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First Glance Romance

by x__Doctor-Freak__x 1 review

Very very short story

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2008-08-01 - Updated: 2008-08-01 - 126 words

Averted gazes, followed by sly smiles. Dodging eyes, darting eyes. Love at first sight, lust running along just behind. First glance romance. Second sight butterflies. Happiness, nervousness, laughter. He’s stood up, walking towards me. One step, two step, three step he’s there.

‘Hi, my name’s Pete.’ Uh … Hi Pete, I love you, ‘What’s yours?’

‘Uh … My name?’ He’s nodding, but what is it? For the life of me I can’t remember, and I guess that’s why I came out with a noise that sounded like someone saying Bleh while choking.

‘Okay, I’ll leave you alone … Bye now’ He turned to leave, walking down the aisle and back to his seat.

‘Patrick, Pete, my name is Patrick’ Finally, words.
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