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Advent Children Alternate Ending

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Was the Reunion a failure? That depends on your point of view.

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Alternate Ending
by Vash
disclaimer: They're not my characters.
warnings: Mpreg. Death. Miscarriage.
Contains Spoilers! Read at your own risk!


Kadaj clung to the box as he fell. He wasn't
afraid any longer. The Reunion was happening
at last!

The box slid open, the Jenova essence within
merging with Kadaj as he continued to fall.

He felt the stirring of the essence in his
abdomen. But that couldn't be right. The notes
all indicated it would start in his chest.
Something must have gone wrong!

Kadaj clung to the box as a child might cling
to a beloved stuffed animal, all too alert to
the life suddenly growing within him.

This was not how it was supposed to happen! He
reached, frantically, for Cloud. But Cloud was
too far above him!

He had just started to turn his head to see if
there were anything he might grab onto, when he
slammed into the ground, the impact shattering
nearly every bone and organ in his body. He
released his final breath and tear as he lay
there, the blood of his death mingling with the
blood of his miscarriage.

Cloud landed near the wreckage of Kadaj's body.
"Sephiroth," he called, looking around for the
foe whose return he had been anticipating all
throughout the fight with Kadaj. "Sephiroth.
Where are you?"

"He's here," said Kadaj's voice from behind Cloud.

Cloud turned and saw Kadaj's spirit form standing
there, a child seated upon his shoulders, a single
wing extending from the child's right shoulder.

Cloud sighed as Sephiroth, a small child who would
never know evil nor pain, was borne into the
Promised Land on Kadaj's shoulders.

The little one-winged angel waved to Cloud. Then,
he and Kadaj vanished.

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