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Expired Warranties

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What happens when Ginji's hurt beyond even the Raitei's ability to heal him? (In progress.)

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There were some things Ban just didn't tell people about. With one notable exception, the hospital visits counted in that category. You just didn't go around messing up the PR value of an (almost) 100% success rate by letting on that a lot of those successes came with some pretty damn annoying price tags. Most of the time it wasn't bad... In and out, get patched up and be back on the job with a few more bandages, or maybe a splint (and damned if he didn't make himself scarce then). Sometimes, it was. Very bad.

Very bad like Ginji's entire right side a bloody wreck. Yeah, that would just about do it.

He could have just disabled the mechanism on that big damn gate, but no, the little moron had to try and be fast enough to slide underneath it as it came down.

Even Raitei's amasing healing abilities wouldn't do a whole fucking lot of good when the bones were so badly crushed theat speed-healing would probably just cripple him permanantly. The Thunder Emperor himself seemed to agree, because Ban didn't think he'd ever seen Ginji this badly hurt without Raitei making an entrance.

"Hey. Hey. Look at me." He had to get Ginji away from there, and it was going to hurt like hell. There was a time when he'd have considered thsi a waste of the Jagan, but that had been before Ginji. A lot of things fell into that category -- before Ginji and after Ginji might as well have been different lives sometimes.

"Oi, Ginji. Look." He took Ginji's head in his hands, and stared into his eyes, invoking the Jagan.

Something nice... The beach. You're at the beach. As soon as Ginji's whimpering stopped (and why the hell wasn't he screaming, after that?), he started dragging his partner to the waiting car. He only had one minute. Better make it count.

Moving him confirmed one thing, though: There was no way in hell he could take Ginji to the hospital in the Ladybug. That meant an ambulance.

The minute of Jagan-induced pain relief was up, and he could hear Ginji's soft whimpers of pain starting up again.

"Ginji, listen to me."


"Yeah, that's right. Listen. I'm calling an ambulance You were in a car accident, okay? Car accident."

"Car accident. Right. Ban-chan... I really messed up, didn't I?" Ginji's voice was oddly distant.

"Yeah, but we've been through worse. The ambulance is on its way. They'll fix you up at the hospital, okay?" Though how they could fix that was anyone's guess. Still, Ban would be the first to admit that he knew precisely jack and shit about medicine beyond basic first aid, and this went way beyond the basics. Art, literature, music, all easy. But none of those could fix Ginji right now.

It was the not knowing that was pissing him off the most. There weren't many things the Invincible Midou Ban-sama was ignorant of, damnit.



"We got the disk, right? We're... we're gonna get paid okay for this? I don't want to mess up another job, especially if I have to go to the hospital."

He has no idea. He really has no fucking idea how badly he's hurt...

"Yeah, we got it. Don't worry." For once, getting paid was the last thing on Ban's mind, but if Ginji was worried...

"It hurts, Ban-chan." The whimpering was getting louder, though by this point Ban wasn't sure if Ginji even knew he was doing it or not.

"I know." He took in the bloody remains of Ginji's leg, the unnatural bends in his right arm, the labored sound of his breathing. Trust me, I know. And it's worse than you think. "Just remember, they'll be giving you the good drugs soon."

"That... would be good." Ginji was so far out of it that he'd probably agree to just about anything that would stop the pain. Up to and including just cutting the damn leg off.

...And Ban found himself really hoping that wasn't a preminition. Seeing the future was his grandmother's deal, not his.

Nothing else to do then but wait, try to keep Ginji calm, and hope the ambulance came soon.
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