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Sad Song With Nothing To Say

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Meg's past---revealed.

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Mikey's POV

We walked into my room and she sat down on the bed. "So..." she asked, "whaddya wanna talk about?"

I could tell this was a bit awkward for her...I mean it was for me too. I walked over to her and sat next to her and said, "Anything and everything I just wanna get to know you better..."

I grabbed her hands into mine. Again, she twinged when I touched her wrists. That was getting me annoyed. I dropped her hands, thinking it was me that made her twinge, but then after I dropped them, she fiddled with her armwarmers. "What do ya wanna ask me?"

"How come you make this face like you're hurting everytime I touch your arms or wrists?"

She diverted her eyes away from me to hide that she was crying, but I saw nonetheless. Then it hit me! How could I not realize it before?! I'm such an idiot! "M-Meg?" I stuttered, leaning over to comfort her, "Do y-you cut yourself? Is that it?"

The tears began to fall as she fell into my arms. She nodded into my chest as stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. "I just wanna know, why? I mean if you're not ready to talk about it, than that's okay, but I care about you and wanna know why you would do that..."

She sat up and wiped the tears from under her eyes. She took a deep breath and began to talk, "About five months ago, I was out with my boyfriend Ryan. We went out to a club and he got really drunk and I w-was uhm..." she paused here and looked down, "high. It was close to midnight and I knew my parents would be home soon, so I asked Ryan if we could leave. My impaired judgement got the better of me, with the help of my love and trust for Ryan, and I let him drive. O-on the way home we came t-to an intersection and Ryan ran through a red light trying to turn and we smashed into another car...the people in that car instantly died." Then her tears began again, "Those people...w-were my parents." i brought her into my embrace as she sobbed into my chest. We sat silently like that for a few moments before she spoke again, this time in more of a whisper, "Ryan c-commited suicide a week later...I loved him so much, but I guess he could see the pain it caused me and my sisters now that our parents were gone. He couldn't take seeing me like that...and h-he thought it was his fault, so he took his own life. After that, I couldn't stop crying for days a-and it all seemed like my fault. If only I wasn't high. If only I didn't let him drive drunk. All these if's that couldn't be fixed and it was my fault! I d-don't know how I started....c-c-cutting, but it was a way to release all the pain..."

I took a moment to take this all in. I whispered comforting words telling her that it was all okay, and she didn't have to take the pain out on herself when they're were people who loved her in her life. Then she sat up and took off her armwarmers. Her arms were cut all the way up to her elbow. And they weren't little cuts. "M-Meg, these are pretty deep. Y-You could've died..."

She nodded her head as she put the armwarmers back on, "I know..I haven't cut for about a month and my sisters don't're the only one I've ever told."

I was stunned. Couldn't Katie read her mind? "H-how did you hide it from Katie? Can't she read your mind?"

She smiled a crooked little smile and giggled through her tears. "It was hard, but I just didn't think about it. She can only pick up on what people are thinking at that moment. She can't go into their subconscious."

"Oh. ---Wait...she can read other peoples minds too?" Shit. She'll know if I think of what Meg just told me.

"Yeah, but she usually doesn't pry so you don't have to worry about keeping my secret."

I felt this sudden calm come over me and I somehow knew everything would be all right...weird. I guess I showed my confusion because Meg said something, "Uhm..well, I guess if I told you that story you should know everything...I-i can alter people's emotions. I don't just feel my own emotions, I feel theirs too. That's why that sudden calm came over you. I try not to do it often, but sometimes I let it get the best of me." She smiled again and I was glad that she was happy again.

Before she or I could say anything else, I pulled her into me and kissed her.
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