alright let’s get started.’ Teddy smiled as he started with Brendon.

‘Don’t forget his apple bottom.’ Grace chuckled receiving a playful glare from Brendon.

‘So are you getting a little excited about your wedding day?’ Holly asked as she watched the boys frolic around with Teddy laughing all the way.

‘I’m been excited about my wedding day. I can’t wait to marry that man.’ Grace began as Holly watched her and Brendon thinking up her dress in her head, ‘I’m so in love with him that I can’t imagine myself with out him. I don’t even remember what it was like before him.’

‘I think I know how your dress is going to look.’ Holly mumbled pulling out a sheet of paper and a pencil from her purse as she began the new sketch of Grace’s dress. Holly designed a white fit and flare gown with a deep v-neckline with spaghetti straps, Tiffany’s blue Swarovski crystal beading, and a platinum embroidery empire waist and hemline. The back waist gathered to create a look of a full train and the entire dress was made out of chiffon and satin back crepe taffeta. The dress would fit Grace to the T physically and personality wise and would be perfect for their glamorous, elegant beach wedding. Holly couldn’t wait to get started on the design but at the current moment she was pulled out of her thoughts as Brendon walked over and pulled Grace up for the chair she was sitting in. He pulled her into dancing position and began dancing. Holly, along with every other person in the store, smiled as they watched Grace’s beautiful emerald green dress, ruffled silk drawstring deep, deep v-neck dress with a tie waist that fell just below her knee, complimented Brendon’s black tux perfectly just like she complimented him.

Brendon dipped her low bringing her into a soft kiss before bringing her back up and twirling her around. She laughed as he pulled her close and began singing softly into her ear.

Grace sat back down in the chair and looked over at Holly while she held the biggest smile, ‘I love him.’ She giggled like a little school girl. Holly shook her head before chuckling knowing that her friend was well taken care of for the rest of her life.
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