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First kiss.

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Rated for possible launguage and stuff.. Patrick and Pete are cuddled up on Pete's bed watching Batman.

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Pete eats candy as we watch Batman. Previews come on and I look into his perfect eyes and smile.He smiles back.
Being a 17 year old virgin, I'm quite shy and everything makes me blush, like him smiling at me.
His smile grows, "What?"
"What, what?"
"you're blushing again Patrick.."
"oh...", I turn redder, "I'm gonna go-"
He pullls me back on the bed, "What's wrong?"
"N-nothin' I'm just..I feel sick-"
"Patrick...come on dude what?"
I sigh, "I dunno...I'm really nervous...."
"Don't be."
"It's not that simple."
" is if you find a way to make the situation comfortable."
I bite my lip and see the perfect conversation switcher.
"Batman's back on!"
Unexpectedly, he turns the TV off.
I sigh, "Pete I've never seen this one!"
"Too bad..."
I sigh, "I don't know ok? I'm really confused right now!"
"Abuot what?" he asks curiously.
I turn pale and mumbled gibberish.
He tilts my chin so I'll look at him.
"Pat...what's wrong?"
I sigh, "P-P-Pete I.."
I sigh and look into his eyes.
Just three little words...
"I-I...Oh screw it!", I say aggravated with myself, "I'm so pathetic I can't even tell you that I'm in love with you!"
He smiles, "You are!"
I look at him confused, "I'm what?"
"In love with me!"
I bite my lip and nod, realising I was thinking out loud again.
He smiles, "Patrick I...I'm very much in love with you too..."
My eyes light up, "Really?"
He nods, "Really..."
I smile and hug him. He kisses my cheek, as expected, I blush.
He smiles, "You're so cute when you get red like that..."
I blush even more.
He kisses my cheek again.
He turns back on the tv andd we continue with our movie, holding hands.

By the end of the movie, I've finnally worked up the courage to do it.
I look into his Chocolate eyes and smile, "I love you..."
He smiles aswell, "I love you too..."
I inhale deeply and softly press my lips against his.
Shoked at first, he take a few seconds to kiss back.
I pull away and discover that I'm not the only one blushing.
I smile, "Pete?"
"That was my first kiss ever..."
He smiles, "Aw! I got your first kiss?"
I nod, embarrassed.
He wraps his arms around me, "Well I can't say first but...that ws my sweetest kiss ever..."
I smile and close my eyes.
I slowly drift to sleep, in his arms.

So, seeing as that was my first PG rated one, what do you think? I wanted to write something that was cute, not sexual..tho I love writing those...So, if you liked it, please review, if you hated it, please review...

Also, should it end there? Should there be more?
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